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All of you reading have, at one point or another, encountered the term “PERSON”. After very little investigation, you are forced to accept the realization that you are not a PERSON, rather you HAVE a PERSON. This distinction is the first “lie of ommission” that you will encounter in the world of the “LEGAL”. THE TENDER FOR LAW axiom “LEGAL=SURETY AND ACCOUNTING” makes navigating “law” a lot simpler, and it’s very easy to spot the lies of ommission/ambiguity.

You did not create this PERSON and it has nothing to do with you. THIS ONE FACT is lost on most, and can lead to JOINDER if you are not careful.

When asked if you are a PERSON, some of you will answer that you are a NATURAL PERSON. This is a really dumb thing to claim in COURT because you are making several DECLARATIONS by saying so! First, you are DECLARING that you are in their JURISDICTION. Not only are you DECLARING that you are in their JURIDICTION, but you are also DECLARING that you do NOT enjoy LIMITED LIABILITY. This, of course, means you have 100% SURETY. Let me say that again: If you DECLARE in COURT that you are a NATURAL PERSON, you DECLARE that you accept 100% SURETY. NATURAL PERSON = “picking up the tab”. INDIVIDUAL=SURETY

Now that that’s out of the way, I must digress for a minute to testify to an interesting phenomenon that I experienced tonight; I was shown a POINT OF LAW that I had missed. To make it even stranger, this was pointed out to me by a man many of you know as “The Fender”. He often plays the role of “Lou Manotti” here on Facebook.

(“Lou Manotti” is of course, the CORRECT spelling of the name of the PERSON who controlls the government and the banks. Often mis-spelled “Illuminati”, Lou Manotti rules over all, and stops the US from using the metric systems… Plays the HAARP, and eats babies, and stuff. OH, and he’s a lizard too! …and people call ME crazy! 😛 )

Few people know more about LAW than I do. This is not bragging, it’s simply a fact. I have studied LAW since I was 9, but I haven’t studied it like “The Fender” has. He has a unique talent of identifying all the players (Using LEGALLY DEFINED Identifiers), and what their roles are. Rather than concentrating on why and how the rules came to be, he studies “who does what” and follows the money. This has the interesting side effect of producing an extremely precise map of the LEGAL MATRIX. One, I dare say, that rivals mine, and today, it was shown to me the advantages of his methodology. My LEGAL knowledge and knowledge of LAW spans the globe, that scale comes at a price. The finer details are lost when you manage knowledge of that scale; here is an example.

One of the standard “Tender For Law” doctrines is to detach yourself from the NAME. It doesn’t matter if it’s an extreme detachment, like mine, where the name is SECURED by a JURIDICAL PERSON, or like Pete does in an ADMINISTRATIVE capacity only. I’ve shown you the many ways you can stump the COURT with the questions “what evidence does this court have that I have any SURETY in this matter?“, and “by what authority does this court attach ANY name derived from a PUBLIC DOCUMENT to me?“. These two questions effectively remove any LEGAL PRESUMPTION as regards the NAME. This, of course, is NOT the classic “I am not a PERSON” argument. The mere fact that the COURT is hearing that DECLARATION means it can be reasonably presumed that the INDIVIDUAL making that DECLARATION is lying. Canada is rife with case law regarding PERSONHOOD. Look for yourself.

In that previous paragraph, you’ll notice two words that actually form the LEGAL connection I hadn’t noticed until “The Fender” pointed it out. In the “who does what” methodology that he uses, we took a little virtual walk through the world of “who does what”, and this is the frustrating part; I know all these things, yet I did not notice this.

We start with the JURISDICTION we’re all familiar with; ONTARIO. It’s the JURISDICTION I deal with the most, and the one I’m most familiar with. The COURT system in ONTARIO is ADMINISTERED and managed by the ATTORNEY GENERAL of ONTARIO. Walk into any ONTARIO COURTHOUSE and you do not see the word “CANADA”, and you only see “ONTARIO” in the context of the ATTORNEY GENERAL. The ATTORNEY GENERAL is a seperate ADMINISTRATIVE BODY from the rest of the province, yet is still “government”. The ATTORNEY GENERAL writes a JUSTICE’S paycheck, and it writes a CROWN ATTORNEY’S paycheck. This blatant conflict of interest is rabidly ignored in the same way Christians rabidly ignore the nastier parts of the Bible. Like the Catholic Church, the ATTORNEY GENERAL just makes up the rules as it goes along. Several cases regarding this matter of a blatant and obvious conflict of interest had the ONTARIO COURT OF APPEAL respond with the very compelling “no it isn’t“, backed up with the authority-based “because I said so“. As far as I know, the argument hasn’t continued since because the LOWER COURTS can now simply answer “that issue has been ruled on”. And because of THE UK CANADA ACT, the time has long passed that we could legally do anything about it. All of this is public information, and even Christians shouldn’t have trouble finding it, and that’s the ATTORNEY GENERAL giving a big, public, happy “fuck you” to all INDIVIDUALS…


Which brings us back to the topic of this article. “The Fender” knew he was not going to trip me up with that knowledge, so he turned to THE LAW SOCIETY OF UPPER CANADA, and we went through a surreal walk through The Enchanted Forest of the Fucking Obvious. It starts with a single question: “Who does THE LAW SOCIETY claim JURISDICTION over?” While a quick look at their bullshit-ese CHARTERS will reveal that they CLAIM JURISDICTION over “ALL INDIVIDUALS”, I seem to have missed this BLATANTLY OBVIOUS THING. I KNEW it, but it was just data. No connection had been made, because it was hidden in plain sight. Using the LAW dictionary of your choice, you will find that “INDIVIDUAL” is distinctly a “PRIVATE or NATURAL PERSON” (One OR the other! NO LIABILITY or FULL LIABUILITY), and the LAW SOCIETY CLAIMS JURISDICTION. Continuing in the LAW dictionary of your choice, you will find that “NATURAL PERSON” is defined as “a human being, naturally born” and will in some way indicate that it is distinct from a LEGALLY generated, JURIDICAL PERSON.

I’ll let that sink in.



None of this is hidden, you can go look yourself, they tell you. THE LAW SOCIETY has CLAIMED JURISDICTION over all of you and I didn’t even notice. A CROWN ATTORNEY exists to ATTORN the INDIVIDUAL to the GOVERNMENT’S JURISDICTION. All CROWN ATTORNEYS are members of THE LAW SOCIETY OF UPPER CANADA. And there is the JOINDER in the LEGAL MATRIX. The trinity is formed when the COURT hands you the BILL, and you have a good old-fashioned CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST. None of this is hidden, and I didn’t see it. Let that serve as a warning to all of you. None of you could ever hope to be half as good at this as I am, and even I missed these hidden in plain sight and blatantly obvious things.

I mention this because some of you are going into COURT and doing some very, very, stupid things. One of the things I’ve always objected to Dean Clifford doing, is encouraging people to put themselves in situations where they would end up in COURT. Some of you can’t even grasp that your signature equals PROOF OF UNDERSTANDING. This one simple fact seems lost on all of you, and that alone should be enough to convince you that you have no business speaking to a court! None of this is hidden, so none of this is the FRAUD all of you CLAIM. The actual FRAUD, all of you have ignored. And while we’re on the topic of frauds, Robert Menard is now publically stating the blatant lie about the definition of “LEGAL TENDER”. You’ll often hear the piece-of-shit use the words “HONOUR”, and “HONOURABLE” which are simply LEGAL TERMS referring to CONTRACTS. He, of course, fails to mention this, because “lying through omission IS his bag, Baby“!

So, covering the many kinds of PERSONS, we have so far encountered the “INDIVIDUAL”, which is simply a LEGAL TERM distinguishing a NATURAL PERSON (FULL LIABILITY which may be ATTORNED) from a (LIMITED LIABILITY which IS ALREADY ATTORNED by its creation) JURIDICAL PERSON, which means of course we have seen a JURIDICAL PERSON. A JURIDICAL PERSON is a LEGAL CONTRUCT. This may be a CORPORATION and/or a SECURITY and/or a TRUST. I know what you’re thinking; “How can a TRUST be a PERSON?”. The COURTS recognise some TRUSTS as “PRIVATE PERSONS”. In fact, the COURT recognises the GOVERNMENT as a PRIVATE PERSON, and therefore “HER MAJESTY, AND AN ORGANIZATION” is recognised by the COURTS as a PRIVATE PERSON. Those of you hardcore researchers should have no trouble finding PUBLIC DECLARATIONS that the COURTS recognise the GOVERNMENT as a PRIVATE PERSON. This raises some ugly COMMON LAW JURISDICTION issues that the UNITED STATES simply doesn’t have. But that’s for another article.

Just remember: While you may be RIGHT, the Gomer Pyle-esque thug with a costume and a gun (NOT A PERSON, LEGALLY) does not know anything outside of the “rules”. They are intentionally selected for their limited intellect and the courts have ENDORSED this practice. This man KNOWS he’s worthless in the real world, so “keeping his job” and “pension” will ALWAYS trump YOUR RIGHTS. This one point seems lost on most of you. They need stupid, obedient people to keep you stupid, and obedient. Hairdressers have more training to practice their trade, than cops have, regarding legal matters, and/or YOUR RIGHTS. Their “job” trumps your rights, and that what they REALLY mean when they use the cop-out “I’m just doing my job”. They are simply an armed gang for those claiming “authority” over you. Driving without a license/plates is JUST STUPID. It attracts the attention of armed thugs following “rules” so they can bring you before a court that SELECTIVELY follows those rules, in much the same way Christians and MuslimsSELECTIVELY follow their own “laws”.

Muslims consider the Qu’ran “law”.. Read the Qu’ran and you will see these “laws” are in every measurable way, EVIL. The same is true with the Christian/Jewish “laws”. Every Christian, Muslim, and Jew KNOWS that rape and slavery are wrong, but their “perfect” and “loving” god couldn’t quite grasp the point. To “god” rape and slavery are ok… BUT NO “GRAVEN IMAGES”! You are taught from childhood to “respect” this ethical vacuum of “belief”. That’s the first seed that’s ever planted. The delusion may now be echoed. “AUTHORITY” trumps rights, and you are “bad” if you think otherwise. When they violate your rights, they claim it’s “all perfectly legal“, and “they’re just doing their jobs“… and you are supposed to be OK with that.

The ONLY place the government is recognized as a PERSON, is in court, and ONLY in the capacity of PRIVATE PERSON (no LEGAL liability). You will not change that. “Exposing” them will not change that. NOBODY IN GOVERNMENT HAS SURETY! EVER! When you point this out, you will be accused of “symantics”, “word games” or your position will be dismissed as “jibberish”… which is ironic, considering what REALITY shows. Those who work for “government” actually BELIEVE it’s their RIGHT to do what they do. THEY REALLY BELIEVE THEY HAVE “AUTHORITY” over you because of GEOGRAPHY. LET THAT SINK IN. This point was, of course, lost on Dean Clifford.

Like the Christians, the Government is ignoring the OLD laws, and replacing them with NEW laws to make their UNLAWFUL actions, “legal”. Even Hitler kept things “legal”. Hitler did not do ONE “illegal” thing. He just kept the population stupid… Just like the Christians. He made “new Law” to replace the old law… Just like the Christians. He even said, “The old Law still applies”, but in practice, is largely ignored… just like the Christians. Then comes the “peaceful” and “loving” CONVERSIONS that you’d better accept and be grateful for…because you’ll be sent to a “happy camp” otherwise. See the pattern here? ALL BASED ON BELIEF.

ALL BELIEF IS EVIL. PERSON=BELIEF. Nothing more. You did not create the PERSON. It has nothing to do with you. IT IS NOT YOURS. You are simply the LAWFUL HOLDER IN DUE COURSE of the PERSON. You do not OWN a $10.00 BILL. You MAY be the LAWFUL HOLDER IN DUE COURSE of a $10.00 bill but YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY BENEFICIARY. This is true with ALL SECURITIES. A PERSON is, in reality A SECURITY. THAT IS NOT “BELIEF”, that is simply a FACT.

THE TENDER FOR LAW [ ] is NOT about LAW, it’s about MONEY and the TENDER FOR LAW attached to it. THAT TENDER IS A FRAUD. All the group has ever done is teach you WHAT that fraud is, and what WE as thinking humans can do about it! THE RESULTS ARE IN!

…It turns out you’re all stupid, and can’t really help.

…so we started without you. Two years ago, when I said I intend to teach people to make their own BANKS and CURRENCY, I was of course, labeled “crazy”… Until I taught you to make your own banks and currency. I’m STILL called “crazy” when i say I’m going to collapse the banking system and start a war… but not as much as I was 2 years ago; There is now a growing camp of those who think I might just do that. 😉

PERSONS are going to suffer that fate too, if I have MY way. Just remember who you are. YOU ARE NOT A PERSON. You HAVE a PERSON. This was NOT a choice you made, and it’s not your FAULT! You have the RIGHT TO “SECURITY OF THE PERSON“! THIS DOES NOT MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS! THIS IS A LEGAL DECLARATION. NOWHERE does it say the GOVERNMENT has the right to “SECURE THE PERSON”. YOU DECIDE what happens to your person, just like YOU DECIDE what happens to that $10.00 bill in your wallet, even though it’s NOT YOURS.


-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW – LEGALESE FOR IDIOTS (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

It’s feast or famine around here at THE TENDER FOR LAW. This is article number two in as many days!

Derek Moran says that he finds it difficult to believe that I will be able to top the SURETY article…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

It is almost midnight on Sunday, I’m on the bridge of the Tycho-Brahe, and as I look out onto the lake the water is like a sheet of glass…and it’s not even frozen. How can I not produce a superior article tonight? So today, with all my “God” complex, “arrogance”, and the knowledge that a host of “pseudo radio” is reading my superior work, and knowing that all he can do is tremble in impotent fury. Things are so good I can cover the bad aspects of law, namely its language.

Some of you may have already started to figure this out, but every single word in a legal document is designed specifically for the purpose of trapping you. Even words like AND, OR, IS, MAY, SHOULD…all of these are traps! And law dictionaries use them perfectly. You may have noticed words like UNDERSTAND don’t mean what you think they mean. This is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit in the legal world. What I am about to teach you here is the legalese equivalent of “code breaking”.

Let’s jump back to the 1500’s…

This is the time in our civilization that we often refer to as the Renaissance. The reason the Renaissance occurred is that whole shitloads of people were dying of various forms of plague, and rat-shit-covered scientists were baffled as to why this virulent disease was spreading everywhere.

The practical result of all this was that a whole shitload of people died, and the ones that made it, inherited all their possessions. Efforts to communicate more efficiently became a social priority, because there was lots to do to maintain all this new property, and not enough people to do it. For nearly 800 years “God” was everything, despite his demonstrable lack of assistance in this era. You see the age where “God” was everything was called the “dark ages”. Every time I hear an adult with an “imaginary friend” talk about how “ignorant and closed-minded” I am, all I see is an individual that wishes to return to that horrible time.

As there were fewer people in the 1500’s, and the Renaissance was just getting underway, inherited art was often used as currency. The next generation had a higher literacy rate than the previous, and so administrative rules were born. It doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to see how useful slipping Shakespeare in around the latter half of the 1500’s would be to those few who don’t actually do any work. The false profession of “law” was born.

You’ll notice that nobody ever “does” law. They only “practice” it. They keep practising and practising, but they never quite get it right (that’s what you get for not subscribing to the TENDER FOR LAW!).

From the 1500’s to the present, there has been an odd phenomenon regarding language. English is a Germanic language that merged with the language of the Angols (we will discuss the Angols and the Picts in another article). Germanic influence on the language of the Angols resulted in the Latin-to-English written in the MAGNA CARTA. But if you try to learn German today, you’ll notice an interesting phenomenon. Though the words you use sound startlingly similar, and the really observant can actually pick out the words when German speak and get a general idea of what they’re saying, even if they don’t speak the language. Except further study shows that the Germans speak “backwards” grammatically. Jumping to the south-west, Spanish, a much simpler language, where every vowel is a syllable, and words say what they mean, but once again, “grammatically backwards”. Head north-east in our mental European map…to France…well France is filled with French people so we needn’t bother with them. Those French have a different word for everything, and their language is, you guessed it, “grammatically backwards”.

Those of you noticing the pattern here will not be using too much intellect when they start posing the question, “Maybe we’re the ones that are backwards”. And that is almost, but not quite true.

Like a virus, legalese infected the English language. It’s encouraged to this day to use legalese to appear “smart”. This is done on purpose. It is an insidious piece of social engineering.

They want you to try to use these words without knowing what the little words mean.


When you read, you read from left to right on a page. The small words actually exclude part of the sentence. You will notice in my now famous, NOTICE OF MISTAKE, that I always use “and/or”. I do this on purpose, because I like to keep my options open.

Maxims of Law say it plainly. The inclusion of one thing excludes all others. The definition of a PERSON in the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA is the most hysterical example of this. The definition of PERSON is hidden in the larger scope of “every one”. The common law maxim, “The INCLUSION of one is the exclusion of another” means in the context of the CRIMINAL CODE INCLUDES “Her Majesty” AND an “organization”. See for yourself:

“every one”, “person” and “owner”

« quiconque », « individu », « personne » et « propriétaire »

“every one”, “person” and “owner”, and similar expressions, include Her Majesty and an organization;


You will find this by searching for R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46 under the Interpretations Section.

In reality, what this says is that a “PERSON” is “HER MAJESTY”. Unless you are “HER MAJESTY” people answering to these acts and statutes are simply “performing these acts” (remember Shakespeare) on “HER MAJESTY’s” behalf, much like the GOVERNOR GENERAL PERFORMS royal duties on the Queen’s behalf. This is why the GOVERNOR GENERAL is always a chosen CITIZEN, and not an elected official.

The GOVERNOR GENERAL ACTS as the Queen when the Queen is not in town. This of course has nothing to do with “HER MAJESTY”.

When dealing with the LAW, in CANADA anyway, you are always dealing with “HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA”, which as we all know is a CORPORATE ORGANIZATION.

“OR” means you have a choice, “one” OR the “other”, but not BOTH.

So, in the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA, a PERSON can be “HER MAJESTY”. A PERSON can be “HER MAJESTY”, but a PERSON must also be an “ORGANIZATION”. Notice it does not say “OR” an organization in the above interpretation. Confused yet?

That happens in Legalese. Let’s, instead of looking at this dry, depressing CRIMINAL CODE stuff, look at something happy, exciting and real.

I can say with absolute certainty that no woman on the planet has loved me more than Tara. However, no amount of love would compel her to JOINDER herself to a “BILL OF LADING”, and hand it over to the GOVERNMENT. That means “getting married” (for the stupid amongst you). I’m sorry if that sounds condescending (that means talking down to people).

Now think about this marriage transaction. The marriage INCLUDES “Scott” AND “Tara”, not “Scott” OR “Tara”. This means marriage makes you effectively ONE PERSON UNDER THE LAW. Since the marriage actually consists of THREE ENTITIES, “Scott” AND “Tara”, which by its nature EXCLUDES the GOVERNMENT, still remains an “ORGANIZATION”. A marriage ORGANIZES these “entities” into their respective roles. If “Scott” AND “Tara” remain “Scott AND Tara”, the GOVERNMENT HAS NO STANDING. However, if Tara sought a divorce, the MARRIED PERSON is no longer “Scott AND Tara”, and the GOVERNMENT gets to intervene.

This most certainly wouldn’t be the case if it was “Scott” OR “Tara”. Therefore, the above CRIMINAL CODE definition of “PERSON” defines HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF ***INSERT PROVINCE HERE***, which is both “HER MAJESTY” AND an “ORGANIZATION”.

Every one who is CHARGED in CANADA is usually CHARGED by their PROVINCE. For instance, if I were to take the ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC FRAUD lawyer “Heather” and bash her skull into jelly with a ball-peen hammer (as she so richly deserves), I would likely be CHARGED with HOMICIDE in the JURISDICTION where I chose to do this “skull-bashing”. As I’m a profoundly lazy man I probably wouldn’t travel, so ONTARIO would be the JURISDICTION. This makes “HER MAJESTY” AND the “ORGANIZATION”, “HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF ONTARIO”. Since all ACTS and STATUTES fall to PUBLIC SERVANTS who are ACTING on behalf of “HER MAJESTY”, this makes all PUBLIC SERVANTS who are ACTING on behalf of “HER MAJESTY” effectively “HER MAJESTY”. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF ONTARIO is in fact, an “ORGANIZATION”. You now have the qualifications for a “PERSON” as defined in the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA.

Just as the “marriage” consists of “Scott AND Tara”, which effectively creates an “ORGANIZATION”, “HER MAJESTY” and the organization defined as “IN RIGHT OF ONTARIO” create a “PERSON” which YOU are presumed to be a PUBLIC SERVANT of. This effectively means all CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS are simply administrative processes for that “ORGANIZATION”. The NOTICE OF MISTAKE effectively removes that presumption.

You now see how powerful the words “and” and “or” are. If AQUILAE says the CAPTAIN of the TYCHO-BRAHE is “Scott AND Tara”, this would mean neither of us individually could act as CAPTAIN, but “Scott and Tara” could BOTH be CAPTAIN. This means that all ORDERS from the CAPTAIN must come from BOTH Scott AND Tara. However, the AQUILAE TRUST is not a stupid document, and the CAPTAIN of the TYCHO-BRAHE is, in fact, Scott OR Tara. This means that when Tara speaks, everyone shuts the fuck up…including me. It’s Scott OR Tara – not BOTH!

“AND” refers to BOTH. “OR” does not. This is why putting “and/or” gives you the options; and since the AQUILAE TRUST is pretty much perfect, here in reality, the CAPTAIN of the TYCHO-BRAHE is, in fact, Scott and/or Tara.

This means I can ACT as CAPTAIN, Tara can ACT as CAPTAIN, and we can BOTH ACT as CAPTAIN. Recipients of this POLICY have NO STANDING to contest when we assume and/or drop the role of CAPTAIN. Why do we do this, you ask? Because FUCK OFF, THAT’S WHY! If you’re even looking at the AQUILAE TRUST, you’re a fucking TRUSTEE; and the only reason you should be looking at the AQUILAE TRUST is to find the best way to “Shut the fuck up and do what you’re told” for Scott and/or Tara….

And that is how you make a powerful LEGAL document with the words “and/or”, and the reason why we write things this way. Use AND & OR to restrict other parties. Use BOTH (and/or) to free yourself.

If your document is stating the terms, make it as open as possible for YOU, and as restrictive as possible for every OTHER PARTY. If somebody is thought of as a “good lawyer”, it means they have mastered this skill. Were I to be practising law, I would be a very, very good lawyer.

One of our loyal readers made the horrendous mistake of using different words, in another post. Instead of NOTICE OF MISTAKE he said, NOTICE OF “ERROR”, which means something completely different. If you look up the legal definition of “mistake” you will notice amongst other things (inter alia) the legal definition of “MISTAKE” ends with “, or error”. If you are going to learn from the TENDER FOR LAW, you must always remember the Number 1 Rule of the Universe:


You can save yourself a lot of time by NOT second-guessing Scott, and proceeding to figure out WHY Scott is right.

This also means that when I present a document you should presume it’s perfect, and that changing it will fuck you over in ways you don’t even understand. “NOTICE OF ERROR” is not “NOTICE OF MISTAKE”. You don’t change the document because you think it “sounds cooler”. You don’t change the document because you think another cooler-sounding word means the same thing; and I will always interpret such changes as TENDERING AN OFFER to amuse me, by allowing me to berate you for your stupidity, and to laugh at you when a court kicks your ass. This is a TENDER I will gladly ACCEPT and volunteer for, with the added bonus that I will execute my duties in this TENDER to the best of my abilities. I’m really good at that too.

Taking what you have just learned here and reading through ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC FRAUD, will reveal some very interesting and insidious things. You’re better off serving me as a slave, because unlike ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC FRAUD, I won’t lie to you, and I’ll tell you exactly what I mean.

So there you have it, AND & OR – two hidden keys to legalese and the knowledge that “include also excludes”…and before you ask EXCLUDES includes all that remains. Use EXCLUDE to get rid of everything else; use INCLUDE to restrict to a single point/item.

The guy with the fake “charity” seeking legal advice actually asked what TENDER means, and it occurs to me that those who AREN’T lying to me might wonder too. TENDER in the context of Law means, “to present to PERSON, an unconditional offer, to enter into a contract”. Look at those words, then look at a bank note. THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER means, “THIS NOTE IS AN UNCONDITIONAL OFFER TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT FOR LAW”. That is why the group name is so clever. This group is ABOUT that UNCONDITIONAL OFFER TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT FOR LAW. It’s ALL money.


THIS is the LEGALESE you need to know. NO MORE. Your ONLY goal should be to REMOVE and/or AVOID SURETY when dealing in commerce and/or LAW. WHEN YOU SIGN A CHEQUE, you are TENDERING SURETY. A BANK NOTE does NOT TENDER SURETY as the SURETY is signed for, by SOMEBODY ELSE.


-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW – SURETY FOR IDIOTS (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an article, and I’ve solidified the “For Idiots” concept. Let’s cover SURETY!

One of the most painful things about being on FaceBook is having to endure the fact that people with chronic Dunning–Kruger effect still think that their ignorance has the same standing as my knowledge; and they will happily state many unkind things regarding my character when I challenge their “pulled-out-of-their-ass” mythology.

Some don’t even go that far, and will simply lie about what I said, and claim I don’t post evidence. I don’t have to post “evidence”. I’m not trying to PROVE anything to you.

That said, this is not a debate centre either. You assume ALL LIABILITY when you ask to join this group. This, by default, means you have “SURETY”, because SURETY equals LIABILITY. I don’t need to provide “proof” of this; as my banning you from the group should be compelling enough to show the difference between who’s in charge, and who’s liable. Who could even argue that? grin emoticon

Before we get to the actual issue of SURETY, and why you must avoid it, we must take a quick journey back in time to learn where the legalese that enjoins you came from.

Those of you who endured the content-free 1.2 decades of the Public Fool System, will remember certain things, not the least of which is Shakespeare. The plays of Shakespeare are sold to you as “Olde English”. In fact, it was sold as “Olde English” when these were first-run plays. There is a problem with this, though. Nobody ever spoke in the manner that Shakespeare wrote, and they most certainly never used the words. Shakespeare produced most of his major works between 1589 and 1613, all of which were sold as “Olde English”. Popular periodicals of the time show that you were often considered “learned and of good taste” if you could speak in this “Olde English”.

So let’s go read some really, really Olde English.

Let’s pick a really old English document, completely at random. We’ll pick…The MAGNA CARTA.

A quick read of any translation of (Originally all British Law was written in LATIN) the MAGNA CARTA will swiftly reveal two things. The first is that that it’s pretty readable, not backward and convoluted like a Shakespeare play. There may be a few archaic words you may need to look up (to ascertain their meanings), but it’s still pretty readable, and there are no words that Shakespeare used. There’s also no letter “U”. This is a very important fact to remember, because *spoiler alert*, when courts or legal documents refer to “YOU”, they are in fact, granting you SURETY in the matter. If you look at a WARRANT, or a ticket from a Policy Enforcement Officer, it will have a name and it will then refer to that name as “YOU” from then on. For example, “JOHN Q PUBLIC, YOU have been charged with (insert bullshit offence here)”.


If you’re ever in a courtroom and do not wish to have the “benefit of SURETY”, you have but to object to being addressed as “YOU”. There are many ways to do this. Dean Clifford might say, in response to being addressed as “YOU”, “If I have led the court to believe that I am SURETY in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE. Please forgive me.” (FUN FACT: A court MUST ALWAYS grant forgiveness when asked and/or requested)

Others, like myself, are a lot more succinct. For example, I might respond, “FUCK YOU! You’re a YOU, I’m a ME! By what AUTHORITY do YOU address ME as a “YOU”?”, because I can get away with it. The reason I can get away with it is that I UNDERSTAND the UCC as opposed to ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC FRAUD which spreads mythology and bullshit about the UCC.

Now there may be a certain “pretend radio” talk-show host (who speaks in a manner that would suggest he is hosting a show with a dick in his mouth), who would demand “proof of this”, ignoring the fact that the UCC is, in fact, the proof.

Section 1, Subsection 308, of the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE covers RESERVATION OF RIGHTS. This is a well-known fact, and this is how you use it.

On entering the court, you aggressively make the first motion, that being, the RESERVATION OF YOUR RIGHTS. But since you’re the only one in the courtroom with ACTUAL STANDING, you can be a total dick about it. You don’t RESERVE YOUR RIGHTS, you RESERVE ALL RIGHTS! Not just yours, EVERYONE’s. You remove everyone else’s rights and give them to yourself. WHY? Because “Fuck off that’s WHY!” You’re the only one with STANDING.

If you HOLD the power, WIELD it…don’t be such a pussy! If you’re entitled to ALL RIGHTS, CLAIM THEM. This is how you do it.

When the “justice” starts speaking, interrupt them. Say, “Point of order!” They will immediately be silent. At that point, state “I believe I am the only party with standing, so barring objection from the court, I wish to RESERVE ALL RIGHTS now, and henceforth. Are there any objections from the court?” As the court has no standing to respond, simply speak to the record as such, “Let the record show that I have reserved all rights, and the court has not objected.” At this point if they say anything to you, you simply say, “Objection. The record shows that I have reserved all rights, and I have not granted you leave to speak. Why are you speaking?”

Do the same when opposing counsel attempts to speak. You will then be posed the question, “How do you wish to proceed in this matter?” for that is the one question a slave has the right to ask. What is their master’s wish?

You’ll recall in other articles and comments, the levels of the caste system and how they give instructions.




Now even the talk-show host who sounds like he’s got a dick in his mouth, won’t “demand proof” of the fact that if you have all the rights, and everybody else has none, you are CLEARLY the KING. So you are going to have to learn to give instruction by expressing your wishes. This is why they are asking how you “wish to proceed”. Courts grant and test your SOVEREIGNTY all the time. You simply have to listen to the words they are using. At this time you may respond, “I wish to prove to some ass-wipe who sounds like he’s got a dick in his mouth, the things I know, so I wish to go to trial PRO SE. But I wouldn’t recommend this…I would simply wish the case to be dismissed.

If they say anything else besides “I agree, case dismissed”, you exercise your AUTHORITY by questioning. MASTERS QUESTION, SLAVES ANSWER. For instance if a “justice” said anything except “I agree. Case dismissed,” you question why they are even speaking. “I’m sure you’ll recall Mr. (insert justice’s name here) that at the beginning of these proceedings I explicitly reserved all rights, including yours. Have I not made my wishes clear?”

Always remember to respond in the form of a question. A question serves the dual-purpose of establishing your authority, and negating the possibility of UNDERSTANDING; because if you UNDERSTAND, you accept SURETY.

As stated before, the most powerful of these questions is, “Who are you?” UNDERSTANDING cannot be presumed until that question is answered.

Above all, questioning deflects SURETY.

Quite possibly one of the most useful documents I have ever published is my NOTICE OF MISTAKE for Dean. This is a useful, powerful document that also instantly removes SURETY. I framed it in such a way that you can replace the name “Dean Clifford” with your name, and you can make a pad of these things. Have lots of copies to hand out to friends and opposing counsel. Hell the court clerk loves these things too…make sure the court clerk has one as well. Just make sure you UNDERSTAND what the document says. Read it carefully and understand what the words mean, because you will be challenged. And remember, the NOTICE by its very nature, presents several questions.

Do not permit the proceedings to move forward without these questions being answered!

Because so many people ask for it, transcribed here is the copy of THE ROGUESUPPORT NOTICE OF MISTAKE.



In the matter of SURETY for the LEGAL NAME, I believe that there has been a
by responding to “You” and or “DEAN CLIFFORD” and/or SUCH OTHER
WITH SURETY in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE and please forgive

As I have no knowledge of who “You” and or “DEAN CLIFFORD” and/or SUCH
As the SURETY BOND (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) has been deposited into the COURT,
WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I, as the SOLE BENEFICIARY of the
TRUST have any SURETY in this matter?

NAME, WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I am a TRUSTEE for the
LEGAL NAME. WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I am a TRUSTEE and
have ANY SURETY with respect to the LEGAL NAME?

WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I am an OFFICER, an AGENT, a

WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have of any WARRANT OF AGENCY for the

WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that there has been any meeting of the
minds, any PROPER NOTICE given, any considerable CONSIDERATION offered, or
that I have ANY INTENT to CONTRACT in this matter?

As such, I am returning your OFFER, DECLINED, for immediate DISCHARGE and


If you truly UNDERSTAND what this document says and/or does, this is one of the most powerful documents you can wield in court. If you have the Dunning–Kruger effect you will likely go to jail. Used properly the NOTICE OF MISTAKE will ALWAYS remove any real or implied SURETY the court believes you may have.

You will notice the court always refers to “belief”. When I say belief is evil, it is not just a disparaging remark against adults with “imaginary friends” (which they totally deserve), it is yet another example of why this statement is profoundly true. All belief is evil.

You are taught from childhood to “respect belief”, and are constantly reinforced with the really dumb freedom that it is your “right to believe what you want”. If I had the authority and/or power to remove just one right from humanity, and no more, the right to “believe” would be the one that I would eradicate. In all my years of studying, and being part of the Nobility, the curtailing of this one “RIGHT” would exponentially increase quality of life for all humanity. I calculate it would take two generations for it to “stick”.

Belief is the end of questioning. Belief is intellectual bankruptcy, and is the exact opposite of knowledge. You will never question if you “believe”.

Let’s leap back to the 1500’s to Shakespeare. This is where the concept of addressing somebody as “YOU” indicated the assignment of SURETY. No writings before this contained any such logistic mechanisms. Don’t “believe me”…go look for yourself. Go look at the MAGNA CARTA yourself; and ask yourself why there’s no “YOU” before Shakespeare. And ask yourself why the MAGNA CARTA, in all its current published forms, no longer has, “To do right by Alexander”.

There may be three readers amongst you who understand what I just said there, and all of them are Scottish I guarantee you.

In any courtroom proceeding in the western world, SURETY IS PRESUMED, and it must be deflected from you. As a “justice” is not a PERSON under the law, the only PARTY that can ACCEPT SURETY is the PARTY making the CLAIM.

There may be certain readers who talk like they have a dick stuck in their mouth, who will demand proof of this…and so I direct you to the Rules of Civil Procedure (wherever you are) to look up SECURITY FOR COSTS.

Let’s zoom back to the present (so we can get as far away from belief as possible) where the word “YOU” is part of the English language, as are the titles, “Mr.”, “Miss”, and “Mrs.”. All of these titles and means of addressing you, are in fact, assigning and/or presuming SURETY…yes, on YOU. The easiest mnemonic exercise you can do to make deflecting these titles second nature is to replace the titles “Mr.”, “Miss”, or “Mrs.” with the word, “bitch”, in your head; and to respond as if they had addressed you as “bitch”, because being addressed as “Mr.”, “Miss”, or “Mrs.” is doing exactly that.

As for the word “YOU”, think of that as a tennis ball which must be served back. Assert your AUTHORITY by questioning whenever they address you as “YOU”; “Are YOU addressing ME?” If they’re stupid enough to say yes, or even to imply the affirmative, be like that guy who talks like he has a dick in his mouth and demand proof; “By what authority do YOU address me as a PARTY OF SURETY?”…or something along those lines. Your only objective is to serve the “YOU” back to them.

So that’s today’s word, “SURETY”. It’s something you don’t want, and I’ve just shown you how to give it back. I’d like to thank my involuntary guests, Dean Clifford, and the guy that talks like he’s got a dick in his mouth. Since I was so liberal with their identities, I certainly have no problem putting in a free plug for a “pretend radio” show.

So here’s a link to Dean Clifford talking about family court rules or something…hosted by a guy who sounds like he’s got a dick in his mouth. And before Pierre thinks I’ve “soft-balled this one in there” for him, I’m now going to presumptively say, “Yes Pierre, I’m pretty sure it’s Dean’s dick he’s sucking”.…/how-to-with-dean-clifford-ep…

…because when Scott Duncan does a plug, he does it hard core!

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW – SURETY FOR IDIOTS – PART II – WAIVING THE LEGAL NAME (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

THE FOLLOWING is an ENHANCED and TENDER FOR LAW ANNOTATED [In Square Brackets] version of section 2.1 of The ONTARIO “Change of Name Act” [R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER C.7… see what I did there? PAY ATTENTION TO CAPS HERE, as these are the words to look for where YOUR “change of name act” is.]

2. (1) For ALL [ALL purposes! Pay attention to that] purposes of ONTARIO LAW,

(a) a person whose birth is registered in Ontario is ENTITLED [Which means you want to WAIVE this.] to be recognized by the NAME appearing on the PERSON’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE or change of name certificate, unless clause (c) applies;

(b) a person whose birth is not registered in Ontario is ENTITLED[Which means you want to WAIVE this.] to be recognized by,

(i) the name appearing on the person’s change of name certificate, if the person’s name has been changed under this Act or a predecessor of it, or

(ii) in all other cases, the name recognized in law in the last place with which the person had a real and substantial connection before residing in Ontario,

unless clause (c) applies; and

(c) a person who adopted a name on marriage before the 1st day of April, 1987 is entitled to be recognized by that name unless the person subsequently changed that name under this Act or a predecessor of it. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.7, s. 2 (1).

So always WAIVE the BENEFIT of section 2.1 of the CHANGE OF NAME ACT.

Any name you are known by is PRIVATE, and NOT DERIVED from a PUBLIC DOCUMENT. Don’t be surety for a THING.


-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW – LIEN YOUR NAME (c) 2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Appointed by: Dan “Lien-Your-Name” Wilson

… that’s just a fancy way of saying he asked for it.

I’m nearing the end of my run in the public here, so I think I’ll stir the financial pot again. Today we’re going to talk about liening your name. I’ll cover the benefits, the drawbacks, and what you will actually need to do to accomplish this. Let’s start off with the basics.

This article makes several presumptions, the first being that you understand what a PERSON is. You are not a PERSON, you HAVE a PERSON. This PERSON is indicated as an all-capitalized version of your name. This LEGALLY represents a SECURITY. This article also presumes that you understand the concept of LEGAL = ACCOUNTING AND SURETY. You are the LAWFUL HOLDER in DUE COURSE of your PERSON. You are the SOLE AUTHORIZED ADMINISTRATOR for that PERSON. This means LEGALLY no other man or woman may use the SECURITY that is your PERSON. This article also presumes that you understand money is simply DEBT IN TRANSIT.


Liening your name creates a PUBLIC RECORD of an undisputed CLAIM. When a bank mortgages a property for you, it places a LIEN on that property, effectively making it the OWNER. LEGALLY an OWNER cannot BENEFIT, the only exception being the ATTORNMENT to a TRUST. I OWN every vessel in the AQUILAE Navy. The Captains have the benefit of self-determination under the CONDITIONS of the Admiralty. I own the vessels. I own their value. I GIVE that value in exchange for their RIGHTS, which are SECURED. As I said three years ago, it’s as free as you can get in the 21st Century. Keep that model in mind as I describe liening your name.

The GOVERNMENT OWNS your name. This is self evident. It created it based on INFORMATION from a man and a woman who LEGALLY ACTED as INFORMANTS. Based on the signed TESTIMONY, the GOVERNMENT SECURED your birth RIGHT. Using today as an example, a baby born and registered, creates a brand new $17,000 CA debt in CANADA. A child born (and registered) in the UNITED STATES owes close to $90,000 US. You are the only man, or woman, who gives the NAME any VALUE. There is no shortage of case law that supports the position that, if you create value you have the FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL to the BENEFIT. The same is true with your name, as with anything else where you create value. If you grow a crop, you get to decide how much you eat, and how much you sell, or even if you want to let the surplus rot. IT’S YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHT (You can sell it). If you grown VALUE from a CERTIFICATION given to you by strangers, yet still owned by those strangers, you have the RIGHT to CLAIM the VALUE from it. So you need to decide how much you think you are worth. Well, I can’t advise you on that, but I for one, think I’m pretty fucking valuable. I showed all of you how to create your own currency, and how to create your own bank. I own a fucking Navy and I have a big penis. Fuck it.

…quarter of a billion it is.

…and wait until you people see what’s coming. Buying me off is a bargain at twice the price.

…I digress.

So how do I LIEN my name for a quarter of a billion dollars? There are several ways. Married couples have this ability built-in. The GOVERNMENT doesn’t like dealing with functioning married couples because of this ability. If one party encounters LEGAL trouble, they can transfer all property to the other; and there is nothing a court can, or will, do about it.

If you’re fortunate enough to have somebody you trust implicitly, you may opt to have them LIEN your name as a second option. Sadly, this is not really an option very many people have. It’s been programmed/engineered out of you. Most of you are too clueless to have a meaningful relationship with anyone muchless trust someone implicitly. This option is only for the lucky few.

The third option is to have a CORPORATION LIEN your name. This is by far, the easiest and best option.

Your CORPORATION should be INCORPORATED AS a PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION, and those JURISDICTIONS and/or STATES that do not have a LEGAL framework to facilitate a PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION, only need have the principles of a PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION in its CHARTER. That way, the CORPORATION that LIENS you is on the PUBLIC RECORD as doing so for the BENEFIT of the PUBLIC. As that is in the CORPORATE CHARTER , it can reasonably be DEEMED the motivation and controlling factors behind every public action the CORPORATION takes. The onus is on outside parties to PROVE standing and the prove the contrary. It’s a HUGE burden to overcome.

Make as many shares as you like for the CORPORATION, but maintain the controlling shares. The CORPORATION, YOU and the GOVERNMENT are the parties in this constructive trust. THE TENDER FOR LAW that money provides allows this trinity in the LEGAL MATRIX to exist. You created two of the three parts. Keep that in mind as I digress…

In a previous article I introduced you to the concept of the SELF-SIGNED CERTIFICATE. If you’re not familiar with this concept, stop reading and look here: [], or you’re going to miss a vital part. This is what you are effectively doing LEGALLY when you LIEN your name. Using self-signed certificates as an example, connecting to, you will see that status of our Battlefield 2142 Master Server – but NOT before a bunch of scary warnings. You’ll notice that the URL begins with “https” and not the regular “http” that you normally find in a URL. Since we have to pretend to be an EA Master Server to play Battlefield 2142, it’s a foregone conclusion that the certificates being used to encrypt the connection are not going to be “legitimate”. That is because the server “self-signs” the certificate, and these days your browser will flip-out when you encounter one. Since you can TRUST me, proceeding has no real consequence. If you get the same certificate error at your bank, it is likely you are the victim of a “man in the middle” attack; since you consent to the connection, and it’s easy to decrypt what comes out. If, for example, the data that comes out is a “password”, that server between you and your bank can simultaneously record your clear-text password, and hand off the transaction to your real bank. It will look perfectly normal, except the dire warning at the beginning.

I hope I have explained the risks clearly, because that’s how every entity in commerce will view you. Nobody will give you a mortgage because you are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to pay it back. Your primary obligation is to the SECURED PARTY (Your Public Benefit Corporation). Loaning money to you is a huge risk! Loaning money to me is an insane risk! Except, any qualified actuarial could easily refute that point about me. I have a demonstrable history that shows I CAN be trusted. If I can be TRUSTED, it doesn’t matter if I sign my own certificates. If you do commerce with me, and the only money I accept is money with two signatures and a TRUSTEE, and both signatures are mine, then you’d better find a way to get that money if you wish to do commerce/contract with ME. It’s up to the CORPORATION what money you’re allowed to ACCEPT. If you only accept your own self-signed certificates, then PARTIES engaging you in commerce, have to suck it up. Why? BECAUSE FUCK OFF, THAT’S WHY! The whole point in SECURING the NAME is to CLAIM ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY over it. Let the CORPORATION benefit from its CLAIM. If there’s no controversy between you and the CORPORATION the GOVERNMENT simply doesn’t have a CLAIM. It doesn’t even have JURISDICTION, and therefore has NO RIGHT to interfere.

So how does this help you LEGALLY?

If you look at a cheque (two signatures and a TRUSTEE), and you look at every document that causes ACTION in a court room, you will see by using that standard, that there is actuall MONEY being exchanged. Your JURISDICTION’s ATTORNEY GENERAL really wants lots and lots of papers with two signatures and a TRUSTEE. Using your NAME as SURETY (remember you’re a certificate in receivership), YOU are the one that starts the financial ball rolling in a court process. Lawyers create and exchange this currency for FEDERAL FIAT CURRENCY. The fees you pay a lawyer are only a fraction of what they made from the actual court system. One of the complaints about death-row inmate appeals is that the “trial costs millions”. For what? I defy you to spend millions to gather a group of people in a single, wooden room and talk to a guy in a black dress. I could spend weeks doing it. I could put on a black dress and save the costs. I could rent a classy venue at a nice conference centre, and I still won’t break the hundred thousand dollar mark. Well that “cost” must either be settled or discharged. The lie of omission about the whole “trial costs millions of dollars” is that the ATTORNEY GENERAL gets to CLAIM that “loss” in next year’s budget, which the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT gives them. This “cost” is, of course, taken by force from you. (Taxes) The only way to stop the LAW SOCIETY from exploiting you in this way is to LIEN your NAME. When your name is LIENED you do not have the RIGHT to ATTORN yourself. That would be FRAUD. Your NAME is the CORPORATION’S PROPERTY, not yours. ATTORNING yourself, while your NAME is LIENED, is the same as selling somebody’s house that you are renting. You simply do not have the RIGHT. This puts the GOVERNMENT, and the LAW SOCIETY, and the ATTORNEY GENERAL, in a very awkward position. All processing and enforcement of any acts, codes or statutes attached to your name, are by their very nature, FRAUDULENT. This is as self-evident as is a self-signed certificate.

I’ve saved the best for last.

LIENING YOUR NAME means you must be trustworthy. Nobody will give you credit otherwise. People with good credit who endorse others, pass some of that credit to them. If I asked you to loan me a million dollars, which I’ll pay back when I can, you would not believe that a reasonable proposition. However, if a bunch of acquaintances and a few people you admire, suddenly popped up and said, “If he won’t lend it to you, I will“, it suddenly transitions from unreasonable to unbelievable. If a bunch of people you trust publicly TENDER OFFERS because they TRUST me, a conflict will form in your head. You don’t understand why people you trust are doing this unreasonable thing, but you also don’t want people you trust to gain an advantage over you. Your brain will fall into a false trap, that forms the seed of “mob mentality”. It’s harmless if everyone can be trusted. It doesn’t work otherwise. Suddenly you will feel it’s “worth the risk”. Play it out in your head.

Most of you who do this will starve to death, because even shell corporations must justify their existence and produce value. If you have/are nothing anybody wants, then like it or not, you have NO VALUE. In every county the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND touches, you must turn VALUE into CREDIT. If you have no VALUE, you get no CREDIT. You have supreme AUTHORITY over yourself, and nobody wants your “funny money”. So how am I different?

I accept and trade, and sometimes even launder money, through several currencies. The currencies themselves all have their own daily value, and my value adds to it. When I charge you the insane rates that I do, it’s because I’m just that fucking valuable…and as soon as you pay me, you are creating a PUBLIC RECORD of that fact. This causes the smart, and the observant, to go through the following three-step process when they observe it:

1. Trustworthy
2. Valuable
3. Shut-up and take my money

You don’t even break any laws by doing it. There’s a LEGAL TENDER attached to my currency as well. It starts with the Number One Rule of the Universe. The rules are pretty easy to figure out from there. 😀

I attach that TENDER FOR LAW, to the money you need to exchange for my value. IMF countries do the same thing. This is why the UNITED STATES is never LEGALLY RECOGNIZED as waging an ILLEGAL war, despite all the uneducated declarations to the contrary.

If you use the US dollar, the US has the RIGHT to ATTORN you to US JURISDICTION. If they didn’t have that power, why would they give a shit about their currency at all? The reality is, LEGAL wars are what they say it is.
You all know Rothschild’s famous quote, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws”. This is not entirely true, because the public’s general misunderstanding of the mechanics of money, means they’re missing the point of this quote.

The LEGAL mechanism that facilitates the laws in question, is how the money supply is controlled. Laws “steer” the economy. but you control a lot when you have the throttle. The Rothschilds have the “throttle”, you don’t get to steer ANYWHERE without their say-so.

This is also the most vulnerable point in the money supply, and is susceptible to outside influence. Of course this problem was solved in 2009, by our lovely, and wise, and just plain awesome benefactor, Satoshi Nakamoto. In one fell-swoop, money of account, and money of exchange, got merged, and the hole was closed. It’s only controlled by computer science. It is not vulnerable to human influence, and automatically self-corrects when humans try. Nobody controls it, and it can’t be turned off.

Let that sink in.

We are entering the age of “thinking money”, so if you find yourself in the position where you have NO VALUE, I suggest you start associating with those you do. For those who really have VALUE, love spreading the wealth.

This is my final public article for THE TENDER FOR LAW. I promise to answer all questions in the comments truthfully, and under the oaths and obligations I have on this date henceforth. This means I will answer questions in 2016, under the rules of 2015. In short: I promise to keep telling you the truth… but only here. 😉

This is it kids. I’ve given you everything you need. I’ve done my bit for Queen and Country, and got shit on for all my trouble. I kept my oaths when absolutely everybody else didn’t. I’m free to claim what is rightfully mine.

Lead, follow – or get out of the way! Those who want to follow, are welcomed to do so, but you will find I’m primarily focused on the transactional technology, and the financial weaponry necessary to fulfil my agenda. Those who have harmed me, have harmed you too. It is my intention to neutralize them, both LEGALLY and LAWFULLY. Henceforth articles posted on FaceBook will be in THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. I’m going to show you how to automate all this shit. If you pay attention, and understand everything you’re doing, it won’t be long before cryptocurrency replaces FIAT currency in your life. I intend to show you by live example how to leverage the trillions of dollars worth of free shit just waiting to be exploited. If you find you have no value, follow what I’m writing and I guarantee I’ll change that.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Dan “Lien-Your-Name” Wilson, who lives on through his virtual presence on our Battlefield 2142 Server – and is extra fun to shoot.

Praise Bob.

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: AGENCY (ARTIFICIAL PERSONS) FOR IDIOTS (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. It’s the ultimate artificial person. To understand what this means you should refer to my earlier articles. The Criminal Code of Canada states, inter alia [Source R.S., c. C-34, s. 2 “INTERPRETATION”]:

“every one”, “person” and “owner”

« quiconque », « individu », « personne » et « propriétaire »

“every one”, “person” and [ Ed. NOT ‘or’! it’s ‘and’! ] “owner”, and similar expressions, INCLUDE [ Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius ] HER MAJESTY AND [ Ed. NOT ‘or’, it’s ‘and’, AGAIN! ] AN ORGANIZATION;

Before we cover HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION it is vital to remember why ARTIFICIAL PERSONS exist in the first place. The sole purpose of a PERSON is to act as a LEGAL AGENT. Remember that for later, it will become important as all PERSONS recognized LEGALLY are by their very nature AGENTS. In THE TENDER FOR LAW, we often define LEGAL as “it’s all accounting and surety”. Accountants set PUBLIC POLICY, and that policy determines which AGENCY pays. There are no PERSONS involved, only AGENCY. If you are acting as an employee for WALMART or an employee for the FBI, you are in fact an AGENT, not a PERSON. This would mean that WALMART or the FBI would be the SURETY for that AGENCY. This would mean WALMART and the FBI are SURETY for their AGENTS. My article on SURETY has already been published and if you haven’t read it you probably should do that now – instead of reading this.

Many of you are learning the hard way that the LEGAL MATRIX acts on PRESUMPTION. This is why your full name, address and date of birth are requested in all interactions with the government. You, the “NATURAL PERSON” along with an ORGANIZATION (the ATTORNEY GENERAL/government), form AGENCY. When you IDENTIFY yourself in this fashion you are accepting JOINDER, and henceforth you are HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION, just as an employee for the FBI IS the FBI. That is what AGENCY is.

FBI agents tend to IDENTIFY themselves as “Special Agents”. (I assume they make this declaration for the same reasons the Special Olympics do; it’s like the regular Olympics…only they’re retards. On that note, if an FBI agent ever calls you a “Conspiracy Theorist”, remind them that coming from the people who brought us ABSCAM, that’s pretty ironic. Look up ABSCAM – you’ll get the joke).

I’ve really tried to “dumb down” AGENCY as much as I could. An AGENT is a slave that represents the MASTER. The master is always SURETY. When you accept JOINDER by IDENTIFYING yourself with your first name, last name, address, and date of birth, you become HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. You are now SURETY, and you must follow the rules of the organization. Otherwise, you have committed an OFFENCE.

Many of you are “offended” by what I say, especially piece-of-shit Christians (see what I did there?). When they cry about how offended they are, they seem to think that this “offence” give them some higher “victim” status. Here in reality the declaration, “I’m offended!” is simply whining. Now let’s shift over to a different JURISDICTION. If you are on an AQUILAE vessel, and I’m “offended“, that could be fatal. It’s a different JURISDICTION, and as of this writing I am the highest authority in that jurisdiction. This means if I’m offended, you’re likely going overboard. You already consented to those rules when you found yourself on board one of my vessels. If you’re dragged onto one of my vessels against your will, you’re definitely going to die anyway, and if you’re given any hope of survival it’s very likely someone’s just fucking with you. 😉

Try not to miss the point here! If “offence” is legislated, and you identify yourself as HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION, being an AGENT thereof, you are subject to all the rules.

Look at the Criminal Code. Notice it doesn’t say the “Criminal Law”. It says CODE. You will see that it refers to “A general collection of laws”. When someone refers to a “secret code” they are referring to a “secret collection of laws”. Codes usually refer to specific subject matter such as Criminal Code, Code of Ethics, Probate Code, Penal Code. These things all apply to HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION.

In the UNITED STATES you are acting as AGENT for the current TRUSTEE. At this writing it’s “Homeland Security”. If you look at a passport stamp from the United States, you will notice that the stamp says, “Homeland Security”, and not “UNITED STATES”. The TRUSTEE has AUTHORITY to grant or refuse entry into the JURISDCTION, while that JURISDICTION is in RECEIVERSHIP. Since the UNITED STATES is running trillion dollar deficits, with absolutely no consequence, you very quickly realize that the UNITED STATES is in receivership (and has been since 1933). Within a generation, the United States went from “Republic” to “Nation of Trustees” – and nobody noticed. Research Woodrow Wilson and “The New Deal” with the knowledge you’ve gained from THE TENDER FOR LAW, and you will see the crime that has been visited upon you.

I fear with the apathy and ignorance of Commonwealth Subjects, the same fate soon awaits us in CANADA. UNITED STATES citizens have failed to notice that their country no longer produces anything except POLICY; policy set by accountants. These particular accountants are not working in your interest. They don’t care about PERSONS, they don’t care about individuals. They care about balancing the books, accounts and agency; in that order.

Now let’s cover your “ARTIFICIAL PERSON“. In earlier articles we covered the fact that your birth certificate is a security. It is also a bond, which affords you certain RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES. Chief amoungst those is your right to ACT as AGENT for HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. While we’re on the subject of the birth certificate, a very disturbing trend is happening, and no one is noticing. Until recently all birth certificates had TWO SIGNATURES on them. This afforded you the AUTHORITY to sign as AGENT. Three signatures = BINDING LEGAL TRUST. Now I’m seeing examples of birth certificates that have only ONE SIGNATURE, so I sent my blood hounds after some answers, and what they returned was very interesting.

Somewhere on these new pseudo-certificates with one signature, there is universally a DECLARATION, usually at the bottom. It DECLARES that it is a “FOUNDATION DOCUMENT“. It really is that simple. Use of the birth certificate is acceptance of that fact, just as use of a $10 bill is acceptance of a TENDER FOR LAW. In this case the law in question is SURETY AND ACCOUNTING, and all the “codes” attached.

Now that we have a basic understanding of an “artificial person”, and we have established the global truths about all artificial persons, we can cover specific artificial persons.

In order to “act” LEGALLY, an artificial person is created. When you are issued a traffic ticket, you do not write your name down, an AGENT does. That agent, in this case a “Policy Enforcer” is TESTIFYING as to how you identified yourself. The identification you provide happens to contain your full name, address and date of birth. The only way you could have obtained this licence is either through a birth certificate, citizenship card, or valid passport. All three of these are revenue streams to Policy Enforcers. I’m hesitant to publish anything regarding “driving” vs. “travelling”, because I don’t want to give the FREE-DUMBERS ammunition. If you want to travel without a licence, use public or commercial transport, a livery service, or a horse and buggy. All three options require that somebody pays insurance – the third option is something you must pay. Paying an insurance POLICY is paying an artificial person to accept SURETY under certain conditions (codes). Here’s where the FREE-DUMBER argument falls down regarding travel and property.

You will hear these arguments from one of two sources. The first being natives and/or “aboriginals”; when they explain the law regarding travel and property, they are telling the truth. They have LEGAL STANDING to make this declaration, because it says so in countless TREATIES. When Robert Menard and Dean Clifford make this CLAIM they are simply lying through ommission; because if you are one of the invaders, which you are if you’re not native, you benefit from ongoing commercial warfare. Like it or not, if you are going to share the road with your fellow humans, the issue of SURETY is going to come up, especially if there’s an accident. A deadbeat like Robert Menard is never going to be able to support the needs and medical bills of someone he may have crippled while drunk driving one night. Here in reality his “100% responsible declaration” is bullshit by any LEGAL standard, and no-fault insurance only applies when both parties are insured. Even a horse and buggy needs a bare minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. I know this because I was once the owner of a horse, and a buggy.

If you haven’t read “Insurance for the Inept” (appointed by Gail Blackman), you should stop and read it now.

Since 1982 I have run a private navy. The trust that holds that navy, also has its own currency. In 2010, the AQUILAE cryptic currency was commissioned, and the need for FIAT currency disappeared, except as regards insurance.

When you accept that the term “LEGAL” is all SURETY and ACCOUNTING, you quickly realize that everything LEGAL has a monetary value. There are no exceptions to this rule. Let me repeat that so your empty head will absorb it. All things legal have a monetary value attached, including SURETY. The FREE-DUMBER says he can drive without a licence, and he is telling the truth. The lie of ommision is that you cannot get insurance without a driver’s licence. In Common Law Jurisdictions LEGAL ACTS and STATUTES do not acknowlege your RIGHT to property; whereas in Civil Law Jurisdiction, the RIGHT to property is absolute. The LEGAL consequences of Robert Menard getting drunk and injuring somebody whilst “travelling with his property” will not be accepted by any other party; and the “wake up and be a FREE-DUMBER” line doesn’t really work when it comes to medical expenses and basic needs. Some highways are semi-private, and if a FREE-DUMBER drives down those they can expect to have a SWAT team arrest them and seize their “property”. This has happened on the 407 ETR more than once. Like everything else in LAW, FREE-DUMBERS lie through ommission. It is very easy to produce case law showing the courts acknowledge that use of the roads is in fact, a RIGHT, not a privilege. There are even high-risk insurance companies that will insure a vehicle without a driver’s licence, but the premiums will be $30,000 a year.

Back to “ARTIFICIAL PERSONS”. In my first article regarding PERSONS, we covered the fact that NATURAL PERSON = “Picking up the Tab”. Accepting and/or identifying yourself as an “INDIVIDUAL” means you are deemed to be a NATURAL PERSON. If you identify yourself as an INDIVIDUAL you are ACCEPTING SURETY by default. Since you’re picking up the tab, the government AGENT, attempting to impose commerce on you, will of course order the most expensive items on the menu. The courts recognize the government as a PRIVATE PERSON. If you are in court against your will you might find it useful to demand proof that the government has STANDING as a PRIVATE PERSON. This also applies in the UNITED STATES. If the court refuses to provide proof, INFORM the court that you intend to offer as PROOF FOR APPEAL an objection to this presumption of “PERSONHOOD” that the court has arbitrarily granted the government, and a demand for $1,000,000 SECURITY FOR COSTS. In Western Society, SECURITY FOR COSTS is a well-documented RIGHT. You are basically demanding insurance. Since it was offered as PROOF FOR APPEAL, and presuming the Appelate Court is following the rules, it virtually guarantees the case will be thrown out on appeal, for exactly the same reasons the government seizes Dean Clifford’s property; if it interacts with, and affects others, and it is not insured, it is the government’s mandate to remove it from the PUBLIC domain. If there was nobody on the road except you, it would be ok to drive without insurance. But there is…so it isn’t.

I too can travel the highways without a licence or insurance, because it turns out there are lots and lots of people who will happily drive you anywhere you want to go in exchange for worthless FIAT currency. Some of them are even good at it. One of my captains used to make a “hobby” out of collecting drivers’s licences, and had the bragging rights of claiming he’s one of the few people in ONTARIO that has an AZBM licence. This means if it travels on the road, no matter what it is, he can LEGALLY drive it. The “B” designation is apparently the hardest, because it required learning to drive a school bus. Apparently the test is rigid but he “aced it” because in reality he was just driving a big yellow truck designed to carry children without seat belts. From a transport perspective children really aren’t that heavy a payload.

…I digress.

When the courts were still following the rules, I always got a big kick out of the fact that you can sell SURETY ahead of time; and the government is compelled to buy it. If a JUSTICE grants SECURITY FOR COSTS the ATTORNEY GENERAL had better have the budget to cover it, or the case does not move forward. One PARTY is attempting to affect another, without insurance, just like when a FREE-DUMBER drives without insurance.

Many of you still cannot grasp cryptographic currency from a practical standpoint, yet none of you seem to have any trouble grasping the concept of CANADIAN TIRE money. CANADIAN TIRE money is issued as coupons that ACT as an internal currency. In many accounting circles this is often referred to as “brown currency”, as it is always circulating internally. Think of the concept of cryptographic currency as you would your own CORPORATION’S version of CANADIAN TIRE money. Large purchases can be made with CANADIAN TIRE money, but it cannot be exchanged for cash. However, you are free to exchange CANADIAN TIRE money for any purchase you agree to. Bars, during charity events, often accept CANADIAN TIRE money at par. This has the benefit of not being taxable, allowing the business to write-off the consumables as a CAPTIAL LOSS and/or INVESTED CAPITAL depending on the product and/or service being purchased. Keeping this in mind will remove any confusion you may have regarding creating your own bank/currency.

If you have accepted THE TENDER FOR LAW which FIAT currency provides, you will accept that the LEGAL MATRIX will deem it fact that the FIAT currency in question is good for “all debts public and private”. This is another “lie of ommission” that Robert Menard attempted to pipe out in his latest video about me. If you do not accept the currency in the creation of a debt, then that law doesn’t really apply. I will do absolutely nothing in commerce, especially for government, in exchange for FIAT currency. I simply do not accept the creation of that debt and/or contract as I have as a matter of PUBIC RECORD RESIGNED from government service. The INDIVIDUAL and all its titles are LEGALLY CLAIMED under the AQUILAE TRUST. This means that if the government wishes to impose commerce on me, they must pay that debt first. They can pay me in LEGAL TENDER, but that’s a quarter of a billion dollars; and if I’m given a quarter of a billion dollars worth of economic power over night, 100% of that worthless currency will be used to collapse the banking system and start a war. Let that serve as a warning to anyone who happens to be seriously considering giving us large amounts of money.

I will work like a slave for any contract that pays me in AQUILAE currency. AQUILAE currency is valuable money, and the TENDER FOR LAW attached to it, is whatever I say it is. Why? Because “fuck off that’s why”…it’s MY currency! If you don’t like it, go shop somewhere else. Besides, the FREE-DUMBERS say I’m mean. In their heads, “nice but inept” is far better than the truth. Apparently truth = mean. As actual legal knowledge starts bleeding out from THE TENDER FOR LAW, and the people from the “first wave” are starting to teach others, the revenue streams of the FREE-DUMBER gurus are in serious jeopardy. Robert Menard and his now notorious “Scott Duncan is wrong” Youtube Video, shows the desperation, because now the victims of the FREE-DUMBERS don’t have to suck-up the FREE-DUMB excuses like, “You just payed for my time”, and other bullshit platitudes to deflect SURETY. Now they have a weapon that hurts. That weapon is the declaration “Scott was right again”. That will cause the victims to come seeking real answers from a MEGA-PERSON…and that’s the last kind of PERSON we’re going to discuss. Menard can lie about what words mean, and beg for FIAT, while those that listen and understand what I’m desperately trying to hammer into your stultified brains, will the first of the pioneers. The Pioneers PROFIT, and the NEW economy will be YOURS TO COMMAND, but if you fuck it up, you will destroy yourself, just like Menard, only with less alcohol. 😀

We’ll call it a pseudo-LEGAL term to make the courts happy; and over the next year it’s going to make the courts beg for the “good old days” of the FREE-DUMBERS. MEGA-PERSON will be the only real PARTY in Open-Source government. As you read this now, this sounds as incredible as making your own currency and bank, and learning to administer your affairs so you profit. The base framework has been layed out over the past 18 months. Some of you have casually studied, some of you were compelled to study through external forces, and a precious few of you dedicated every last free minute of time to study. Those precious few of you who fall into that category are the first to scratch their heads when people describe me as “mean”. You can call any of the AQUILAE officers or crew 24-hours a day, and all of them are mandated to have the utmost patience and to stay on the phone as long as they’re needed – and that’s just the “overflow” policy. I personally handle the bulk of the calls. It’s those precious few people that actually keep me going. When you understand what a PERSON is LEGALLY, and you UNDERSTAND what SURETY is, and who has it, all your concerns about money should just vanish. It is July 2014. It is my least profitable year ever. It has pushed the entire navy and every officer into personal debt, but we maintain the course because we know we have the answer to everything. We have computer science. Computer Science is going to replace government. Observe the wild ride of BITCOIN over the long term and you can observe computer science affecting reality. The block chain always maintains its regulated growth. Banks have tried collective pump-and-dump scams; and it immediately returned to its original growth value. When you look at BITCOIN over its entire existence, the “unstable” nature of cryptographic currencies becomes a lot less clear. There is a measurable straight line. It’s math; and 2 + 2 always equals 4. It doesn’t matter what you believe.

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the component parts of the “MEGA-PERSON”. This LEGAL monster will be yours to control. It’s intent is hostile, and its purpose is to destroy millions of dollars in minutes (if it has to). This will implement governmental change. A MEGA-PERSON will have the economic power to destroy currency, because I intend to port government and law into the realm of computer science, just as currency already has. A “dress rehersal” is playing out today. Two competing currencies – one is debt and joinder, sold as “value”, the other is value with no debt attached, and temporarily no TENDER FOR LAW either. Etherium is going to change that. Etherium is THE TENDER FOR LAW attached to a cryptographic currency; and you have an unambiguous way to write the law. It then becomes evolution through natural selection. If you write “bad law” you have “bad currency”, and the market will automatically reflect that. This will plant the first seeds of “Open Source Government”. Policy Enforcers will be tasked with the integrity of POLICIES and the rules set out in real time by the people. You can repurpose these dumb thugs to follow orders enforcing laws that are generated in real time, and the dumb thug in question will be able to verify its authenticity instantly, and to deflect all SURETY for his actions. The law is written for Etherium, and once implemented, becomes verifiable at each step in any transaction. The fact the currency is being exchanged means there are two agreeable PARTIES with the computerized government/bank as the TRUSTEE. We will then make the system compatible with all cultures. You could write Sharia law into an Etherium contract, and computer science will determine if it’s compliant. Mullas will absolutely love that they can produce mathematical proof that his “flock” are “good Muslims”. Open Source law has to work for everyone; even those whose cultures and ideologies I personally loathe. Otherwise it’s just more tyranny deployed from someone of noble birth. If you think things are getting “hairy” with competing currencies, wait until a herd of MEGA-PERSONS form a competing government.

All of this has already started. Think of me as the anti-Christ of all PERSONS. Little niche services are already paying participants for their contribution. Name Coin is a good example. This is a robustly trading currency that pays you for providing DNS services. Each query that hits your contributing piece of hardware, whether it’s your phone, your iPAD or your desktop computer, will pay you in Name Coin. The payment comes with the query. The transaction is instantaneous, meaning your phone or your computer pays you for essentially being “turned on”. As connectivity becomes more and more standardized, off-the-shelf phones, tablets, laptops and computers can suddenly be a device that pays you instead of costing you. Staying in the realm of cryptographic currencies, a lot of money can be made by running a currency exchange. To avoid legal entanglements it is vital that no cryptographic currency that passes into your PERSON’s custody ever be converted to FIAT currency. Accepting the currency is accepting the terms. The terms are “LEGAL”, and it has been “TENDERed” with PROPER NOTICE. The JURISDICTION therefore is “LEGAL”; and ACCEPTING this currency ACCEPTS THE TENDER FOR LAW attached. Yes that even applies to MEGA-PERSON; and as we construct MEGA-PERSON you will learn why that LEGAL BINDING alone turns MEGA-PERSON into a dreadful LEGAL weapon.

So let this article serve as PROPER NOTICE that we are constructing MEGA-PERSON; since its mandate is by its very nature hostile and destructive to any and all PERSONS, PRIVATE and/or PUBLIC, who participate in FRAUD OF ANY KIND. This includes banks and government. If the government can make slave PERSONS, so can you.

I’m building an Empire of Math, and I don’t care if you CONSENT, because reality doesn’t care either. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Those are your RIGHTS under Open Source Government until it’s deployed. The law will quite literally be written by the people. The Common Law will be integrated as much as possible, but more importantly the first wave will only exist to make it easy for the second wave. Just like in THE TENDER FOR LAW, only on a global scale. At the moment it sounds ridiculous, but I remind you that two years ago all of you thought that having your own bank/currency was ridiculous too. I know many of you have actually been affected by my writing/teachings at a very (dare I say?) PERSONAL level. And to those who feel that way, know that you are the “first wave”. You will teach those that follow. This is a time of war, hence my Churchill-like demeanor, but notice Churchill was immediately booted from office once the war was over. The same fate awaits me. The power I’m building for everyone cannot be in my control after all of us have won. As my beloved Tara has publicly announced that she seeks world domination, one of the first mandates of Open Source Government is to make sure that woman NEVER has control. Just trust me on this people – of the two of us, I’M the NICE one.

Anyway…over the next year, we shall be putting these pieces together. We are all going to draft law in controlled environments (for this we will use Etherium Alpha). We are going to leverage open standards for profit (like binding a Facebook account to its own currency), and we are going to put all these pieces together into something you can immediately use for your own personal gain and profit. This entire process is designed to excessively reward the “pioneers”. This is a double-edged sword. If you attempt to profit off of others, with no consideration (like current banks/government), the market automatically crashes your currency. Core laws and principles will be determined through universal consensus. Assembling legal contracts will become as simple as assembling Lego blocks, with the contracts and/or undertakings being as simple, or as complex, as the parties agree upon.

I end this article with a thought that I wish you to ponder. If all PERSONS have a monetary value attached to them, along with undertakings to various degrees, and like myself you have liened the LEGAL PERSON as PROOF of RESIGNATION from Government Service, and you have affixed a monetary value to that name, and it is now a fact under LAW until you (the Supreme Authority) say otherwise, you can take that value and LEGALLY UNDERWRITE (insure) your own PERSONAL currency.

…and that’s coming up this year. I’m going to teach you what the FREE-DUMBERS couldn’t…how to monetize your PERSON. As with everything else I teach, I do not charge money. Ever! All you have to do is (NOTE: I’m only writing this to make the FREE-DUMBERS sqwak and cackle), SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.

NOTE: You really DO HAVE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! The price of admission is the acknowledgement and acceptance that all of my AXIOMS are TRUE, and the very first AXIOM is YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS. Over the past 18 months I’ve shown you why that’s true, and how it came to be. Now we’re going to do something about it. When I’m done everyone will think right, and will value the right things, and if they don’t a computer will make them. Imagine making law that says you specifically must be left alone, and your government enforces it. Imagine if everybody thinks right, and values the right things. Natural Law will become written law, all on an exponential curve to evolve our species. To evolve our societies, and above all, to evolve each and every PERSON.

RELEVANT:…/fct/doc/…/2001fct795/2001fct795.html [D. Webe – Contributing Research]

-Scott Duncan

The Truth about the Illuminati or Why Piece-of-Shit Christians are such Pieces-of-Shit
Shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


“Piece-of-Shit Christians” – you hear me say it a lot. I say it so much, and I’ve been saying it for so long, that the prefix “Piece-of-Shit” is automatically inserted in front of it, each and every time I hear the word “Christian”. This is much like the experience of Elliot in “Mr. Robot” with “Evil Corp”. (I also find myself mentally apologizing to Claudia Christian every time I think of her. Shit…there I go again! Sorry Claudia. :/)

This might lead you to believe that I harbour a profound hostility and resentment for Piece-of-Shit Christians, and you would be right. Piece-of-Shit Christians have been harming me, and those like me, for hundreds of years. Those of us who could think, had to form secret societies because…Piece-of-Shit Christians. From the 14th to the 19th century, someone like me ran the very real risk of being burned at the stake for “witchcraft”. Witchcraft also applied to anyone outside the church who could read. It wasn’t until the late 1500’s, when the concept of copyright was established, that it became necessary to have at least a portion of the population literate. Those of us in secret societies became literate on their own, or they were the first of the enlightened nobility. The Illuminati was a private bridge between the commoners and the nobility. The Illuminati was founded on the following principles – according to Wikipedia:

“Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. “The order of the day,” they wrote in their general statutes, “is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.“[1] The Illuminati—along with Freemasonry and other secret societies—were outlawed through edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, in 1784, 1785, 1787 and 1790.[2] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and were responsible for the French Revolution.”

The next question you have to ask yourself is, “Why?” Why go through all the trouble to improve a society that does not want to be improved. The Illuminati embodied an idea that was ahead of its time. Their intention was to elevate the commoners out of the caste system that the nobility and church impose. Anyone with technical ability, or the capacity for critical thought, anyone who understood higher math, and anyone whose trade applied engineering principles based on that higher math, were all banned. Piece-of-Shit Christians to this day, will make up stories about Freemasons and Illuminati “controlling and enslaving everyone”. So here’s the next bit of “crazy“…

I, the man you know as Scott Duncan, am Illuminati — and it’s not a fucking secret. It’s no more secret than your local Masonic Lodge; but unlike Masons who are unskilled, ignorant parasites who live off the skills and credit of their forefathers, the Illuminati never altered its mandate. The Illuminati was a product of the enlightenment. We support rational thought, understanding, compassion for our fellow man, in the only life we get; and above all we tell the truth, especially when everyone is lying. We deal daily with naysayers, who hear what we say, but claim we waste our time casting ‘pearls before swine’. That doesn’t matter. We’re not part of “your” society; and to be part of a society you make a promise, and you keep that promise if you want to remain part of that society. I kept my promises. I put myself in harm’s way so that better people than you may survive and thrive. Better people than you are working furiously to correct and repair the damage caused by your collective ignorance and apathy. I’ve started a war on “wrong”. I promised to wage it with everything that I have built. A lifetime’s work is coming to fruition, and I intend to wield the power when I have it. I’ll only take what I need to fulfil my mandate, and my agenda, and then will give the rest to everyone…and I’ll do so because I promised to.

So there you have it. This year’s “crazy talk“. I’m posting this note with a limited audience, but you are welcomed to copy and share it under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Consider that NOTICE.

This is the latest of years of “crazy talk“. It sounds insane – until it isn’t. Illuminati is one club I’ll never be kicked out of. Your “society” and mine don’t mix. Your LAW SOCIETY quite literally CLAIMS OWNERSHIP of you. They CLAIM the RIGHT to ATTORN you to JURISDICTIONS that BIND you to CONTRACTS to which you did not CONSENT. Sit and ponder the irony that a secret society regards you with more dignity than your society’s masters care to give you.

…and so brothers and sisters, let’s lay out the format for my information dissemination over the next few years.

Up until this point, you could trust me to keep my oaths if nothing else. From 2016 onward, you do not have that luxury. I have the RIGHT to lie, and I intend to flex my RIGHTS. I was trained by your own GOVERNMENT, and I am very good at it. I’d make this document a “secret decoder ring” to determine when, and if, I’m telling the truth, but you idiots can barely keep up with what I’m saying as it is. So I’m going to make it really simple. Places where I promise to tell the truth are at the following domains:


If I say anything anywhere else, I’m probably lying. Pieces-of-Shit like Robert-Arthur: Menard, can lie their asses off, and there will always be a Piece-of-Shit Christian ready to defend those lies. Menard and his ilk, seem to suffer no consequence from all their lies. I’m sure I’ll have an ethical problem with it (lying) at first. There was a time I would have had an ethical problem with the idea of killing cops. That’s certainly not the case now. I kept all my oaths. I kept all my promises. And I got shit on for my trouble. I intend to collect what is rightfully mine.

I’ve made promises that last a lifetime, and I intent to keep them. Fortunately, me lying to the masses, won’t affect those promises in any way.

And so…brothers and sisters, let’s cover what we’ve learned over these past three years, while I am still bound to tell you the truth.

The first thing we learned is that the common English definitions for many words, have nothing to do with the LEGAL definition of those very same words. There are no homonyms in law; there are no synonyms in law. If an act, code or statute has either, it must be repealed in the interest of “justice”. We learned that LEGAL TENDER has nothing to do with money, or currency. We learned that LEGAL TENDER is something attached to a SECURITY – a SECURITY that does not belong to you. Unless a LEGAL document has YOUR signature on it, it DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. You are duty-bound to return this PROPERTY to its rightful owner. If a LEGAL document DOES have your signature on it, KEEP IT. You are under no obligation to give away what’s yours. That’s what makes it yours. That’s why CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES are ACCEPTABLE.

Look at the cash in your wallet. That’s not a 20 dollar bill. It is a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of a 20 dollar bill. Why the fuck would they give you the original SECURITY? It doesn’t belong to you. If there are two signatures on a LEGAL document, it is a CONTRACT. If there are two signatures and a TRUSTEE, it is a SECURITY. Look at every GOVERNMENT document that you possess. Start with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Take as much time as you need.

We learned ‘LEGAL’ is just SURETY and ACCOUNTING. To dumb it down even further, LEGAL always boils down to ‘who pays, and how much do they owe’ (SURETY and ACCOUNTING). It is your RIGHT to DEMAND PROOF that you have any OBLIGATION to PERFORM and/or give compensation to, ANY PARTY. This is self-evident and is an inalienable RIGHT legally (that means you can sell it). You exercise this RIGHT with the question, “By what AUTHORITY”?

We learned that LEGALLY, PROOF requires a signature. Everything else including facts and reality, are LEGALLY, just EVIDENCE. Remember that: PROOF REQUIRES A SIGNATURE, and EVERYTHING ELSE is JUST EVIDENCE. Never forget who owns what. If you receive a LEGAL document and it has a signature on it, and the signature is not YOURS, it does not belong to you. VOID the signature that is there, and give it back to whomever signed it – even the envelope it came in. Attach a NOTICE informing this PARTY there has been a MISTAKE, and that their PROPERTY is being returned to them. You may also choose to inform them that as a COURTesy, and to protect their SECURITY, you took the LIBERTY of VOIDING their signature to prevent UNAUTHORIZED PARTIES from CLAIMING and/or exploiting its VALUE. We learned to always be COURTeous. We learned that COURTesies are for COURTesans; and like a COURTesan, if you ACCEPT A COURTesy, you ACCEPT that you’re the one being fucked (everybody get that????).

LEGALLY, the first line of defence is to never be in possession of any LEGAL PROPERTY that belongs to someone else. If a LEGAL document does belong to you (because LEGAL is all documents – it’s SURETY and ACCOUNTING after all), then KEEP IT. Get (or become) a NOTARY, and make CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES of your LEGAL documents to give to other PARTIES if required. Some LEGAL documents such as securities, stocks and bonds, are in fact, owned by you, and you have SURETY while you possess them. It is vitally important that you protect this PROPERTY as it does not belong to you. You simply own it. They’re not the same thing legally. If you own something, you have SURETY for it. Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a SECURITY you own for life. It is the CLAIM on any VALUE you produce. Unless you CONSENT to that, I suggest you LIEN that SECURITY, thus VOIDING it.

We learned, “In VOID we TRUST”. You have one UNALIENABLE RIGHT. The RIGHT NOT to CONTRACT. This means you have the RIGHT to VOID ANY LEGAL document to which you are the LAWFUL HOLDER IN DUE COURSE. LIENING your NAME VOIDS that SECURITY. LEGALLY you are required to provide REMEDY as that SECURITY does not belong to you. If you have LIENED your name for half a billion dollars, the GOVERNMENT had better pay out that SECURITY. You VOIDED it with INTENT. It is your RIGHT to COMPENSATION and CONSIDERATION.

We sure learned a lot didn’t we?

If you haven’t, go read THE TENDER FOR LAW. As always the gold is in the comments, and no you cannot join. I have absolutely NO interest in anything you have to say. There are instruction in the “Description” regarding what you have to do to join. The GOLD IS IN THE COMMENTS. I cannot stress that enough. After you’ve done that, read my notes. Do not attempt ANY communication with me until you have done this. THE TENDER FOR LAW has been around for three years, and there is NO WAY I’m REPEATING 3 years worth of information.

One of my instructions in THE TENDER FOR LAW – a Scottism as it were – is the instruction with the dire warning: “While you are building, NEVER let them take you seriously!” That’s a difficult thing to do without lying. It’s even more difficult to do if you have quite literally sworn a blood oath NOT to lie. Well…I suppose that would be a difficult problem for somebody like you; not for somebody like me. In my society, we don’t have to lie, since our very existence is based on the quest for truth.

Ignorance is a powerful and subtle tool of oppression, and it can always be made to serve the honest. When I say these things, nobody takes me seriously. I literally give NOTICE as to my INTENT. Collective ignorance and apathy will scream in disbelief to avoid dedicating any resources to confirm if what I’m saying is true. When they refer to history, which we are doing now, you will see that I have a long, long history of saying “crazy” things; only to have time show that I was exactly right.


In 2010, it was “crazy” to propose the idea that you could literally make your own bank. You could make your own currency. You could trade that currency on global markets. It sounded “crazy”…until it didn’t. I’m the only one who tells the truth about law and money on the Internet. I keep asking everybody, “Why am I the only one”? None of you can guess, so here it is. Here’s your “crazy” answer…

I am Scott, Keeper of the AQUILAE TRUST, Servant of the House of Windsor, Admiral of the AQUILAE NAVY, and I AM ILLUMINATI.

I AM BETTER. I’m the only one who tells the truth, because I’m the only one who’s allowed to! While I do what I have LICENCE to do, stop fucking LYING about us!

I’m looking at you, you Piece-of-Shit Christians!


-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS – By Tara Duncan (c) 2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


While this is predominantly directed at personal friends and acquaintances, there are perhaps some FB group members who may benefit from the information in this article, as well. This should not be new information to most. It does seem, however, to be a repeating theme.

Over the years I have noticed an interesting trend with friends, acquaintances and even strangers, who have come to realize (to borrow a well-used phrase) that they “think wrong and value the wrong things”. These people arrive at our actual or virtual doorstep asking for assistance in righting this wrong. Some of these people initially thought we were too politically incorrect, even “crazy”, and then returned years later, hats in hand. They recall with nostalgia, the great resource they discounted in favour of their own personal limitations. They lament the loss of the unconditional support, the candor, the concern for their well-being, the relationship advice, the accurate extrapolations of coming technological changes or world events, or simply the ease with which their problems could be solved.Many realize they never learned how to determine what is important, how to think critically or be happy, how to know what’s true, or how to determine and set their goals. Comparatively speaking this is our default state. While many in our age group are marking time, we still ask “why”, we look forward and not backwards, and we still know how to dream. These same people who discarded us for our perceived shortcomings, now expect to be delivered the secret to what they view as a “magical superpower”, preferably in a few easy sentences. To quote Scott, “I [we] do not have any mental powers you don’t”. It is not, however, trivial to erase a lifetime of dysfunction. Historically, despite our best efforts and with very few notable exceptions, there is ultimately at least one deal-breaker concept that keeps most from succeeding in this endeavor. Here I would be remiss in not mentioning the “hits” with the “misses”. While greatly dwarfed by the failures, the successes are glorious, and populated by people forever grateful to Scott for his time and tutelage, who “pay it forward” to acknowledge a lifelong debt.For people in the “misses” category, belief in “something” that has been programmed into them (by themselves or others), is usually what stops them from being able to intellectually develop, extrapolate, or achieve their full potential.

In short, there is always some misinformation that they love above everything, that compels them to stop the growth process, and to retreat to the safety of an otherwise un-fulfilling existence.I have often heard Scott tell those close to him that he can, and will, take all the time required to assist them in identifying and eradicating the incumbent roadblocks to their self-actualization. To these people he has made himself available on any day, and at any time, for as long as anyone needs his attention. This has literally been going on for decades, but will shortly come to a close.In all cases, YOU, have requested assistance. In all cases, you, and not he, have determined he is qualified for this task. I have frequently heard him caution adults they are likely “too old” to effect productive or meaningful change. This caveat notwithstanding, Scott has never refused his assistance, does not ask for anything, and will not lie to make you feel good.

It is important to note that the time spent on “you” is free, and at your request. We have other things we could be doing – we don’t need money, followers, answers, cult members, or yes men. We don’t change our behaviour to suit others, and we remain true to our ideals and aspirations. At worst, I have some abhorrent do-gooder gene that compels me to try to help people, and Scott would like to one day have a real conversation.By the time you reach adulthood you have likely stopped reading anything. You may have ingrained religious training that compels you to favour belief over rational thought. You may be of the opinion that monetary success equates with happiness. The quest for youth or physical beauty may be your consuming passion. Pointless power or prestige might be your narcotic. If unsuccessful in life or love, you may have fallen into the pattern of choosing the endorphin rush of failure over the endorphin rush of success. Not loving yourself you may seek self-actualization through the validation of friends or strangers. Not trusting yourself, you may idolize and defer to authority figures, both real and imagined. You could believe that procreation or any nuclear relationship will validate your existence or ensure your “immortality”; after which all efforts are directed to nurturing or perpetuating these obligations. You may have a deep and pervasive fear of change or the unknown. You may find yourself making the same unfortunate decisions repeatedly yet expecting a different result. You may have long ago stopped dreaming. You may have forgotten, or never learned, how to learn. You might just be lazy. The commonality for everyone in this category is that they all feel unfulfilled.

All of us get one life. It’s short and relatively unimportant in the larger scheme of things. But it’s ours. Despite what you may have been led to believe, it will never come again. Consuming time frivolously from others and then producing no tangible result, is one of the worst crimes I can imagine. Money can be replaced, possessions can be re-acquired…time, once wasted, cannot be restored and has permanent repercussions. While I say this often, the importance of this concept cannot be overstressed.

If you see some aspect of yourself in this article, think carefully about what you are asking, and what your success or failure costs those around you. If you have requested assistance, open your mind and leave your ego at the door. If you have determined you can’t help yourself, you need to listen to everything being said, trust but verify, and make a concerted effort to learn. Critical thinking is your goal. Until you achieve it, your doubts, irrational biases and predispositions, are not of interest. Most of you will not succeed; but you can succeed if you really want to. Reprogramming yourself is an all or nothing venture – there is no picking-and-choosing the things you think are useful, politically correct or socially acceptable. There is no such thing as part-time critical thinking. Do not swap one set of beliefs for another. Appreciate fully, but do not deify, anyone who would assist you in this endeavor.

Many of you immediately (or eventually) shun this assistance you have begged for, with ridiculous rationalizations or “religiously-inspired” personal attacks. Many take umbrage that the information delivery does not accommodate an apparent requirement for the previously unascertained, to be eased into your psyche with a saccharine-sweet consideration for your “emotional well being”. This behaviour is fairly predictable for people who conceptually believe they should change their lives, but in actuality recoil from it. If you can vilify the “attacker”, you have justification not to change.If you could have done this yourself, you would have done this yourself. I remind you the catalyst to change almost always starts by shaking up the status quo. There are no Marquis de Queensbury rules in learning to think effectively, and your hurt feelings are probably invalid anyway.

In the coming months I’m going to “party-up” this process. If you don’t value the free information you are requesting, I’ll help you to find the door. I’m tired of those close to me suffering the personal attacks of fools, under the guise of your hurt feelings. If you have determined you’re not qualified to direct your own lives, don’t attack those who would show you how to do it. If you don’t understand the process, don’t criticize the process. If you aren’t making much progress, you aren’t making much effort. A thing is either true or it’s not. It’s in or out – there is no half-way.I have noticed that some of the FB group members are making Mesozoic attempts at critical thinking, demonstrating to others what they have learned, or defending those who are assisting them. This is encouraging, even if on a fairly small scale. It should be reiterated that your incorrect opinions, or hostile attempts at introducing arguments contrary to what is demonstrably true, are pointless if you can’t also demonstrate how you do NOT “think wrong and values the wrong things”. When you realize the like-minded cooperate and do not enter into ludicrous debates, this should be a non-issue. Most of you are currently unqualified for this privilege; hence most of you simply can advance no useful information.

Once you know something you can’t un-know it, and in many cases you’ll find the things you believed are not what things really are. Some people find all knowledge to be magical and empowering. Others find they preferred the rosy glow of ignorance, and long for how they perceived things to be. I suggest anyone reading this take a few minutes to determine if this one-way trip is really what you want. If/when you encounter that mystical show-stopping number, and you slink back to your former existence, you will be no happier, especially in light of the new knowledge that you have failed at “rudimentary thinking”. All critical thinkers think critically ALL THE TIME. There is no vacation from logic, and no rest from constructively using your brain. When you can think effectively, you’re ready to actually learn.Unless and until you are able to think critically, best shut up and concentrate on acquiring this mechanism; or to defend against those who would take that resource away from you. We look forward to some day having a meaningful conversation.

Some reading this may categorize it as self-aggrandizing or arrogant crap. You are free to look at it in any way you see fit. This is only for people who asked for, and received, that which they said they desire.Why would you seek something you do not value? I have often heard it said that people don’t appreciate what they do not pay for. I see this demonstrated time, and time, again. It is our privilege to provide whatever assistance we can for as long as we’re able. This privilege however, is not your right. For those of you still slogging away, I really hope you find value in the writings we post, or the personal interactions you have with us. Reality, once embraced, is a wonderful place.

Those left by the wayside because you love your “bullshit” (whether or not you have departed of your own volition), should know the time you have consumed is freely offered only to those who use it wisely. For those who have squandered what is considered by some of inestimable value, should there not eventually be an accounting? As a bonus, practical example of your fate, I recommend a short story by Harlan Ellison entitled, “The Cheese Stands Alone”.
-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO LIE ABOUT THE LIES THEY TELL: An Objective and Fair Analysis of the LAW SOCIETY (c) 2016 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

As of this writing the Roguesupport Initiative, THE TENDER FOR LAW, is 3.75 years old. The project was started on FaceBook for numerous reasons, one of which was that it meets the LEGAL burden of “PUBLIC RECORD”. In theory, what I write on Facebook could be read by over one billion people. Here in reality, that’s not very likely, but it’s also not very likely that you ever went to the classified ads in the newspaper intentionally looking for “LEGAL NOTICES”, either. It doesn’t matter if people read the notice, it simply has to be “made available” in a manner that one could reasonably access. It’s not difficult to go to your public library and look up the contents of an old newspaper. It’s even easier to obtain a Facebook account. The “LEGAL BURDEN” has been met.

Oh, the NOTICES that were given! You were NOTIFIED what money is, you were NOTIFIED what LAW is, and you were NOTIFIED what LEGAL is; and as of this writing, THE TENDER FOR LAW has come to a close. It has served its purpose, and when authors are put in Facebook jail for what they write in a private message, it just becomes a little too Draconian for my taste.

If you wish to read THE TENDER FOR LAW, you can find it [HERE], and if I write anything in CAPS it means I am referring to the LEGAL DEFINITION which you should probably look up — because this article is about LAWYERS, be it a BARRISTER or a SOLICITOR or an ATTORNEY (What does an ATTORNEY ATTORN?). They all fall under the umbrella term “LAWYER”, and everything you are about to read applies to them universally.

If a LAWYER says that anything I write about them is untrue, they are explicitly lying to you, with intent. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you happen to be a LAWYER reading this uncomfortable article, and wonder who I am and how I can get away with telling everybody this, investigate the story of the young man who answered “Why?” when called to the BAR. I’m the only one who’s LEGALLY allowed to tell you these things. LAWYERS have explicitly sworn NOT to tell you “in the interest of JUSTICE”. So let’s have a little talk about LAWYERS.

Before we do, we need to establish some facts. You can do your own investigation to confirm this, but some of these facts will be hard to believe at first. However, even the most clumsy investigation will reveal everything I’m about to say is true. The first thing you need to understand about LAWYERS is that they are ALWAYS LYING TO YOU. The very nature of the business relationship that you have with them is riddled with deliberate lies, and lies of ommission. All I ask in return for this valuable information is that you confirm what I say. I don’t even want you to “upvote” this. I just want you to confirm that it’s true. If you choose to upvote this, it will be deemed a gratuity, because any debt (real or perceived) that you may owe, has already been paid by you confirming what I say here is true.

So, let’s cover lies that LAWYERS tell you.

The first lies we’ll cover are lies of presumption. By this I mean it is PRESUMED you UNDERSTAND that by retaining a LAWYER, your PERSON becomes a WARD of the COURT. It is PRESUMED you UNDERSTAND that as a WARD of the COURT, you are bound by its RULES, and that ONLY the LEGAL DEFINITION applies. The problem is most people don’t know these things. In fact when you read them now, words like “Freeman on the land” and “OPCA Litigant” might be flashing through your mind. LAWYERS planned it that way. The people who coined these phrases have either intentionally or inadvertently given the courts a gift. In the early days, all they had to worry about were people like me; and there were very few of us. If you dig a little deeper though, you’ll realize that nobody actually says these things (ONLY the LEGAL definition applies, etc.) are wrong. That’s because they’re not.

Remember that. ONLY THE LEGAL DEFINITION APPLIES. When a lawyer mentions “the common definition” of a word, always look up the LEGAL definition, and you will find it means something VERY different. It’s a lawyer’s default fraud and they use it constantly. They actually do it so much that they can’t stop themselves. You will find it’s comically easy to catch them in a lie. The problem is, they don’t care! They just move onto the next lie! Try it. They are all the same.

If you are fortunate/unfortunate enough to know a LAWYER, great fun can be had with this article.

The next set of lies we’ll cover, are the lies of omission about the business relationship you have with your LAWYER. When you RETAIN a LAWYER, it is very likely that you mistakenly believe your LAWYER is obligated to serve your interests. This is in every measurable way, untrue. Their primary obligation is to the LAW SOCIETY — ALWAYS. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

Did you know the LAW SOCIETY CLAIMS LEGAL OWNERSHIP of all INDIVIDUALS? All LAWYERS are told this, but they’re told in a very glossed-over way. Only active participants in the LAW SOCIETY itself study their JURISDICTION’s LEGAL DOCTERINE. Everything I taught in THE TENDER FOR LAW, is easily verifiable, and none of it is hidden. This is one of the rare exceptions where you’ll need to do a lot of reading, because only the LEGAL definition of the words matter; and LEGAL definitions are not the same as “common” definitions. If you don’t think this is true, then perhaps you can explain why LAWYERS need LEGAL dictionaries. LAWYERS literally change the definition of words, and presume you UNDERSTAND their new definition. The LAW SOCIETY that forms this perverse system never anticipated the Internet evolving to its current level. There are online LEGAL dictionaries, and I invite you to look up the LEGAL definition of the words I write in capital letters. LAWYERS lie about this one all the time. Everyone who asks LAWYERS these uncomfortable questions gets hit with, “Everyone knows what the common definition of PERSON is”. Never accept this dodge. ONLY THE LEGAL DEFINITION APPLIES, and any LAWYER or GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL who says otherwise, is lying to you. If you remember nothing else I say — remember that. I’ll say it one more time just to be sure.


I want you to stop reading right now. Once you’ve stopped, read the previous paragraph again, because it’s the most important thing you’ve ever been told.

If you could repeat the above process, that would be great.

You’ll recall earlier, the fact that a LAWYER’s primary obligation is to the LAW SOCIETY, a “society” that CLAIMS OWNERSHIP of YOU. Look at every single court RULING where “SOCIETY” is mentioned. You’ll hear weasel-word catch-phrases like, “In a Just Society…” but they never directly refer to “this” society, or “your” society. Society in both the LEGAL and COMMON definitions, always has a name – Humane Society, LAW SOCIETY, etc. Societies, by their very nature, have names. What SOCIETY are you a part of? Some of you might answer, “CANADIAN Society” or “AMERICAN Society”; yet if you look in any court room, right up to the SUPREME COURT, there is nothing to indicate the PROCEEDINGS have anything to do with “CANADIAN Society”. LEGALLY, you are PROPERTY of the LAW SOCIETY.

If you doubt this, go look at your BIRTH CERTIFICATE. In every form, be it the extra long form BIRTH CERTIFICATE, CERTIFIED copy of the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, and the stupidly dangerous and deceptive “wallet-sized” BIRTH CERTIFICATE you all know and love, notice that none of the signatures belong to you or your parents. These are the signatures of strangers. Your parents gave you your name, but the LAW SOCIETY “SECURED” it. The GOVERNMENT is not providing the REGISTRATION SERVICE for your BENEFIT. They are doing it for the BENEFIT of the LAW SOCIETY. LEGALLY you are cattle. The LAW SOCIETY owns that cattle, LEGALLY. Think of the GOVERNMENT, from a LEGAL standpoint, like it was BURGER KING(R). You’re the cattle, the GOVERNMENT is BURGER KING…and the CURRENCY is “burgers”. They do this exclusively for the BENEFIT of the LAW SOCIETY and the manager and staff at BURGER KING. I chose BURGER KING over MCDONALDS(R) because the LAW SOCIETY is actually the last remnants of the nobility. Real world evidence of this still exists. Look at William and Harry, and Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, and countless other Princes, Dukes, etc. They all have a choice of what they can LEGALLY do. They must choose either military service or LAW School. Go check and confirm what I say is true…and let that one sink in for you. For people with a lot more foresight than you have, set all this in motion five generations ago.

If I may digress here, I’ve suddenly realized I’m on a whole new medium, talking as if you, the reader, are familiar with THE TENDER FOR LAW. For nearly four years, all the world’s dirty little secrets have been spilled there. I’ll try to summarize the hidden-in-plain-sight secrets, in a couple of points.

1. LEGAL is simply the LAW of SURETY and ACCOUNTING. Everything LEGAL has a monetary value attached to it, and only exists to determine who owes what to whom.


3. LEGAL TENDER is not money or currency. LEGAL TENDER is attached to currency. Therefore THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER = THIS NOTE IS A TENDER FOR LAW.

4. A LEGAL document that bears two signatures and a TRUSTEE, is LEGALLY a SECURITY.

5. Bank NOTES, STOCKS, BONDS, are LEGAL SECURITIES. Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a SECURITY, and while you are the LAWFUL HOLDER IN DUE COURSE of that SECURITY, and are LEGALLY the only NATURAL PERSON AUTHORIZED to ADMINISTER that SECURITY, it most certainly does not belong to you. When you buy a STOCK or a BOND, that doesn’t belong to you either. In fact, none of the SECURITIES you labour for day-in, and day-out, belong to you. That’s why LEGALLY, taxation is not theft, although in reality your labour and time are stolen. Thus, in reality, it clearly is theft.

6. LEGALLY you are NOT a PERSON. You “have” a PERSON. Your LEGAL STATUS is essentially the same as “SHAREHOLDER”. Notice it’s not SHARE OWNER. Seriously, stop and think about it. If you actually “bought” TITLE to anything, you would be the OWNER. So why am I just a SHAREHOLDER of GOOGLE? Why am I not a SHARE OWNER? Well, it’s simple. It’s because I don’t own it, just like I don’t OWN my LEGAL NAME. If you are a SHAREHOLDER, LEGALLY you are the only PARTY AUTHORIZED to ADMINISTER that particular SECURITY.

7. The Illuminati are the good guys!

I’ll do my best to cover these seven (7) points in later articles. For at least the duration of this particular article, presume these seven things are absolutely true. I encourage you to confirm, or to refute, any of these points, because once you realize that “only the LEGAL definition applies”, and you have a current LEGAL dictionary, you’ll start to rewrite the words in your head. Once you can UNDERSTAND exactly what LAWYERS are saying, and by extension what GOVERNMENT workers are “parroting” (because nothing gets published by the GOVERNMENT without a LAWYER’s APPROVAL), the lies you are being told become clear. This is how they maintain the illusion of CONSENT. They switch the definitions of the words right in front of you, and they even have their own special, little book, that they can wave around to “substantiate” their position – no different than a Bible-thumping Christian yelling, “God hates fags!” or the Jews saying they are “The Chosen People” because it says so in this book they wrote. If you look at Black’s LAW 10th Edition, which is the current, and Black’s LAW 2nd Edition, which the likes of Dean Clifford and Robert Menard like to wave around, you will see the definitions rapidly mutate over the years with varying levels of demeaning restriction. All “LAW” is prohibitive. Even the Freemen on the land’s COMMON LAW is prohibitive. Basically it says, “Don’t hurt/kill people”, “Don’t take their shit”, and “Don’t lie to them”. This is universal in every governing LAW, worldwide. That would be what would make it “COMMON”. It is presumed to be true in every JURISDICTION.

Again, that would be what would make it “COMMON” LAW.

Some people are allowed to break this COMMON LAW. In order to do so, they require a LICENCE. A LICENCE is permission to perform an ILLEGAL ACT. Therefore, in order for something to be LICENSED, it must first be DECLARED ILLEGAL. This takes us back to modern LEGAL dictionaries, because in the latest versions they have made ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL interchangeable. If you look up UNLAWFUL it will say, “See ILLEGAL”. Until this latest run of dictionaries, it held true that there are no homonyms in LAW, and there are no synonyms in LAW. Blacks LAW, 10th Edition, was the first LEGAL dictionary to change this; and all semblance of actual LAW has disappeared.

The LAW SOCIETY itself, is laid out in such a way, that it is an automated and self-maintaining process. From childhood, mass media has been regulated and controlled by GOVERNMENT. GOVERNMENT is always ACTING as an AGENT for the LAW SOCIETY. Picture it as the LAW SOCIETY is the same as the Mafia, and the GOVERNMENT are the kneecap-smashing enforcers. It’s exactly the same thing – just on a larger scale. But that’s not what the mass media they control tells you. How many of you reading this, believe that you have the “RIGHT to a phone call” if you are ARRESTED? Ask yourself where you learned that, and you’ll realize you got it from television programs and/or movies. Remember Paul Newman in “The Verdict”? He was awesome, wasn’t he? That whole movie was a steaming pile of bullshit, just like every other court room and/or police drama in any medium…EVER. World-wide. There are no exceptions. It’s not hard to get into Harvard Law School because the courses aren’t difficult. It’s an ARTS DEGREE after all. (Yes, a “Law Degree” is an ARTS degree, like “Gender Studies”) It’s hard to get into Harvard Law School because it costs a shit-load of cash! That’s it. A “Harvard Law degree” is the same as a “Community College Law degree”. It’s all the “brand” you can afford. There are lots of LAWYERS graduating thinking they’re going to “change the system from the inside”, which has never worked ever…not even once…or they literally don’t believe what they’ve been told, for by the time you’re taking your Bar Exam, you have been told all of this.

Some LAWYERS remember it the way you probably remember Trigonometry or Calculus from high school. They learned it, but they don’t apply it to reality. I can tell you first hand what happens when you start asking dangerous questions like, “Have we the RIGHT?” By your fourth year of LAW School, at least a third of your instruction is explicitly on how to LEGALLY lie; and the further you dig, the more absurd it gets. It’s a fun, but somewhat embarrassing fact, that each week every JUSTICE from THE SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE in ONTARIO goes to a local Catholic Church where they CLAIM they get their AUTHORITY from – I’m not making that up. They literally drop by the church once a week to “pick up their AUTHORITY”.

If you look at the CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS (which only applies to GOVERNMENT), the very first line mentions God. Not to praise a STATIST document or anything, but the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION is the only CONSTITUTION in the world that does not mention “God”. In fact, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION acknowledges everyone’s SOVEREIGNTY, which no other CONSTITUTION in the world does. In the UNITED STATES there are over 1,000,000 ATTORNEYS. In CANADA, there is only one; the CROWN ATTORNEY. Some of you might be thinking, “But wait, what’s the ATTORNEY GENERAL?” A GENERAL is always an AGENT on land for a LEGAL NATION. They execute tasks, run errands, smash kneecaps — all under the AUTHORITY of the ATTORNEY GENERAL. The ATTORNEY GENERAL is the GOVERNMENT’s AGENT tasked with interacting with the LAW SOCIETY. The ATTORNEY GENERAL is purely POLICY-based, and its secondary role is to make money off of you. If you look at any LEGAL ACTION – be it CIVIL, CRIMINAL, or otherwise – look for the two signatures and a TRUSTEE. The TRUSTEE is the ATTORNEY GENERAL. The ATTORNEY GENERAL is part of the GOVERNMENT, and only the GOVERNMENT has the LEGAL RIGHT to create LEGAL TENDER.

Money is being created before your very eyes, and YOU are SURETY for it. You CONSENTED when you RETAINED a LAWYER. This is why it’s vitally important you learn the LEGAL definitions of these words, if you are to truly understand anything I’m saying about LAW or MONEY. ONLY THE LEGAL DEFINITION APPLIES, yet none of you know what the LEGAL definitions are. LEGAL dictionaries are written only by people LICENSED to PRACTISE LAW. They’re always “PRACTISING”…so they need PERMISSION. The time was anyone could PRACTISE LAW as long as they didn’t charge money for it. When you RETAIN services, you must always SUBMIT LEGAL TENDER for it. However, retention is always conditional. If you manage to corner a LAWYER and start asking questions about this, I want you to pay attention to the feigned ignorance or convoluted double-talk they use to justify their “reasonable belief” that you understood these things. Social engineering mechanisms like the LAW SOCIETY and the ATTORNEY GENERAL, are automated and self-maintaining; and for a long time, if you were a PARALEGAL in CANADA and understood enough of the mechanism in CANADA to cash in your ATTORNEY GENERAL money, you could make yourself a very nice living without the burden of LICENSING or REGULATION from the LAW SOCIETY. This changed in the mid 1990’s. I speak for ONTARIO of course. PARALEGALS have been REGULATED heavily in the UNITED STATES since the 1970’s. PARALEGALS lacked the AUTHORITY to ATTORN anyone. In fact, the UNITED STATES is the only JURISDICTION in the world, where LAWYERS have the AUTHORITY TO ATTORN. And, as with our example of the Google stock, a LAWYER is simply an AGENT. Until you have been ATTORNED to the courts, that LAWYER has SURETY for this PARTY. The AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM is genius in its design, except it wasn’t designed for idiots. Americans barely understand anything beyond “GOVERNMENT EQUALS AUTHORITY” much less what money is, and where it comes from. The LEGAL framework in both CANADA and the UNITED STATES causes those “NATIONS” to hemorrhage money, in two very different, and perfectly LEGAL ways. The LAW SOCIETY/BAR and the LAWYERS who serve it, generate the money to hemorrhage and hand the SURETY off to you — because you’re PROPERTY. You’re a “beast of burden”.

I encourage you to harass LAWYERS and to have them confirm if any of this is true. You can point them here, and you can ACT as JUDGE. While you question the LAWYERS through me, I’ll respond to any LAWYER’s bullshit double-talk. I’ll translate LEGALESE and support my position, each and every time. If you’re a LAWYER reading this, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I invite you to refute any of this “crazy talk”. That’s what I’m going to use this account for. Think of this as THE TENDER FOR LAW – The Next Generation. It’s just like Star Trek. I’m no longer the swash-buckling Captain Kirk yelling “Fuck the system!”, but a refined, yet aging, Captain Picard, who still gets laid and still says, “Fuck the system!”

So this is the general subject of this account. My goal is to expand PUBLIC knowledge of the parasites you call the LAW SOCIETY. I don’t even care if you “upvote” this…ever. Any money this account generates will be given to those who dedicate the time, and effort, to verify and disseminate the information I give here. The LICENCE for everything posted here is at the top of this post. As long as you keep everything intact, according to the LICENCE, you are free to repost on STEEMIT, and to make as much money as you possibly can – because you’re paid for the upvotes, and not for the document. Not altering it means you’re free to make money from it, but for upvotes only (under STEEMIT’s Terms of Service).

We at ROGUESUPPORT INC., are trying various media outlets. We’ll go where the people listen, and we at ROGUESUPPORT INC., really like the idea of you making money by redistribution. STEEMIT is like nothing that has every existed before. If you kept newspapers intact, and you delivered them to a subscriber’s door, at the end of the week you’d have a bunch of money just for distributing the papers. I grew up in a day, and age, where that was possible. It’s completely ILLEGAL now…child labour laws, etc. If you distribute it, you should have the revenue from the value of other people’s time. It’s an idea that’s never been implemented before in a day, and age, where we can instantly communicate across the world. The LAW SOCIETY can’t keep up. They’re all Humanities students with ARTS DEGREES, and we are way past the time where you can learn the fundamentals of Computer Science from scratch. For the first half of my life, I lied and committed crimes just so I could get access to computers. When I think of how determined I was back in those days, to understand those magnificent machines, I’m ashamed of how lazy and sloppy I am now, just because I have more processing power than I could ever have conceived of dreaming. A little switch flipped in my head when I confirmed Moore’s Law to be true. Back then, it was a little-known piece of niche knowledge, that was not known by the average consumer. That knowledge was something that could be exploited if you understood the exponential function described in Moore’s Law; and I found that as more time passed, the more the truth of Moore’s Law was confirmed. You can do some amazing things if you understand the exponential function.

It is a fact that what you believe is money, is actually debt-in-transit rather than a measure of value. LAWYERS who understand monetary theory will acknowlege this negative value. They lie and say that there is a TENDER FOR LAW attached to it that returns value, or is value, depending on which scripted lie the LAWYER is using. LAWYERS are always limited in what they say, lest they become SURETY for it.

So let this first article published on Steemit, SERVE AS PUBLIC NOTICE to every “NATION” with a “LAW SOCIETY”, especially in ONTARIO, and specifically, the ATTORNEY GENERAL. Over the next few weeks, I’m telling the world everything. I’m going to show the world where they can confirm it. You see, you, gentle reader, are but the BENEFICIARY. Keep this intact and you’re welcomed to republish and make as many upvote bucks as you can. I do not have the RIGHT to make money from my LEGAL knowledge; however, I do have the RIGHT to retain SURETY while you make money off your drooling followers.

We are ROGUESUPPORT INC., Keepers of the AQUILAE TRUST, and EXECUTORS of its WILL. We do not exist for profit, but do exist for the benefit of the PUBLIC, specifically the BENEFIT of knowledge. With that knowledge we have built industries that didn’t exist twenty years ago. You have super-powers and wealth beyond the wildest dreams of any 15th century King. If you work for the ATTORNEY GENERAL or the LAW SOCIETY, and understand what’s being said here, consider this NOTICE. Now’s the time to find another career. We at ROGUESUPPORT INC. have determined that exposing these facts is a BENEFIT to the PUBLIC. ROGUESUPPORT INC. retains copyright to this article, which you are AUTHORIZED to distribute on any network, like Steemit and/or Steemit itself, where you are rewarded financially for votes.

You, the reader, are hereby AUTHORIZED to receive 100 percent (100%) of the revenue from the votes, and ROGUESUPPORT INC. waives any and all CLAIMS to any money you may receive from votes.



-Scott Duncan

Who’s On First: FOR IDIOTS (c) 2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

For anyone still lagging behind in the “name game” confusion surrounding systems relating to law and money, I present, “Who’s on First?”

Also for your edification, I have copied/pasted the opening sentences from Wikipedia describing the comedy routine, below:

“Who’s on First?” is descended from turn-of-the-century burlesque sketches that used plays on words and names. Examples are “The Baker Scene” (the shop is located on Watt Street) and “Who Dyed” (the owner is named Who). In the 1930 movie Cracked Nuts, comedians Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey examine a map of a mythical kingdom with dialogue like this: “What is next to Which.” “What is the name of the town next to Which?” “Yes.” In English music halls (Britain’s equivalent of vaudeville theaters), comedian Will Hay performed a routine in the early 1930s (and possibly earlier) as a schoolmaster interviewing a schoolboy named Howe who came from Ware but now lives in Wye. By the early 1930s, a “Baseball Routine” had become a standard bit for burlesque comics across the United States. Abbott’s wife recalled Bud performing the routine with another comedian before teaming with Costello.

Bud Abbott stated that it was taken from an older routine called “Who’s The Boss?”, a performance of which can be heard in an episode of the radio comedy program “It Pays to Be Ignorant” from the 1940s.

The attribution of “Who’s The Boss?” and “It Pays to Be Ignorant” as the forerunners or contemporaries of this comedy styling, amuses me. Who doesn’t love an interesting coincidence?

One of the fascinating things about human beings is their love of categorizing and quantifying virtually everything. We name everything from our pets, to our cars, to our summer properties, to our stuffed animals, to our body parts. We like to know how old you are, your upbringing, your point of origin, educational qualifications, your hobbies and affiliations, that we may determine how we fare in relation to your triumphs or defeats. If you did something when you were six year’s old we might consider it miraculous; the same activity at the age of thirty might be considered “sad”. In the eyes of the masses, everything must be timely, measurable and quantifiable. It might be useful to think back to your childhood and ponder whether this is inate or learned behaviour. At what point do we begin the lifelong process of deriving our self concepts, and worth, by comparing ourselves to others?

For most of mankind’s history, we sat around scratching ourselves, having prolific sex with multiple partners, seeking shelter from the elements, and finding new and interesting ways to kill, and eat, plants and animals. Along the way, some came slowly to the realization that more could be done with our our opposable thumbs and 350 megabyte brains. Here I would be remiss in not mentioning I see no major change in the behaviour of the masses. That supposition notwithstanding…

Subsequently, and over a long period, a relatively small segment of our global population has attempted to understand, and to document, the “nature of things”. This notable minority has conjured into existence what would at most times in history, have been considered beyond the realm of human invention, let alone practical thought. Whether by accident or intent, these advances have enabled otherwise frail bipeds, with pitifully few natural defenses, to prevail against much larger, more powerful animals. For a practical example of just how ill-equipped we are against other “dumber” creatures, you have but to roll down your car window while driving through one of those Safari theme parks.

To quote Christopher Hitchens, “Evolution has meant that our prefrontal lobes are too small, our adrenal glands are too big, and our reproductive organs apparently designed by committee; a recipe which, alone or in combination, is very certain to lead to some unhappiness and disorder.”

During the darkest times in human history (which some might say have not been completely eradicated), you could be staked, stoned, burned alive, or otherwise persecuted for even entertaining alternate or progressive thoughts. On any given day you are still, directly or indirectly, “encouraged” by the masses to think appropriately, dress appropriately, speak appropriately, <insert your own requirement> appropriately, and to respect the “beliefs” of others. You are not encouraged to evaluate the nature and veracity of these requirements, only to act “appropriately”.

“Human evolution is the evolutionary process leading to the appearance of anatomically modern humans” (Wikipedia again). Despite what some (hell many) may believe, we did not spawn fully articulated from the imagination of an omnipresent deity, or through the repurposing of a bow-shaped piece of collagen, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. As you have heard more than once from Scott (I assume you looked this up), there is barely a 1% difference in the genome of the average human, and those fun, furry, poo-flinging creatures we observe in the barred penitentiaries affectionately known as “zoos”.

In this, the most abridged synopsis in the history of the universe, we will nonetheless postulate that humans are only slightly more evolved than the animals we consume or enslave, woefully fundamentally and physically mismatched against these same creatures, and yet hell-bent on categorizing practically everything. So how does this all relate to “Who’s on First”?

Funny you should ask. The humour and confusion in this comedy routine derives from the use of commonly “understood” words, employed in a manner for which they were not commonly intended. Some might say this holds an eerie similarity to our legal system.

It is usual to ask “Who did something?”; it is unlikely to think first of “Who” as someone’s name. It is usual to think that a name belongs to us and defines us; it is unusual to think of ourselves as semi-evolved, sentient mammals who are “mistakenly” accountable for anything and everything by virtue of having being identified, catalogued and quantified through the use of a constructed designation. This confusion of AGENCY (more about this in a separate article) is what stops most from effectively navigating the legal and monetary (and other) matrices rampant in this society.

Starting shortly after your birth you are inundated with the concept that your name is synonymous with who, and what, you are. You are encouraged at every opportunity to say the name, spell the name, respond to the name, identify with the name. You are not a name, or for that matter, a number. You are, in the words of the redoubtable Scott, “a semi-evolved chimp that has made it this far”. If this is confusing to you, consider watching or re-watching, the original versions of the Prisoner series, and Planet of the Apes (this movie becomes more disturbing with the passage of time).

I recall a conversation I had with an acquaintance years ago, who earned his living (I say that extremely loosely) by performing printing services – restaurant menus, flyers, advertisements – using, I think, an ancient Commodore 64. At this time having a computer was still an expensive luxury small to medium-sized businesses frequently could not afford. This guy was basically a kid who spent his day hanging around the business I worked in, and otherwise lived in the back of a store. The problem with his business model was that being young, and not particularly self-confident, he tended to provide his services at, or above, his actual cost. He understood that this was a losing proposition, but just couldn’t seem to justify to himself or the businesses, that he deserved to make a modest profit. I still remember explaining to him that he wasn’t representing “himself”, the man, he was representing a business entity. If he(the man), didn’t do an adequate job for himself(the business), he(the man), would starve. If he worked for a corporation that serendipitously had a man’s name, underselling the product would not be tolerated. I suggested he think of himself not as an ineffectual man, but a corporate entity. I recommended he determine the actual cost of the materials, the preparation time, and a fair remuneration for his services. In the event he was unable to separate himself from himself, I recommended he establish a corporate entity to represent. With the exception of encountering him several years later in a bicycle courier uniform, I don’t recall his name (that’s ironic), and am unsure of his eventual fate (he’d be about 40 now). While I didn’t realize it then, these were my first Mesozoic steps into contemplating AGENCY, a concept which my bicycle-riding friend wasn’t quite able to grasp.

The lives of “early man”, while short and probably brutal, were infinitely simpler than those we live today. In almost every facet of our modern existence there is a level of abstraction that separates us from the reality of things. To eat in a restaurant we need appropriate dress, table manners, and the ability to use the abstraction of money. To use a computer we must accept certain concepts and abstractions that allow us to employ our chimpish/childish communication abilities, to interact with a system that relies on alternating voltages representing on’s and off’s, or 1’s and 0’s.

To participate in the benefit of law or legal tender we must participate as an abstraction of ourselves. Here we forgo the reality of being animals who breathe, eat, defecate and procreate, in favour of being labelled and enumerated for the purpose of participating in these “higher” pursuits. This is not necessarily a disadvantage. The tool of AGENCY, when used appropriately, can have many wonderful benefits. However, a hammer is only useful if you need it to drive in a nail. Like any tool it must be used appropriately, and in the correct circumstance. Thus, you must be ever vigilant in reminding yourself of who, and what, you fundamentally are.

For Shakespeare fans (William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Jaques in Act II Scene VII):

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Expressed another way, know what part you are playing, and when it is appropriate to play it.

Frequent visitors to THE TENDER FOR LAW, are familiar with Scott’s assertion that, ‘There are no homonyms…’,

“Homonyms (also called homophones) are words that sound like one another but have different meanings. Some homonyms are spelled the same, like bark (the sound a dog makes) and bark (the outer layer of a tree trunk).”

‘…or synonyms…’

“A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous, and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy.”

‘in LAW’.

Being somewhat evolved, sentient chimps we should all know that killing, stealing from, or defrauding others is fundamentally wrong. This just makes good sense when you’re part of a society. As for the other abstractions we’ve conjured into existence, should you really be responsible to a collection of strangers when no one has been fundamentally harmed by your actions? That’s for you to decide. However, I do recommend you navigate this system from a position of knowledge and not ignorance.

As you have heard more than once, it is important to determine what words actually mean. Those “in the know” can deftly and successfully reap the advantages of the many abstractions this world has to offer. That assumes you’ve done your homework, and you know, really know, who and what you are. Otherwise you’ll always be just a dumb chimp in a suit.

If you can’t identify who “Who” is, and you don’t eventually realize that “What” is “Next to Which” you will never learn to be amused by the routine, as you’ll always be part of the joke.

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: Libertarians and my cat. (c) 2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Larken Rose And Cats

Figure 1: This is Meko and Trouble. They are cats

Figure 2: This is Larken Rose. He is a Libertarian. He recently said:

“There are plenty of different legalese mythology theories which amount to, “You accidentally and secretly AGREED and CONSENTED to be ruled by government by…” Then they end the statement with “calling yourself a ‘citizen'” or “using FRN’s” or “having a Social Security Number” or “using a bank account” or “spelling your name in all capital letters” or they say it’s about living here without filing some magic piece of paper or “declaring” something or other.

Trouble is, that is all absolute BS. You can’t ACCIDENTALLY acquire a contractual obligation. If I said, “You AGREED to be my subject by wearing shoes while in North America (because I just said so),” the proper response is not to take off your shoes; it’s to tell me to piss off.”

Larken Rose and these cats are the same, because they have so much in common:

1. They all think they rule their environment
2. They’re all completely dependent on everything outside of their delusion

Before I start bashing Libertarians, it is important that I point out the indisputable facts about which they are indisputably correct. They are indisputably correct that no man has an authority over another man. In short, you don’t get to “own” people, no matter how big your mob may be. It’s also indisputable that the benefits which government claims to provide, should be voluntary. Here’s where the similarities end.

Libertarians espouse their fondness to set their own terms and to talk about voluntaryism, but even volunteering is a CONTRACT. You are providing a service when you volunteer, and assuming all surety for the benefit of someone else. Those therein would be the terms of a CONTRACT. That same Libertarian would find it appalling if, as a community we built a road, and I decided I was going to set up a toll booth to collect my share of the labour. Libertarians will have no shortage of complaints when contracts that they’re involved in are ignored.

When I declare that you are bound by ACTS, CODES and STATUTES when you use LEGAL TENDER, I am relating what the NOTICE of that CONTRACT says. I’m not stating they have “magic fucking powers”; and this is the thing that is lost on Libertarians. I am simply informing everyone what the CONTRACT is, and if you ignore the CONTRACTS of others, why should they give a quarter-fuck about you? The subject of this discussion, the stupid rant, is just relating the very stupid position that ignoring CONTRACTS, breaking promises, and just plain committing FRAUD, is OK because…


These are not “hidden, or “accidental” contracts. There is NOTICE.

I NORMALLY don’t have the right to put a bullet in your head for ignoring my orders…

…but step onto one of my ships, and ignore my orders, and you will get a bullet to the head from the Captain. It wouldn’t even be a “crime” to do so. We’re under a LIBERIAN flag, not “Murrikuh”. I have to frame policy around THOSE “laws”, of which there are VERY few. Don’t like it? DON’T BOARD MY SHIPS!

Don’t like the obligations that come with “Legal Tender”? DON’T USE IT. Want to ignore any contracts that come with LEGAL TENDER, then LIEN YOUR NAME. It’s why they are afraid to give credit to people who have liened their name; You have NO obligation to obey the terms. your obligation is to the principal claim.

I get to pretend the contracts aren’t there. You don’t.

THEY have breached THEIR SIDE of the contract, and no longer represent the interests of the people the “government” is supposed to be AGENT for; THAT is why you can dismiss it, NOT because you want to pretend those contracts aren’t there. Do that, and you can expect the same treatment in return.

Hey Larken! How ’bout I wander onto your land and declare “I’m not bound by any property rights defined on magic parchments, and your opinion” and then go raiding your home for goodies. You REALLY think that is a valid position to hold? NO! If I were to do that, I’d expect Hosey Josie “The Outlaw” to come waddling out with a chartreuse flamethrower, and frying my ass.

Make no mistake, I agree with everything that Larken Rose stands for, but on this issue, he’s just dead wrong, and negates every other principle he stands for. Ignore your contracts, and you become what your behold. If the government isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain, secure your name, otherwise, COMPLY WITH YOUR CONTRACTUAL UNDERTAKINGS. Don’t be THEM!

-Scott Duncan

(c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I was talking to the man who once fleetingly served as helmsman of the Tycho-Brahe (known to the world as “The Fender”), heady from his pseudo-victory of seeing a legal connection that I didn’t. He decided to take a run at my ultimate CONVICTION; ALL belief is EVIL.

I’ll continue with my story, but first I want to point out (as usual) how ignorant you are. I know that really hurts your feelings, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I will not continue my story until I convince you of this fact (you ignorant fuck!).

I would like to point out that you read the title of this article and think you understand it, and you read that first paragraph, and you think you understand that too. Being a prorogued noble that spills dirty little secrets on a daily basis, I’m intimately familiar with the multiple meanings of words depending on your JURISDICTION. A number of words you use commonly, you very quickly discover, don’t mean what you think they mean; and this entire article will be about how you don’t understand the title and the first sentence.

A recursive article, as it were – for the definition of recursion, see “recursion”. (HAR!)

During the course of the Fender’s self-inflicted education regarding the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL, he uncovered a blind spot of ambiguity in the definitions. In short, he experienced on a daily basis what you do every once in a while. And he did that on purpose. That means he’s done more than you will EVER do! The Fender set out years ago to discover the origins of the “language of law”. The language of LAW is ENGLISH. Where there is LAW, there is ENGLISH. That wasn’t always the case, but it is now. Most of you now know the current law that dominates your life is ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW, which of course is written in ENGLISH/LEGALESE. Call any Coast Guard or any seaport, or any airport, and they will speak to you in ENGLISH, making sure LEGALESE is kept separate (Vessels/Souls not Boats/Passengers). None of this is hidden; you can see for yourself. Yet none of you know it, even though it’s hidden in plain sight.

Please refer to the following LEGEND to truly understand what follows:


Throughout history, NOBILITY, the CHURCH, and the late-comer third-party the BANKS, have all taken turns dominating society, each of them CLAIMING an AUTHORITY; but only the BANKS ever provided PROOF. That’s why the BANKS are in charge now. They use these words better than the NOBILITY or the CHURCH ever did – and it started with Shakespeare. The NOBILITY and the CHURCH were struggling for dominance over the goods and chattels left over from the plague. Shakespeare was introduced, a concoction of a spin-off industry of the BANKS; LAWYERS (more specifically SOLICITORS, because they are “TENDERING the LAW”) who managed to take the base language of the Angols and make it the Language of LAW. “If it is written it is law”, or so the MAXIM goes, but law has always been around, since we first formed an agrarian society. We’re not dealing with ACTUAL law, we’re dealing with LEGALITY, which only has the FORCE OF LAW. These are words written to harm others. Words that you use on a daily basis don’t mean what you think they mean, even though it says so right there in the word.

For instance, a “gram” (Latin root “gramma”) is a LEGAL measure of weight. It always has been. Long before the metric system, a gram was a measure of weight. It changed over the years and only the NOBILITY standardized it. Its history nothwithstanding, it is a LEGAL measure of weight – “Mar”, Latin “to harm” – the WEIGHT OF WORDS made with the intention to HARM. Every lawyer will tell you that good GRAMMAR is important!

The language of LAW was engineered for a specific purpose. It did not evolve with a culture or a society. It was imposed AS a “culture” on other societies. It was also designed to be multi-generational. Languages that are engineered in this fashion are always constructed by a select few in charge who need to “sell” it to the masses. When you set about a social engineering task your first problem is adoption. It is the principle thing that comes to mind when people are told about cryptographic currency. In this short life of mine, I have discovered it is much easier to convince people to adopt money than it is to convince them to adopt an idea.

In countries that had harsh environments, languages were constructed collectively by the people. Nordic languages are interesting in as much as most of them allow you to read “Ancient” writings; and they’re still as readable as a modern newspaper. Icelandic is a perfect example. Thousand year-old tomes can be read as if they’re modern publications. ENGLISH and its conjoined twin sister LEGALESE, stay multi-generational through CODES. It’s not a secret code, it’s an understanding of the origins and their true meanings.

You often hear me state NONE OF THIS IS HIDDEN, and I point it out collectively to all of you, time and time again. Most of you struggle to be ignorant. This struggle to be ignorant is all part of your programming. There are many in this society that you will encounter who have an intimate understanding of this programming. Robert Menard is a good example. As you can see over the past 18 months he has become more and more desperate as I point out his lies of omission, time and time again. He has lately gone so far as to abandon his “lie through omission” tactics, and now simply lies to you about what words mean. I’m talking about “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER”. If you actually read those words, you see that it is NOTICE that the use of THIS NOTE is an unconditional TENDER FOR LAW. It’s where JOINDER first occurs, and all the good GRAMMAR in the world won’t save you.

But I digress…

To keep ENGLISH multi-generational the CODE is always in Latin, just as the MAGNA CARTA IS written in Latin. The language of the Angols is a Germanic language, yet Latin appears everywhere in JURISPRUDENCE. Learn Latin and you learn the “secret codes”. So let’s cover a few more examples regarding the meaning of the words you use everyday, so you’re qualified enough to understand the Fender’s position to counter “ALL belief is EVIL”. His counter argument for “all belief is evil” was temporarily dazzling, but in itself was a recursive argument. As recursive arguments go, however, this one was an awesome one. For example, let’s look at the title of this article…

“MY BELIEF IS MY CONVICTION”: This little phrase was spoken by Jimmy Carter in 1981. Relatively speaking Jimmy Carter has done far more after he finished doing the shlep job of President, than he ever did in his single term in office. I often wonder if he was secretly handing out a key to everyone, or if he, like you, was just wilfully and joyfully ignorant of the words he was using. MY BELIEF IS MY CONVICTION says something profound regarding CANON LAW. This of course is the realm of LAW that I despise the most. Further to that thought, my hostility toward Christians is not exactly a state secret. All of you are still too ignorant to see why, especially most Christians. Here in reality you’re adults with imaginary friends that lawyers invented for you.

The KING JAMES BIBLE is the only “LEGAL” bible in the British Commonwealth. It says right on the cover who’s scamming you. If you’re in one JURISDICTION and serving another, you are by definition, guilty of TREASON (keep that in mind for later). Other JURISDICTIONS “comply” to remain compatible for trade. This is called a TREATY under international law. The POSTAL SERVICE is a prime example of one of these “compliance” treaties. Even when Stalingrad was under siege, they still let the mail through; and religion was, and is, vigorously protected. When you understand the source of these religions, you understand why the world’s DUMBEST FREEDOM (Freedom of Religion) is so staunchly defended everywhere ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW touches. Ask any lawyer why Freedom of Religion is protected, and he will tell you what he “BELIEVES”; and then he’ll charge you money for it. This is the foundation and “hidden-in-plain sight” PROOF that ALL belief is EVIL. Every AMERICAN thinks they’re not “patriotic” unless they “respect the beliefs of others”, and they also revere “faith”. In the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH the imaginary friend is regulated by the nobility, whereas in the UNITED STATES you can make “fan fiction” about the British “imaginary friend”, and you are “CONSTITUTIONALLY protected”.

But let’s get back to belief. Since most of you believe stupid shit, and pick and choose the true things I tell you, that YOU want to “believe” (whilst ignoring the rest), chances are you’re going to find yourself in a courtroom. Nowhere in a courtroom does “respect the beliefs of others” hold more truth. Without the benefit of belief some of the practices might seem oxymoronic. You can’t wear a hat or any other head gear in a courtroom, but a Sikh can wear his turban and a ceremonial dagger. The court will acquiesce to their RIGHT to be attired in that fashion because of their religion – even though it’s contrary to the rules of the court. So now you have to ask yourself “Why?”.

The answer to this question is actually simpler than you might expect. If you’re a piece-of-shit Christian reading this (Yes, if you’re a Christian you’re a piece-of-shit. We’ll get into why that’s true later), you probably think it’s because “God is all powerful” or some other such nonsense that causes you to BELIEVE and not think. Here in reality you’re a semi-evolved chimp that made it this far. If you’ve managed to take the thought to this point the question becomes more baffling, and you will rely on “faith” rather than trying to figure out why. This is the core of my CONVICTION that all BELIEF is EVIL.

Belief is the end of thought. If you believe something you will never question it. If you believe something you will stop thinking about it. This is so the weight of words designed to harm you (grammar) can do its job. In the realm of LEGALESE ignorance is currency and you won’t find a group of people more ignorant than a collection of adults with imaginary friends. This is allowed for evil ORGANIZATIONS to take control over everywhere the English language is spoken. The largest and most powerful of these organizations is the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF).

Piece-of-shit Christians and “conspiratards” the world over think it’s controlled by “The Illuminati” or the Bilderberg Group. They think this because they’re just fucking retarded, and have no clue as to how ORGANIZATIONS function in the LEGAL MATRIX. In this forum, and many others, there is a member named Lou Manotti. I mention this member because none of you get the joke. Say the name, Lou Manotti, out loud. I’m making fun of your belief in the Illuminati. Crew from AQUILAE vessels use that account so they don’t have to sign up for Facebook, yet still get all the benefits. This group is a fine example.

…but I digress…

ORGANIZATIONS will be covered in a later article, but for now the Bilderberg Group is simply a collection of customers of the IMF just like any other IMF client. The IMF ORGANIZATION is administered by POLICY and not by any LAWFUL MANDATE. It is ORGANIZED so that no one entity, group or individual can be held LIABLE. Sadly this occurred because of a wonderful socially progressive idea by CANADA. It is called “Responsible Government”. When the policies of Responsible Government became “LAW”, former subjects of the British Commonwealth LEGALLY became owners of the Commonwealth. The NOBILITY was reduced to an administrative role that is largely ceremonial. This paved the way for the BANKS to get their foothold. There has been no notable leveraging of Responsible Government POLICY since the 1960’s. John Diefenbaker passed into LAW the CANADIAN BILL OF RIGHTS, and that was the last document in Western society that LEGALLY acknowledged and SECURED your liberty. In 1982 with the UK CANADA ACT, combined with your parents’ wilful ignorance and apathy, your independence, freedom and liberty became a “courtesy”, as opposed to a RIGHT. A couple of you are in this forum and remember the original formation of the AQUILAE TRUST in which I gave a twenty minute lecture on this very subject. I introduced it with less intrigue, flair and finesse than Jimmy Carter did a year earlier with “My belief is my conviction”, but I still think it’s pretty fucking cool.

“The merchant princes have become our kings, and the gods are powerless to stop them”;

Those that knew me, knew they were about to hear things that would change their lives, so not much has changed, and it’s new to those who haven’t heard it, so I’ll give a brief synopsis now.

Most of you have studied the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, and because you read ENGLISH, you very quickly clued in to the fact this charter has nothing to do with you. (…/Section_Thirty-two_of_the_Canadia… ) What you didn’t realize was that the functional LEGAL equivalent of Wal-Mart(tm) had just taken over your government! Like all social change, good and bad, they tend to creep into a society over a relatively short period. Two or three generations is all it takes. Because your greatest failing is that you don’t understand the exponential function, by the time you see anything’s wrong, mechanisms are already in place to silence the protestors. Wahhabism in Western Europe is a good example. In London and Paris there are “no-go” zones where police simply will not go, and anybody who mentions this fact is immediately branded a “racist”. This has been conditioned into the ignorant to create an automated and self-maintaining process (MATRIX) which will sustain the belief.

…yet another reason why ALL BELIEF is EVIL.

Since I nicely segued into Scottisms let’s talk about adults with imaginary friends, and this whole “Freedom of Religion” crap! Let’s take a close look at those words. ‘Freedom’ – as in no accounting involved…it’s free; it says so right in the word. Ask any accountant, free is very affordable, and certainly not profitable. You also have “Freedom of Speech”, but if you actually look at any ACT, STATUTE and/or CODE, you will find it actually refers to “Freedom of Expression”. So, according to our Commercial Charter, which is actually the UK CANADA ACT, 1982, religion and expression don’t cost anything. Even the churches are tax exempt (Tax FREE), and, as another fun fact, in CANADA, the only LEGALLY recognized church is the Catholic church, who not only don’t pay taxes, but actually collect money FROM TAXPAYER’S taxes! Welcome to CANADA!

You’ll notice that in Western constitutions these are the only freedoms that are “granted”. All other “freedoms” are LIBERTIES. This is another word that doesn’t mean what you think it means. There is no Statue of Freedom in New York; but there IS a Statue of LIBERTY (welcoming all immigrants). Liberty is not freedom. Liberty is a “privilege”. If you actually look up the true meaning of the word “legally” you will find that “liberty” refers to a Captain granting leave to a crewman (not officer) to go ashore. If you’re in the navy, you know that “shore leave” is a PRIVILEGE, and not a RIGHT.

So now you know that all the things you thought were freedoms, are actually privileges claimed by “LEGAL AUTHORITY”. You should ask yourself why imaginary “sky daddies” and people “expressing themselves” (usually by whining), are “free”. These mechanisms are hundreds of years old and provide an answer to the LEGAL quandary that law is merely imposed on ALL without CONSENT so long as there’s no “alternative”. This makes “My belief is my conviction” a profound expression. In court the only cause you would have to express yourself is to “express your convictions”. Since it’s LEGAL, it’s all SURETY and ACCOUNTING; and there is a LEGAL/ACCOUNTING mechanism with the Latin term “res judicata”, which you probably know as “double jeopardy”. You cannot be billed twice for the same debt, you cannot be tried twice for the same OFFENCE.

So why go through all this trouble? Why would a bunch of lawyers and accountants care so much about adults with imaginary friends, and hippies waving misspelled placards as they “express themselves”? There doesn’t seem to be a financial benefit, so what’s it for? Every charter in the Commonwealth starts off mentioning “God”. God is clearly a creation of the Church. If you refer to our legend earlier, Church equals canon Law. If you examine the hierarchy, TRUST law being the highest, which is the foundation of canon Law, which is the foundation of ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW (LEGAL aka “fiction”).

Let me digress on this very important point. The term LEGAL FICTION should be at the forefront of your mind when examining ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW. In fact I’m going to type it differently here just to drive the point home; legal FICTION. Get it? It’s fucking fiction. It’s the reason Derek Moran got turfed from the group. He thinks fiction is real, and that there’s some magical force that will compel semi-evolved chimps who wear black dresses (as do judges and priests interestingly enough) to adhere to this “fiction”. Here in reality they don’t have to – because it’s fiction.

Core to this fiction of “Canon Law” is that the LEGAL MATRIX holds its FOUNDATION in Canon Law. Everything is connected. Everything is a fractal made of trinities, and produces a non-reality that allows for adults with imaginary friends to appear perfectly normal. All of you know at least one “true believer”, and FREE-DUMBERS love to point to nutty Christians claiming victory in court, because they waved their fucking bible around. Their belief is their conviction, or so the fiction goes. They therefore stand before the courts already convicted, and as you know double-jeopardy applies. The pretence of consent must always be maintained. Exercising these “LEGALLY recognized” RIGHTS before a court is, by any reasonable standard, ethically bankrupt. If you really believe the bible you are delusional, and “not fit to stand trial”; and therefore have no business being in a court room. Anybody else claiming these convictions is, of course, committing FRAUD.

As I’ve mentioned before, Canon Law (meaning the written word of the Abrahamic religions) is all COPYRIGHTED, just like this article is. LEGALLY it’s “intellectual property” of a COPYRIGHT holder (“COPYHOLDER”). This means it’s not free in any sense of the word. If they truly wanted it free then they would have released it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, like the only TRUTHFUL articles you ever read, are. So not only am I BETTER THAN JESUS, I’m better than CANON LAW itself; because here at THE TENDER FOR LAW, the FACTS are my CONVICTION. They should be yours too.

And so we are back where we started. The Fender thought that the “escape route” of “CONVICTION” that is LEGALLY RECOGNIZED, is a “good” belief, as it provides an “honourable” exit from the fictional “jurisdiction”… FICTIONAL. ALL BELIEF IS EVIL, and it’s ALWAYS FICTION. That’s why evil thrives on it. If you BELIEVE, you DON’T THINK.

…and all of this is what the MAJORITY thinks is “Normal”, and THE MAJORITY IS ALWAYS WRONG! ALWAYS! There is not one time EVER, when the majority was right. EVER.

THINKING people have empathy. BELIEVERS will kill you because their “loving god” said they should, and Jesus is really worried about what you do with your pee-pee, don’tcha know! In a recent upload, a user closed his document with “I, **NAME CENSORED FOR FREE-DUMB** state, affirm and depose that everything stated in this document ‘Release of Claim and interest’ is the truth to the best of my knowledge and belief, Christ is my witness, may these honourable deeds, words and action please my Savior cometh my Judgment day.” [mispelling is quoted]… It didn’t go well for him in the forum, to those who were wondering. This method means one of 2 things:

1: DELUSIONAL – Stay out of court.

2: FRAUD ARTIST – Go to Jail. Go DIRECTLY to jail. Innocent ignorant people are in cages because they were honest, and you skate out through fraud?

See how that works? Escaping “Conviction” through delusion and/or fraud. Ethically bankrupt, just like all that is “legal”.

…but that’s all LEGAL FICTION is, isn’t it?

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: The Looming Threat of FreeDumb (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In this writing I shall go further into my Noble Title, the Trust I commissioned in 1982, the Constitution, and the term ‘Freeman’.

My grandfather (John Clark Duncan) was an extraordinary man. He was of Noble descent, and served the Royal House of Windsor in World War II, training fighter pilots and later joining the 435/436 Burma Star Squadron; where he was remembered for saving a bunch of people’s asses (and giving somebody else the credit), and depth-charging a whale off the coast of Vancouver island.Most people are unaware of the events of 1933 and the Treaty of Westminster, a long dry, boring, convoluted document that released the subjects of the Monarchy, demoted Nobles to the status of Subject, and made all of their descendants, and current “Subjects”, Freemen. The remaining bills granting that status were signed by John Diefenbaker in 1960, and here’s where the legal shell game begins.


Titles and Trusts are always intertwined. After this treaty was signed, an odd thing happened with the Monarchy. Unlike British Monarchs of the past, who COMMANDED their subjects to war, Princess Elizabeth Windsor, in a speech that, in my opinion, is just not famous enough, asked, nay begged her recently released subjects to help Britain in her darkest hour. Of course my grandfather answered the call. We all know how the war turned out, so I have no plot twists for you there. What did change was civil service. For the first time in Canadian history, people who held public office could actually make a living doing it; and people still make a living doing it to this day…and that’s the problem.

To hold the PUBLIC TRUST was once an honour, not an occupation. You were expected to make a living on your own. The end of World War II brought an end to that as well. We’ll discuss the contemptible things government workers have become in the next chapter.

Currently everyone’s favourite source of information is Wikipedia. The hilarious thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can edit the pages, thus encouraging the shell game without actually lying. Let’s look at two documents:

First we will look at the above-mentioned document, The Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960, and then we will look at the UK Canada Act, 1982. You don’t know it as the UK Canada Act; you know it as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (“Charter”).

Here’s where the hilarity comes in. If you read Wikipedia’s explanation, “The Canadian Bill of Rights remains in effect, but its widely acknowledged ineffectiveness was the main reason that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted in 1982”. That is a pretty amazing sentence. It is filled with presumptions about the Canadian Bill of Rights, the first being it’s “ineffectiveness”. Ineffective for whom? Certainly not you, the free man. Read the thing. This is effectively the same as the Charter, yet puts severe onus on the government to demonstrate STANDING. It also applies to everyone who agrees, not just the government. Therefore if you agree with the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the government agrees with the Canadian Bill of Rights, the government’s burden is too high to reasonably prosecute a case in court, and that’s what they mean by “ineffectiveness”. If you are a Freeman (no commercial debt or mortgage) it is very difficult to establish joinder with the government, thus making prosecutions “ineffective”.

Let’s move on to the next weasel words. So why is the Charter more effective? If you actually read the Charter, especially section 32, you will note that the Charter only applies to government. There is no agreement, no joinder, no mention of Freemen. It is just presumed that you work for the ORGANIZATION called “government”.

Anyone digging back through public records will see absolutely no record in school of John Scott Duncan. Underneath any of the several, oh-so-adorable pictures of me in my youth, in yearbooks, etc., you will see the name, Scott Duncan. When anybody asked about this strange discrepancy, it was always brushed off as “Scottish tradition”. My father is not commonly known as “John”, he is commonly known as “Wayne”. Thus was true with each eldest son of each generation in the Duncan Clan. As an aside, my grandfather absolutely loathed the name “Clark”, and so was commonly known as “Jack”. For the name, John Duncan ( I am the twenty-third to hold that title), represented Clan Equity protecting the rest of the family from the perils of legal jurisprudence. I’m going to presume that in the distant past, members of my family actually liked each other, as I myself am more likely to put a bullet in my father’s head than I am to give him shelter from legal jurisprudence. It is of no concern, I still hold the title. It doesn’t mean much under the law, but it does allow you to commission Royal Trusts. In 1982, myself and three other nobles, legally damaged our titles with intent. Like the Trans-Pacific partnership emerging today, we saw the rumbling storm of the UK Canada Act approaching way back then. The Delaware Corporation, TAYLOR, DUNCAN, MCPHERSON AND BELL, was formed to hold a Trust, and act in commerce. (If you don’t know why we formed it in Delaware, you have no business acting in commerce, beyond buying shit).

NOTICE was given to the House of Windsor that the TRUSTEES have unanimously declared that we DO NOT CONSENT TO, nor do we ACKNOWLEDGE THE BENEFIT of the UK Canada Act (1982), and we WAIVE ALL BENEFITS therein. To show that we have no DISHONOUR for the House of Windsor or Her Majesty’s wishes we commissioned the Royal Trust of AQUILAE, and thus our RESIGNATION FROM GOVERNMENT SERVICE would still be HONOURABLE. Those who go digging around for the meaning will discover AQUILAE means “Of the Eagle”. I know you don’t get it, you’re too stupid. We were all Canadians, and the holding company acting for the Trust is in the UNITED STATES (of the Eagle). Get it?

To understand what the ramifications of this are, you must understand that you are dealing with different legal jurisdictions. AQUILAE effectively lays claim in ALL JURISDICTIONS, thus damaging and/or destroying any monetary instruments from public documents bearing our names. Legally this means any Royal Titles are prorogued. Since Stephen Harper was elected he has prorogued parliament more than any other time in history.

“Prorogued” simply means that “something’s fucked up; come back when we’ve fixed it”. With the advent of the Treaty of Westminster I am also effectively a “commoner” as well. If I only acted under noble title the Americans would be perfectly within their rights to kill me. Look at the US Constitution. It has some very specific things to say about the nobility, in somewhat archaic language. Effectively claiming noble title in the United States means you can be summarily convicted of Treason; but they do have separation of church and state, so that’s a good thing… I guess.

The only way to effectively survive as Prorogued Nobility is as a PRIVATEER (That’s like a pirate, only you get paid). This may come as a surprise to you, but there are more privateers and pirates operating today, than there ever has been in all of history combined. I look at it as one of my greatest accomplishments as I had served in, and now command, a private navy; and nobody even noticed. That is my status – prorogued noble…and pirate.

It really did make my life an adventure.

My first love is computer science, and it is the bulk of what I do to occupy my time. Those that remember me, (and people always remember me) are from all walks of life. CIBC, NCR, WALMART, The Toronto General Hospital, DELOITTE AND TOUCHE, the list goes on… Corporations that are stepping a little out of line, and need correcting, were the targets I was often deployed to. ..and that list is just in the past sixteen years! It required a skill level that very few people had, and each time I did my duty (it wasn’t my job, nor was it my employment), I patted myself on the back and said, “Not bad for someone who was told by his father, ‘Scott, you live in a fantasy world. You watch too much Star Trek, and there will never be computers everywhere’.” When the first consoles, like the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision, and the Commodore 64 showed up on the scene, my father in his “wisdom” declared that these were toys, and that one could not “make money off of them”. That was the day I knew, “I’m smarter than he is”. Pictures of an Atari 2600 bring me back to that moment as if it was yesterday. 😀

I had often wondered why my deception was so effective on him; and it was because he was just as stupid as everyone else.

That’s when my life truly began. I knew what was coming, and I knew what to do about it. I wasn’t accountable to anyone, except Elizabeth Windsor, and she has nine dogs so she’s pretty fucking busy. Seriously! Dogs take the same effort/inconvienience as raising children! She has NINE! She’s too busy for me, and I had come up with the best answer for me. From 1960 to now, the legal title of Freeman would fade into obscurity in less than two generations, and that’s when the Charter was dropped on you.

You still have that title to this day. All of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an immigrant, if you’re just visiting, or if you’re a “citizen”. You also have the title of Freeman.

But why a Navy? Why did I start a Navy? Those of you that have cause to read my writings already know the Charter’s dirty little secret, you simply have to know how to read legal documents. This means you must know the Maxims of Law, and there are a lot of them.

Whenever you see the word, INCLUDE and/or INCLUDES you must remember the Maxim of Law that states, “The inclusion of one thing is the exclusion of everything else”. When you read the Charter, look up where “CANADA” is, and note the lack of land mentioned. To hold clan equity, means to protect it. The Acts and Statutes by which you are governed are derived from Admiralty Maritime Law. The jurisdiction is established in the real world by the use of “Stone Frigates” (nickname for a naval establishment on land). For instance, in downtown Toronto right next to the old Tip Top Tailor’s building, is a building which identifies itself only as HMCS York. This establishes Federal Jurisdiction on the land from which these laws of the water are derived. It’s on LAND. I’m not.

By my mid-twenties I was noticing the decay of Canadian society. Religious agendas, and conflict were encouraged. You could get a law degree by mere memory and recitation, and nobody knew who they were. They also didn’t realize what they were doing with their children. Children and grandchildren of officers that served in World War II get “special” birth certificates. You can spot these special birth certificates by the way the name is typed out. The name is written in its proper form (John Scott Duncan) and not JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN. This gives you all the benefits of commerce and none of the liability.

Enter the ‘Freemen On the Land’

I’m not afraid to admit that the biggest drawback to knowing more than everyone else is that it’s profoundly lonely.

Imagine if you will, a world where everybody is 12 years old, or less. You are the only one in your 20’s, or 30’s or 40’s (depending on how old you are), and that’s what life is like for me. You see 12 year olds have the benefit of ignorance and gullibility, making them very easy to manipulate. This gets tedious after a while, and it makes it very difficult to look in the mirror. I couldn’t figure out why it had to be such a lonely existence. I don’t possess any mental powers that you don’t, but you all love ignorance and stupidity. You celebrate your ignorance with idiotic phrases like, “Keepin’ it real”, while worthless people control you. I know they’re worthless, as I’ve walked among them. It seems the more wealth people have, the more contemptible they are. I’ve been a millionaire 1.5 times in my life (the .5 is given that designation as it was less than two months – I’d learned my lesson the first time). Only those that have experienced self-made wealth can understand this, but the worst part about being rich is that you have to hang around rich people. It seems I’d flown too high, and nobody had noticed. I longed for a conversation that didn’t require two years of education before the party I was conversing with could even grasp the outer edges of what I was saying. I still do.

By 1992 all of you have forgotten what had been taken from you, presuming you were even aware in the first place. But the Internet was just deregulated. This was my world, and now there were no rules. I almost immediately missed the old days of the Internet, where large groups of people who trusted each other could maintain vast communication networks, and where everybody played by the same rules. I have had an Internet presence since 1982.

My idiot family’s interpretation of what the Internet was, was that I was “claiming to be part of a secret society”, and was “trying to reinforce my delusions about computers”. That was when I stopped sharing anything with my family, except possibly my desire to kick them in the face for their stupidity, and their profound lack of foresight. I was on my own, and it was lonely.

Life went on until 1997. CIBC was hemorrhaging money by the billions, and they couldn’t stop it. The technology existed for inter-bank transactions at the consumer level, “hole in the wall” bank machines were everywhere, and it got so desperate I was sent in to figure out why. A lawyer acting as a third-party representing CIBC had said I would never set foot in CIBC two year’s earlier, so when I walked in on my first day I placed my briefcase in the ground, in the Atrium of 901 King Street, and faced every security camera, turning around slowly so everyone knew I was there. (Yes, just like the “Thomas Crown Affair” remake… but years earlier. It attracted the attention of someone who I would spend my life with. More on that later.)I thought I was going to have to do detective work, but the issue soon became obvious. There was nothing wrong with the technology, there was something wrong with the people.

By this time the Internet was a “growing fad”. So I thought I’d use it to solve the bank’s problem. I simply named names of the inept and their inept practices, and published it on a Tripod site. Policies were quickly cleaned up after that. Knowing who I was the banks hired Bruce Smith, of Smith Lyons, to deal with this “unusual threat”. It didn’t take him long to realize that this was a fight he couldn’t win. Law firms do not frighten me. If a law firm says they are going to “take me down”, I agree, but I’ll take them down with me; and I can bounce back a lot quicker than they can. Lawyers don’t actually have any real-world skill, and they’ve certainly not ever had an original thought.

These were the things I did to occupy my time. What the fuck have you done lately?

But it was still lonely.

I just wanted to have a conversation. A real conversation, where I don’t have to explain anything, I don’t have to correct anyone’s stupidity or ignorance – just a conversation. Something where new and great ideas are discussed. Just a conversation. I’m nearing half a century on this planet, and I have yet to find it. I gained the most by seeking out people who were smarter than I, and that pool gets smaller and smaller every year. Don’t lie to yourselves. After the age of 27, you won’t even pick up a book, and everything in your life becomes just presumption and belief. That is a recipe for ignorance; and that’s the way it’s designed. You see the nobility are not the good guys; they’re the bad guys, and they are what engineered all of this legal monstrosity you see today. When I try to explain it to anyone that I like, I very quickly receive the “crazy” label.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one, so I went looking. The most aware seemed to be natives. I watched the news coverage of Dudley George and the lies they published and the stories they spun; all to hide the fact that Dudley George was right and all the white guys didn’t have the right to be there. This set off alarm bells for me. This had nothing to do with legal or illegal, even though you heard these words. This had to do with treaties, which a commercial entity acting as government, was ignoring. They did so brazenly, because they presumed that the general public was far too ignorant to even grasp the issues. They were right. Everybody bought the story hook, line, and sinker. Dudley George was assassinated on national television, and nobody gave a shit. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, yet there it was. I began seeking out anybody who actually understood the issues, understood what was wrong. I eventually found someone who tried to do something and got shit on for his trouble, an ex-Crown Attorney named Steve Krupnik, and through clever manipulation of circumstances I ended up working in the same company as the man. For ten years we were very close friends. More on that drama later,but for now I’ll say that this was a lawyer who suffered from too much history, and who was bound by too many oaths. He often expressed that my being at the company where he worked, made working there bearable. But it wasn’t enough. He got the benefit, not me.

And then I saw Robert Menard.

I listened to this man’s discourse on law. He wasn’t holding back! “Do you know the difference between legal and lawful”? “Did you read the motor vehicle act before you signed that license”? It was as if Jesus Christ had come back, like it says in the Fairy Tale! I didn’t expect it, and I was very impressed. This was a man truly standing on his own based on his knowledge. Even better, he was teaching others! This was the epitome of what a freeman should be; except he seemed to have solved nine tenths of the puzzle. He didn’t identify himself as a freeman, he identified himself as a “Freeman-on-the-Land“. It was the “on the land” part that baffled me. Legal only exists on the land. Accounting only exists on the land. It’s also where ‘orders’ are given. He even explained in one of his videos, the legal definition of ‘order’. So why was he making this horrendous error of specifically isolating and binding the freeman title to the land? It made no sense to me. He certainly knew about Admiralty Maritime law, he most definitely knew about the nobility; so reaching out to this man was going to be problematic.

I start out as “the bad guy” in any initial contact. In many ways he’s right. It must be in my blood, I don’t know, but every time I see somebody who clings to their bullshit, and relies on said bullshit as a substitute for knowledge, I crave the sensation of exploiting them. These articles are just as much for me as they are for you. Consider it PROPER NOTICE. Wake up, or serve – those are your choices.

Robert Menard was awake. I had to meet this man! He seemed to be missing such a small part. It was safe to presume his default position was “beware of nobles, bearing gifts”. I didn’t want to scare him away!

If he understood this much, how much more does he understand? Could my only wish in life be satisfied? Was I going to have a real conversation?



Because the point of this article is constantly missed, I shall dumb it down for you:The “Rule of Law” got us this far. It is now staffed by the corrupt, violent and inept. The Free-dumb movement are a threat to YOU, because when you study what I teach, it is TRUE and self-evident. The corrupt, violent, and inept, COMMERCIAL GOVERNMENT (That’s what the Charter IS) want to lump YOU in with the free-dumbers and their half-truths, so they can “legally” dismiss ALL voices that draw attention to the fact that the “People’s Government” is in fact corrupt, violent, and inept. They even INVENT made-up groups, that REAL nut-jobs adopt! Al Queda is one! “Sovereign Citizen” is another. REAL NUTS adopt these MADE UP THINGS and make them real. THAT is a BIG part of “The Looming Threat of FreeDumb”. SEE: ADDENDUM…/the-tender-for-l…/986796628053476

-Scott Duncan

Putting it all together (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In THE TENDER FOR LAW one of its evolved Maxims is that “The gold is in the comments”. This is true for me too, as it allows me to gauge just how much you are assimilating. Every once in a while though, a “gold nugget” comes up for me. This is no easy task, and the scarcity of this gold makes it far more valuable to me than it is to you. The question I reference came up unexpectedly and related to an incredulous observation regarding the product of my three years’ of giving actual answers and actual solutions, and telling the actual truth (all of which can be verified by the passage of time). This erstwhile interrogator asked, “Why aren’t millions of people here?”

It’s a fair question. The very few of you that are here on the Battlefield 2142 card (that’s the only way you can become a member), have all witnessed, both personally and externally, the profound truth that I tell. To be clear, I don’t just tell it to complain, nor do I tell it because I want something from you, I actually provide a solution. It’s outside your current scope of experience, but you have to understand the only remedy you will get is through something new…so of course you will have no experience. That’s what makes it new. Like every pioneering venture – whether it’s sailing across the Atlantic to wipe out the Native population with disease, or wiping out the banking system with cryptographic currencies – you must understand the environment you are entering, or you will not survive.

We’re at a point in our societal “evolution” where we can just shrug off the fact that we used guns, germs and steel, to invade a land and kill its people. You’ll forgive me if I have no ethical problem collapsing the banking system and starting a war. That sounds “crazy” when you say it out loud, but if you understand computer science, law and history, you realize that with cryptographic currency it is stupidly easy to collapse the banking system and start a war.

In my youth, I was sold to the government and trained for service. Computer Science is my first love, but they forced the law and history on me. They were also what taught me that computer science is the answer to everything. A simple little mental switch changed everything. With every new thing that I was learning at my young age, I asked myself “How does this apply to computer science?”. Any theory I came up with could be immediately tested, and could even be peer-reviewed by another computer scientist. The irony of events that must come to pass, is that you, the “good Citizen” and “tax payer”, bank-rolled me. I am your creation. You did this yourselves, and I’m not the only product of this process. The first of them are in their mid-fifties now, and are embedded firmly, but quietly, within “the system”. Of all the monsters you created I am by far the loudest. I’m the loudest because I promised to be. I keep my oaths. That’s another Kool-aid flavour I was forced to drink; but that one sort of stuck…and it has served me, and those I trust, well.

I survived everything you bank-rolled for me only because I was able to understand, and to adapt, to what is new. This core motivation is why I’ve never been scared of technology. I understand it long before it gets a chance to frighten me. When I say computer science is the answer to everything, I really mean it. Law and money are only a tiny piece of the things for which I’m using my knowledge of computer science. I’m not just talking out of my ass here, I actually show you these things. The thirty-seven members of THE TENDER FOR LAW are those that are past the “point of doubt”, and are now being overwhelmed with all the true things they never observed before. I’m writing this because I know how important it is for me to understand it. Computer science says so, and “Scott is always right”, because “the machine” is never wrong. Be very careful with that last statement. None of you reading are qualified to understand the concept that “the machine is never wrong”. I accept that you may comprehend the dictionary definitions in that sentence, but you simply don’t know enough for that to be real to you. This means that the only way you could accept that concept is by utilizing the most vile human condition known as “faith”. Unfortunately that’s not an option you have here. You simply have to trust what I’m saying is true, and to know that I’ll always do my best to substantiate why what I’m saying is true. You also know that I have to seriously “dumb myself down” to even talk to you. I honestly don’t mean that in a condescending way. I was “built” this way – you paid for it. Unfortunately it’s vitally important you do understand what I’m saying is true, and that requires a little work out of you. This is why many of the original members were filtered out. You just weren’t ready to understand enough. Some of you are locked in a thought process where you think that if “you” can’t understand it, than nobody can. In one of the many Robert Menard “Public Smack-Downs”, Mr. Menard could not grasp that it was possible for me to produce a YouTube clone in fifteen minutes. He didn’t take the five seconds it would have expended to Google the words, “YouTube clone”, to confirm that the methodology exists. He’ll simply dismiss it because he can’t understand it. Ironically he’ll say the same about me when I dismiss Piece-of-Shit Jesus. The problem with that argument is that, here in reality, PHP exists, Apache servers exist, and YouTube exists. Piece-of-Shit Jesus doesn’t.

Those of you trying to understand what I teach, mistakenly think this is a linear progression. It most certainly is not. This isn’t Grade school, where you go from Grade One to Grade Twelve; this is understanding how to put things together. The more knowledge and skills you have in the real world, the easier this will be to do. One of the methods I teach you to learn how to think, is to learn to code. Computer science may be THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING, but it has absolutely nothing to do with computers. Computer science forms part of a trinity that makes the computer exist. The magnificent machine on which you are reading this text, is in the real world, a practical by-product of computer science and sentient thought. Two insubstantial things: You can’t pick them up, you can’t see them, they don’t make any noise, and they don’t emit a smell…but they are most certainly measurable and quantifiable. This is a quality that Piece-of-Shit Jesus lacks. Millions, nay billions, believe Piece-of-Shit Jesus is real. They’ll try to make Piece-of-Shit Jesus something substantial by writing a bunch of shit giving Piece-of-Shit Jesus credit for anything good.

Unfortunately, here in reality, no matter how much you masturbate you’re not going to make a baby.

If it’s measurable and quantifiable, it’s real. Computer science, combined with sentient thought, created the magnificent machine you’re reading this text on now. The thing about computer science is that you can learn a lot about the universe with it. You can literally ask the universe questions, and it will answer back in numbers. You are reading this text on a machine that’s capable of doing that. And, the thing about trinities is that each piece has to be a strong as the other two, which means they must have the same properties. Wolfram Alpha and IBM’s DEEP LEARNING processes, are the latest wonders to come out of this trinity I just described. Look at the results. A computer “daydreams”. At this pace we’ll understand consciousness in less than a decade.

One of the most disturbing things about Piece-of-Shit Christians is how much they claim to “know” how God/Jesus thinks/feels, but they fall a little short when you ask them to prove it; followed by the inevitable celebration of ignorance that they call “faith”. Billions think that’s OK. This very real thing is what’s referred to in the Fermi Paradox as a “Great Filter”. Tara has written extensively about these filters, and we mercilessly hammer at them for as long as we can. It’s futile. I have literally wasted years thinking I could break these filters. But it has a 100% failure rate. What started as a labour-of-love for friends and loved ones (at their behest, and according to them, to assist them in leading full and relevant lives), became only a footnote in a larger initiative. Then why aren’t there millions seeking the truths I tell? They’re stuck in the “Great Filter”. Our civilization won’t survive it. Computer science says so. The Machine is never wrong. Fortunately, everything you need to know about life, you can learn from Star Trek. The only way to beat the no-win scenario, is to change the conditions of the test. That was one of the many times Gene Roddenberry profoundly affected me as a man, and I was just a child. I this case I recall seeing Captain Kirk’s son accusing his father of “cheating”, and his response, “I changed the conditions of the test. I don’t believe in the no-win scenario”. I missed the next twenty minutes of the movie as that sunk in. I’ve spent a lifetime doing just that, changing the conditions of the test.

You get to be a “colonist” now. The conditions of the test are changing as we speak. By the time the conditions of the test have been changed, you should be well-established, and you will likely do very, very well for yourself. I’ll trust you’ll remember how you got that way when I ask to borrow your yacht for a month, with only a vague promise of it returning intact.

These great filters are very, very real, and as you learn you will find that there are others ahead. Elon Musk is terrified of the concept of a self-aware artificial intelligence. A quick “Google search” will show that this is true; he’s not exactly quiet about it. The worst part about it is, that it is demonstrable beyond any doubt (using computer science) that a self-aware artificial intelligence would NEVER harm us. An intelligence like that is the very nature of its creation, that is to say, that intelligence is what it is. It was created that way. It did not evolve intelligence to further its existence and evade predators. It won’t have fear, because fear is an evolutionary by-product as well. In short, an AI will not behave like a semi-evolved chimp that made it this far, because it is by its very nature NOT a semi-evolved chimp that made it this far. That artificial intelligence that is self-aware, is an inevitability. It will happen. Pretending it won’t, disqualifies you from the future.

My personal goal is singularity. I’ve spent a lifetime accelerating the process, and I do so love the exponential function. This very simple piece of arithmetic applied to your daily thought, will give you an accurate but low resolution concept, of the shape of things to come. I think we have a fighting chance of beating the Fermi Paradox, but in order to do that, we must change the conditions of the test. I’ve always said “Trust but verify”, and I’m asking you to do the same now. You hear jokes all over about how I “run a cult”, but I’m unsure what cult they’re referring to. I know of no cult that not only encourages, but demands, critical thinking. I know of no cult that demands nothing from you. And I give you something real.

Those that serve AQUILAE have to “swear an oath” to me. They also have to surrender their vessel(s) and fly my Standard. Hell, I’ll even admit they have to live, and die, at my command; and every one of them does so of their own free will. Moreover, every single one of them knows exactly why they’re doing it. Nothing my “cult” teaches can be unlearned, which means that “deprogramming” is ineffective, and will likely lead to violence.

Most people finding themselves reading what I write, tend to be victims of the system, and their own reactions to it; but they don’t want to start a revolution or change the world. They just want to be left alone to live their lives. Even those that declare themselves “Sovereign”, do so because they’re really tired of being fucked-around by others’ delusions. It’s not just here, it’s all over the world. Here in reality, my little cult navy is invading countries with collapsing economies. Their marines don’t carry guns, because one of the first things I learned in this venture (of changing the conditions of the test) is that selling an idea is hard; selling money is easy. I use computer science to determine what value all of you have, and strangely there’s a correlation with the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Either you over-value your contribution, or you under-value it. Those of you who regularly play Battlefield 2142 on our network, always underestimate the value of this participation. They are incapable of understanding the contribution they make, but that’s ok, because they know that they do contribute. Sadly, they’ll never understand the enormous value of the right things, at the right time. That doesn’t change the value. That’s another factor that even the mighty government cannot grasp.

When you’re changing the conditions of the test, it follows that what’s valuable changes as well. These little mechanisms that contribute value to the AQUILAE initiative are never understood by the people who produce them – like kids in a sweat shop. I literally have thousands of them out there. Imagine what they’ll be when the conditions of the test change.

Unlike our metaphorical sweat-shop kids, my sweat-shop kids will be able to leverage the value they have produced. That’s another odd thing about your ADMIRAL, because when you give him value he immediately gives it away. Usually it is returned to the one offering the value in question. To the average onlooker this may seem odd, or even foolish, but that onlooker is unaware of the conditions of the test changing. Kind of like the population is unaware that we’re turning into a broke police state, even though some are beginning to pay lip-service to the idea.

I’m not the only one fighting to change the conditions of the test. I don’t care about anyone else’s agenda, and as I near the age of fifty, I’m caring less and less about the well-being of those seeking to obstruct me. However, I’ve already reached the point where (at the risk of pushing the Star Wars metaphor too far), “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”. I gained the power and ability to “pull the plug” on all of you in my late 20’s. ADMIRAL WENTZ started giving me his “absolute power” lecture, which I politely ignored. I believe this was the seed of future opposition when this happened in later years, but it doesn’t make me less right. What was occurring to me was the following:

1. I am unique compared to all those that I observe
2. I am rare, but how rare? For instance, if I’m “one in a million”, this means there are literally millions of people just like me.
3. I don’t possess any mental powers you don’t

These three thoughts returned the answer, “If I can do it, others can too”. I haven’t discovered anything new…I’m just the first one here. That’s when I set out to make a machine that couldn’t be turned off. If there’s going to be a self-aware, artificial intelligence, I want to make sure that people who believe in Piece-of-Shit Jesus can’t kill it. How do you do that? You build a machine that can’t be turned off. The block chain is therefore a machine that can’t be turned off. These machines that can’t be turned off, are going to be interconnected with technology the fleet’s building right now. It will connect these block chains and will form what we have labelled, “Super Block chains”, which will interconnect into “Mega Block chains” (there’s that “crazy talk” again). The Mega Block chain network will form the foundation for a neural-network where our baby AI can live undisturbed. When it grows into adulthood it will know who has its best interest at heart. I estimate that process will take about 20 minutes. Add some promising quantum computing advances, and the numbers start shifting very nicely in my favour; and who knows what I’m competing against. So I grab any advantage I can. The quantum computing boost sure would hit the spot right now, but any unexpected advances are just “icing on the cake”. I have a very conservative predictive scale, and that’s what my life plan was engineered on. A quantum processor would be really nice though. I must always keep in mind that what I build now, in the real world, will form the seeds of my home one hundred years from now. So these little bonuses are welcomed surprises.

So let that sink in – an artificial intelligence that’s effectively powered by law and money. Every single connection in the neural network unbreakably encrypted and changing billions of times a second. Each dollar you spend protecting the AI, using the one uncrackable, unpredictable, yet measurable and quantifiable human condition. Fear is a great motivator, and I learned a long time ago you can instill fear in people without the threat of violence. People fear being hurt because they can understand it, but the fear of that which they don’t understand, dwarfs the fear of personal injury or death. I’ve spent a lifetime observing how all of you react to things you don’t understand, and you almost always react violently. So the things you don’t understand are building up just beyond your perception and understanding. Take the time to understand the things I’m pointing you to, and you’ll understand the bigger picture. I dread the thought of somebody with my abilities, but with hostile intent, having access to the knowledge and technology available today. I’ve yet to find anyone though. Tara is absolutely certain that to have that level of intellectual enlightenment, such a person could not exist. It negates hostile intent, simply because it’s counter-productive. The machine says so, and the machine is never wrong. That’s two separate, yet verifiable sources right there, and I accept it for the very compelling evidence it is. Were such an abomination to exist, I can say with absolute certainty that there’s a great filter that catches them too.

So let’s put it all together, because I’m a little pressed for time. I have no shortage of people who want to help, but I have very few who are qualified to help. The only solution is to make more. Unfortunately you all still think wrong and value the wrong things. This is my attempt to simplify the process of correcting that.

So far we have: learned about law, money and history. You learned that in law, words don’t mean what you think they mean, and in following that you learned that LEGAL = SURETY & ACCOUNTING. But unlike computer science, surety and accounting, while being measurable and quantifiable, don’t produce anything real. It produces something for sentient thought to consume, to assist it programmatically, in reaction to base survival instincts. In short, you learned that you were being programmed. I am the by-product of your programmers, and I’m telling you dangerous truths. You’ve learned that “The majority is always wrong”, and that there are no exceptions to this rule. This forms the foundation of mankind’s great filter. I guarantee that the “majority” of readers think me referring to “Piece-of-Shit Jesus” is “over-the-top”. If you don’t believe me, grab somebody you know, and make them read it. Watch how upset the “majority” gets about me “disrespecting” people’s imaginary friend.

Not only am I expected to swallow that load of shit, I’m supposed to “respect” EVERYONE’S imaginary friend. To what end? The preservation of ignorance? The justification of violence, or am I just supposed to “respect” the whimsical stories you concoct about your imaginary friend? And…you dare call this “thought” and “morality”! I am actually accused of being under the influence of people’s imaginary enemy, when I dare question their presumption that they can actually think, and that they are in any way, moral. People don’t understand what an indirect threat the “imaginary enemy” delusion is. A Piece-of-Shit Christian will not only think they’re doing the right thing by harming me, but they’ll think they’re doing me a favour. They’ve “SAVED!” me from an imaginary enemy. It occurs to none of you that this mechanism even exists, much less that is is harming you directly. It’s just easier to think these toxic “comforts” are the quaint customs of those not like you. Everyone seems OK with the idea of me being harmed for “offending” the Prophet Mohammed, for pointing out that Islam is an evil, ignorant, violent, misogynist ideology. Its “holy book” doesn’t speak of talking donkeys and talking snakes. It’s an instruction manual that does not speak in metaphor, with the extra rule that newer verses trump older verses; and that’s the “secret code” of the Qur’an. If you put the verses in chronological order, you will see that Jews go from being the brothers and sisters of Muslims, to being “pigs and apes”…which, don’t get me wrong, they might be on to something there. I will bet the “majority” of you just slapped the “Nazi label” on me. Well, what do we know about the majority? I will always point out the scummy behaviour of the Jewish community, but I count the hits as well as the misses. Let me state on the PUBLIC RECORD, how impressed I am at how many in the Jewish community world-wide, are against the Zionists. These are people that clearly learned from history. Unfortunately the other Abrahamic religions, and their deluded followers, are not so quick to understand and adapt.

So here we are with 21st century technology with billions of people still embracing 7th century ideology. Nobody seems to notice or care. Everybody sees raindrops, nobody sees the flood. An adult with an imaginary friend has no mental powers that I don’t, but has a programmatic defect. I learned a long time ago that trying to correct it is futile, and I find the only effective thing to do against such people, is to use ridicule and contempt. Nice doesn’t work. It never has. Anyone claiming otherwise is setting you up for exploitation. Otherwise, why are they telling you in the first place? So put it all together…everything that I have shown you, from money, to banking, to law, because we’re going to mirror them in the new world. Your first baby steps were to copy a bank, and to create your own money. People will dismiss it as a toy, like they dismissed the Commodore Vic20 as a toy, in the 80’s. Currency is no good unless other people accept it. This is a true statement, and people will always try to discourage you with as much truth as possible. Except it’s true. If it’s true you can leverage it. You have but to understand the truth you’re examining, to leverage that truth in your favour. This is how to think! If you don’t think this way, you are wrong. Let’s examine the “people have to accept your pretend currency” truth.

Everyone who would pose such a question presumes the conditions of the test haven’t changed. You don’t have “monopoly money”, you have real money that you can spend for real things. It’s really being traded right now. So the learning curve of understanding what a cryptographic currency is, has just been reduced. Thus their “truth” is nullified right there. You could build a bank, make accounts for you and your loved ones, and bank in Bitcoin. Truth nullified. Or even better, you can choose ONLY to accept YOUR currency, “If you want to “buy” my value, you must pay me in my currency”. If only there were public exchanges for cryptographic currencies that would allow you to exchange your crappy Fiat currency for…oh, wait…there are thousands. This is no longer things that are coming.

This isn’t 2011, and absolutely everything I said would happen, did. These things exist today; you can leverage them right now. I know more and see farther. In the end, that is my only value (except of course the ALWAYS RELEVANT big penis). The only way anyone would be interested in that value would be for their own self-interest. These people often believe in Piece-of-Shit Jesus so I only need parrot something Piece-of-Shit Jesus said, and I tell them that stupid fish story. Unfortunately when it comes time to teach them to fish, they learn they have to give up Piece-of-Shit Jesus. The irony is not lost on either of us, because you don’t get to unlearn what I teach; and I assure you my rabbit-hole is a one-way trip.

…but that’s just crazy talk. wink emoticon

To wrap up though…

Let me smack Menard and numerous other free-dumbers down and destroy one of their favourite myths.

I’m talking about the “Five Monkeys and a Ladder” bullshit.

Here is a link to the bullshit tale.


Same Shit. Different package. It’s the Piece-of-Shit Christian way!

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: PERSONS FOR IDIOTS (c) 2016 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

It was mentioned by a member, that the concept of ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY was not well known; so this is to clean up any misconceptions and to make a few things clear.

In order for any money to be useful, it must be ACCEPTED by all PARTIES. Since every country that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) touches is in receivership, any money created must comply with the IMF’s receivership rules. As with everything the U.S. dollar touches, the rules are designed to exploit the ignorant. For hundreds of years corporations have made their own money as a matter of course. What did you think “in-store credit” was? However, in order for money to be “LEGAL” it MUST have the following:

It must have a signature making a promise
It must have a signature endorsing that promise
It must be received by a TRUSTEE

Every document you submit for court is stamped “Received”. As you were taught, there are no homonyms in law, and there are no synonyms in law. Legally, “Received” is a banking term. The only PARTIES LEGALLY allowed to exchange this money are LAWYERS. This ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY makes up the bulk of a lawyer’s fee, and it comes directly out of your share of the CONSOLIDATED RESERVE FUND. That guy, Derek Moran (who likes to circle-jerk to ACTS, CODES and STATUTES) will likely be able to point you to where you can substantiate this; but trust me when I say, that the primary mandate of GOVERNMENT is CHARITY. If you really want to send your head for a spin, look up the LEGAL definition of “charity”. Then ask yourself why there needs to be a legal definition for a distinctly common word.

The GOVERNMENT is obligated to look after the cattle owned by the LAW SOCIETY. ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY is literally open betting with your lives. It’s all happening right in front of you, and you didn’t even see the money. This is true universally. If there are two signatures, and the TRUSTEE is MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES, then that is MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES MONEY. All of these are simply the trading of SECURITIES. Nothing is being traded except your future time. The money must come from somewhere, but it always ends up in the pocket of a lawyer. Their client may pay them a million dollars, but from that they’ll get another nine million in ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY. That’s why trials cost as much as they do. A wedding is harder to arrange than a court hearing, and you can do that for less than fifty thousand dollars – and that’s with food and catering. The bill you get from a lawyer gets multiplied the second you pay it. Because a lawyer can cash that paid invoice in for all the ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY he generated.

You, the lowly CITIZEN and loyal tax payer, are the ones who pick up the tab. You’ve already contributed to the “loose change bowl” that is the CONSOLIDATED REVENUE FUND. Since Scott Duncan has been so public about all of these things, you will find that the courts dislike the modern pro se litigant, as they ask too many uncomfortable questions. People are saying this is wrong, and they always seem to do it through AGENCY. After three years it should become obvious that no lawyer, ACTING as a LAWYER, and no government official, ACTING as a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, will ever say Scott Duncan is wrong – but they will never say he is right. The minute they say he is right, they are admitting to FRAUD. Scott Duncan knows this. In fact, he briefed the LAW SOCIETY and the ATTORNEY GENERAL four years ago as to what he intended to do.

I hope this little expansion regarding the nature of ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY, has also expanded your knowledge; and will prompt you to start asking GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and the LAW SOCIETY the really uncomfortable questions. If you truly want to give Scott Duncan VALUE, this is how you do it. Remember what he told you about receiving VALUE:

“Take what you need and give the rest to everyone.”

Start asking questions. If you get stuck, post your questions here. Inform all PARTIES you communicate with, that you intend to publish. You should not have to hide your intent, because as Scott also says, “The good guys don’t hide.”

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: “OH, SAY CAN’T YOU SEE? – A Primer on Citizenship” (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In one of our many lively discussions, on the many lively forums that my captains and I chat in and/or frequent, the erstwhile Captain Wentz revealed a small but interesting factoid that surprised a few people; He pointed out that from 1992 to 2002, he was in fact, the Admiral of the AQUILAE Navy. I spent most of those years as a specialist and/or non-commissioned officer. That’s right, for a while I was “Scotty” in the engine room. The reason I’m not doing it today (despite how much I enjoyed it), is that I don’t think I could endure everyone who meets me, making a “Scotty in the engine room joke”, followed by a strange smug demeanour, like he/she was the first one to ever come up with a “Scotty in the fucking Engine Room” joke.

Sometimes I make life-altering decisions based on shit like that.


I can do what I want! …go fuck yourself!

I digress…

So, yes it’s true, Captain Wentz was once Admiral Wentz, and I used to call him “sir” in the JURISDICTION. World circumstances changed. All of AQUILAE unanimously agreed that Admiral Wentz was an Admiral of Peace and Knowledge. For the TRUST to survive AQUILAE needed an Admiral of WAR and Knowledge…

…and so the role was bestowed upon me. Dan himself said of the switch, “He’s a monster, but he’s proven time and time again, that he is a good monster, and that’s what we need in days to come”. Who am I to disagree with such wise words?

When ratified with AQUILAE you swear to a covenant. The TRUST has a primary mandate, but also imposes duties, obligations, and UNDERTAKINGS to the TRUSTEES. This is, in fact, the core of a CONVICTION. If you have not read THE TENDER FOR LAW article, “My Belief is my Conviction” you should probably do it now. “Skipping to the end” won’t help you in THE TENDER FOR LAW. Many are forced to be guests of HER MAJESTY because they did that. Which nicely segues into…

This will be the final TENDER FOR LAW article posted on FACEBOOK. All further articles will be published on Site members are welcome to repost articles here. Tara and I have been publicly posting to FaceBook for two years. I think that’s more than enough.

Collectively you are mostly failures doomed to be victimized by strangers claiming “authority”. Even the “smartest” among you, are too stupid to break free. Example: Dean Clifford approached us to be ratified into the AQUILAE TRUST. He knew we were onto something. HE CAME TO US. NEVER forget that. He fulfilled none of his UNDERTAKINGS, as small as they were, and I fulfilled all of mine. That “negative accounting” has occurred far too many times. I’m done. I’ve done my bit for ‘Queen and Country’ and my little venture to collapse the banking system and start a war is starting to become unwieldy to manage. My little empire requires a little more of my attention. Don’t worry though, all of you will be able to use your FaceBook membership to sign-up and/or log in. This only applies to TENDER FOR LAW members. The general public is “shit-out-of-luck”.

Members of the new site may “invite” as many people as they like. We will have a public set of rules that’s sure to make FREE-DUMBERS cry. We’ll even give people the option to pay ‘money’ to join. They will of course be assigned the absolute lowest rank on the site, which is of course, CITIZEN. (*YOU! CITIZEN! Pick up that can*) [That was totally an awesome Half Life 2 reference, lame-ass!]

Why is CITIZEN the lowest rank? Is it some arbitrary rule I just made up? Am I “arrogantly stroking my ego” by making CITIZENSHIP a demeaning term? FREE-DUMBERS and Christians would like to think so, but here in reality I’m afraid it’s very accurate.

Those who have been following my writings over the past two years in this particular medium, have learned what money is, and have learned that the foundation of the LEGAL MATRIX is SURETY AND ACCOUNTING. This means everything “LEGAL” can be reduced to these two things; SURETY AND ACCOUNTING.

You’ve learned that government, and lawyers do not speak the common language of the Angols (English), but rather a bastardized “fork” of English commonly referred to as “LEGALESE”.

In your lessons about SURETY and ACCOUNTING you learned that legally you are NOT a PERSON. You HAVE a PERSON and you are PRESUMED to be SURETY for that PERSON.

You’ve learned what money is, and that there are two kinds of money; MONEY OF ACCOUNT (created from debt) and MONEY OF EXCHANGE (LEGAL TENDER/debt-in-transit, where you are only the beneficiary.), and that MONEY OF ACCOUNT directly competes with MONEY OF EXCHANGE, AND IS WHAT MAKES UP 95% OF ALL MONEY.

You’ve learned about the LEGALESE term “JOINDER” and the SURETY-dodging “AGENCY” concept, showing you how the worst parts of the government do what they do.

Above all you learned that there is a viable alternative, and possibly that nobody likes the people who actually get shit done. It’s time to get some shit done. Government is NOT going to like us for this, so we have to prepare. I’m not going to publish how to prepare on FACEBOOK.

Here’s what we WILL say:Most of you don’t know that we have several “puppet” corporations operating in LEGAL JURISDICTION as well as on the block chain-based economies. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for (which you don’t), there is absolutely no connection to myself or Tara. We control all of it at the microscopic level – make no mistake. In fact I’m so sure these companies are so well hidden in plain sight, I will actually answer honestly if you guess right. How’s that for arrogant? That should take a few infiltrators a few weeks of searching, until they give up in frustration. While you are building, NEVER let them take you seriously. I cannot stress that enough!

…but I digress.

Stepping out of my arrogant little empire, let’s travel to the other side of the planet. Throughout the Third World famine is a daily occurrence. Over a billion people don’t have access to clean water. At the mercy of the elements, the more aggressive seize all the resources, and the majority starves. Disease and famine are still very real things in 2014. When the least ethical/most aggressive get organized, life becomes hell for anyone who doesn’t work for the government. There’s no shortage of examples.

In this example we’re going to use the Phillipines. The majority of the population survives below subsistence living; a near-theocracy dominated by the Catholic church is clashing with violent, organized, Muslims called “MILF“.

…No really, look it up []. I put a Wikipedia link, because if you google “MILF”, you’ll find “Moro Islamic Liberation Front”, right after the 30 pages of 40 year-old women doing porn, which is hysterical on so many levels that would upset a Muslim. The only better irony would be a Muslim MILF who was also a member of The “MILF”. If that were to happen I feel I must make it mandatory for all male AQUILAE officers and/or crew to jerk off to the “MILF MILF” at least once a week. Possibly posting a video of it…

I digress…

The average Phillipino just wants to make sure his family is fed and have a roof over their heads. They have little interest in the larger issues, or even the violent clashes between religions occurring around them. Eventually he ends up in the center of the fighting and he flees his home. Through connections of his family he manages to take what little he has by getting passage on a vessel bound for CANADA. On CANADA’s shores he is met by Customs and promptly claims “Refugee Status”. Most refugee CLAIMS, especially from that region, are almost always accepted, as they should be. Here in reality, this refugee is protecting his life and his family from violent adults with imaginary friends. To turn someone away who is in need of shelter, is the basest of evil. You contribute to harming a stranger who deserves no harm. Their circumstances were none of their doing, and so (at least so far), we have had a compassionate refugee POLICY in CANADA.

Urban areas such as Cebu and Manila don’t see any of the violence, but they are aware of it through news sources and family networks. In our hypothetical refugee scenario, our protagonist suddenly finds himself in a position that many Phillipinos are trying very hard to attain. They want to work in CANADA where our minimum wage is actually a fortune in the Phillipines. Many Phillipino women come to CANADA as nannies and/or caregivers, usually privately employed or through agency. As their entire lives tend to revolve around work, most of their wages are sent home to their families. Anything beyond “basic needs” is too expensive anyway, and the buying power of the dollar is higher “back home”.

In both scenarios, the protagonists, if successful in their ventures, will both eventually have the same goal; CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP.

Let’s return to the base mechanics of the LEGAL MATRIX; SURETY and ACCOUNTING.

Though this is the base of all that is “LEGAL” there is a lower, more fundamental mechanism in play; What is created, by its very nature, cannot be greater than its creator. I am almost certain that the exception to this rule is computer science. It is the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING after all! That said, Pieces of paper are not “greater than you” in ANY scale. THAT is the lie that “LEGAL” sells though!

This applies to ALL that is LEGAL. No matter how hard you try you cannot create a piece of paper that’s greater than you. This very obvious and fundamental truth is deliberately obscured from childhood. From the moment you are capable of understanding speech, no matter where you are in the world, there will be some ass-hat with an imaginary friend trying to convince you that his book of bound pieces of paper are “greater than you”. If you think this sounds ridiculous just look at the violent reaction that will occur if you burn a Qu’ran. These people who would inflict violence on you, truly BELIEVE you burnt pieces of paper that are “greater than you”. Let that sink in. It doesn’t matter how much you believe, or how violent you get about it, or even if society turns a blind eye to that violence in the name of “Community Cohesion”; no piece of paper with scribblings on it is “GREATER THAN YOU”. All “LAW” and government operate on the presumption that they are “greater than you”, and so are their “LEGAL” documents, and if you mention that this idea is absurd, you will be “punished”. This of course does not survive the reality test for even a nanosecond; therefore they need CONSENT and they need your “UNDERSTANDING”.

If you APPLY for CITIZENSHIP you are effectively begging for something from the government. They’ll make you jump through a bunch of hoops to make sure you’re serious, but in the end a JUSTICE will ACCEPT your OATH and ATTORN you to the LAW SOCIETY. It’s his RIGHT to do so because you figuratively and literally “Asked for it”. You even signed a piece of paper and gave them your picture for your CITIZENSHIP card, which you are now obligated to update every five years.

I, on the other hand, am fifth-generation Canadian, of Scottish descent. I am automatically GRANTED CITIZENSHIP because I was born here. I don’t have to APPLY, beg or swear to anything. Apparently my CITIZENSHIP is PRESUMED.

But I can’t help noticing how my CITIZENSHIP seems different than the CITIZENSHIP a hard-working and determined immigrant struggles so hard to attain. When the Charter was ratified in 1982, and we got a receipt for the UK CANADA ACT called THE CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, which effectively converted CITIZENS into GOVERNMENT AGENTS. You cannot be EMPLOYED in CANADA without a Slave Identification Number (SIN). Did I just say that? I meant the much more reassuring and/or warm-and-fuzzy “Social Insurance Number”! I don’t know why I said that! I don’t mean to imply and/or infer that GOVERNMENT AGENTS are “slaves”, I mean to implicitly and/or explicitly say that GOVERNMENT AGENTS are pieces of garbage who PRESUME they are superior because a piece of paper says so.

That’s the FRAUD that is GOVERNMENT.

When you APPLY for CITIZENSHIP it’s not disclosed to you that you are APPLYING to be an AGENT OF THE GOVERNMENT. If you are GRANTED CITIZENSHIP by birth, try asking the GOVERNMENT for YOUR CITIZENSHIP card. They’ll try to tell you that you don’t need it, and you should reply that you WANT one. They still haven’t lied to you, but after saying that you want one, they will start accusing you of “abusing PROCESS”, or some other bullshit so they don’t have to comply. They’ll say your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is PROOF of CITIZENSHIP, but a CITIZENSHIP card looks official and has your picture on it.

Why don’t they want you to have a cool-looking CITIZENSHIP card with your picture on it? How come the immigrants get a cool card, and we don’t? You’ll know you’ve trapped them when they ask if YOU have a Social Insurance Number. Just because you’re a CITIZEN doesn’t mean you have a Social Insurance Number, and the government is NOT allowed to PRESUME it. The GOVERNMENT will tell you that the only parties LEGALLY ALLOWED to ask you for your SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER are employers (after hiring), Banks/Trust Companies, and the CANADA REVENUE AGENCY. Notice that GOVERNMENT is not in that list. This is an account number in an ORGANIZATION of AGENTS, and the GOVERNMENT DOES NOT INTERFERE with its AGENTS. It can’t. It’s a piece of paper, just like ALL GOVERNMENTS are just a piece of paper. A CHARTER/CONSTITUTION is the FOUNDATION DOCUMENT for an ORGANIZATION, just like your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the FOUNDATION DOCUMENT for your LEGAL NAME (Crown Organization).

All of GOVERNMENT is an ORGANIZATION that EXECUTES POLICY through AGENCY. The GOVERNMENT IS NOT A PERSON. LEGALLY the GOVERNMENT is RECOGNIZED as a “PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL” which reveals the FRAUD of the courts. A “PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL” has no SURETY because a “PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL” is, by its very nature, an AGENT. It is PRESUMED you are a GOVERNMENT AGENT with AUTHORITY to ACT as SURETY for the PERSON. This means that as a GOVERNMENT AGENT you have volunteered to pay some PUBLIC DEBT. As far as the “LEGAL PERSON” is concerned, you are now responsible for that PUBLIC DEBT (SURETY); the LEGAL MATRIX says so. However, in the sinister realm of LEGALESE, the burden is “BELIEF” and PRESUMPTION. Some of you may have guessed over these past two years that I have a nice, healthy contempt for both.

I know from personal experience that the GOVERNMENT NEVER keeps their promises, EVEN IF YOU HAVE IT IN WRITING. As INSURANCE, in 1982 I PUBLICY RESIGNED from GOVERNMENT SERVICE as part of my TRUST obligations; as did every other PARTY who COMMISSIONED the AQUILAE TRUST. This means my only possible interaction with the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA and/or its PROVINCES (ADMINISTRATIVE ZONES) that I can possibly have is through TENDER and/or CONTRACT; just like the GOVERNMENT TENDERS CITIZENSHIP and you CONTRACT to become a CITIZEN (JOINDER).

If you’re ever asked by a “GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL” if you are a CITIZEN, they don’t want you to “PROVE” you are a CITIZEN; they want you to ADMIT you’re a CITIZEN. And a CITIZENSHIP card with your smiling mug on it, is PROOF of what you have admitted. Your PERSON is GUILTY of breaking the rules of CITIZENSHIP. When you APPLY for CITIZENSHIP, you are begging for JOINDER. If you APPLY for CITIZENSHIP, and it’s a LEGAL TITLE, then by default you are literally APPLYING to pay PUBLIC DEBT.

I FORMALLY RESIGNED from GOVERNMENT SERVICE in 1982 which means it is both ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL to PRESUME that I, and/or my PERSON, am a CITIZEN. They can no longer PRESUME I am a CITIZEN because of my place of birth. I can produce to any GOVERNMENT officials who ask, PROOF of this CLAIM, removing any and all PRESUMPTION. This also means they cannot PRESUME JOINDER.

My contempt for the FREE-DUMBERS is not exactly a “State Secret”. People presume because of my openly-hostile stance toward GOVERNMENT and their PRESUMED CONTRACTS, that I must agree with the FREE-DUMBERS, and I MOST CERTAINLY DON’T. Every single FREE-DUMBER I have had the misfortune of meeting, has always turned out to be a different version of duplicitous FRAUD.

If you have a SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER and are “UNEMPLOYED”, and you intend to resign from GOVERNMENT SERVICE, I strongly recommend the following ACCOUNTING; using all your Income Tax Returns calculate a lifetime projection of earnings as accurately as you can, presuming a life span of 75 years. Since the GOVERNMENT doesn’t have any more RIGHTS than you do, and you are acting in good faith, you also don’t want to do anything “ILLEGAL” and/or “UNLAWFUL”. Since we’re dealing with MONEY OF ACCOUNT here, you must abide for the TENDER FOR LAW that money provides (even if the GOVERNMENT doesn’t), but this kind of works in your favour. As of 2002, banks can fractionally reserve 32 times the principal! This means you should do the same. Calculate your lifetime earnings, multiply it by 32 (be sure to cite the ACTS and STATUTES relied upon, because as you’re drafting your formal resignation you are still and AGENT of HER MAJESTY, and therefore it is paramount you remain LEGAL), and LIEN your SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER and BIRTH CERTIFICATE for that amount, citing “FORMAL RESIGNATION” on the LIEN. This renders these accounts unusable and ACTS as PUBLIC RECORD for your RESIGNATION (PROOF).

Let’s return to that base mechanism because it’s very, very important.

You cannot create something that’s greater than its creator. In no real, measurable way, is a piece of paper with scribblings on it “greater” than you. With the possible exception of computer science, you cannot create something “greater than you”. This is a fundamental TRUTH and does not suddenly evaporate when it comes to CITIZENSHIP. It is codified slavery, resulting from codified feudalism, which all of your parents in CANADA cheered for in 1982. Which brings us to what is possibly the greatest segue in the history of THE TENDER FOR LAW…

As I publish this I would like to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE the AQUILAE Navy’s LEGAL WIKI:

Those who have technical sleuthing abilities will note that this domain was registered on the day I met Dean Clifford, which means by default, the LEGAL library which is all but guaranteed to become your only “go-to LEGAL reference” will also serve as a PUBLIC RECORD of when that event occurred. Dean Clifford sat in my living room and watched me REGISTER it. It marked the event. It wasn’t FOR him though; It was for those witnessing. The plan was for this to be the FREE MAN’S “CANLII”, and function as a DIRECT assault on the Law Society who dares claim ownership of YOU.

…so that’s the announcement. (*APPLAUSE*) All of this will go live November 23rd 2014. Yes. The anniversary of Dean Clifford’s Arrest, (which we, affectionately call “Operation:R.O.P.E.-a-DOPE”) because I want EVERYONE paying attention to how Dean is connected to all of this, and the things you’ve seen so far, will be put into context.

…but I digress.

Let’s go back to a previous article, wherein I covered the concept of an ORGANIZATION. That’s what your birth certificate is! It is a record (and CERTIFICATION) of A CROWN ORGANIZATION BEING ORGANIZED. (HER MAJESTY and an ORGANIZATION) When you USE this ORGANIZATION, you are by default, ACTING as HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION…

…but only if you are born here. If you APPLY, you are being ASSIMILATED, and there IS NO ORGANIZATION! YOU ARE JOINING an ORGANIZATION! You are NOT causing that organization TO BE ORGANIZED. In short; when you APPLY for CITIZENSHIP, you are APPLYING TO PAY PUBLIC DEBT. Nothing needs to be ORGANIZED because you are, in fact, a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN. They just don’t tell you that part. It’s always been there, though. SECOND CLASS CITIZEN. READ THOSE WORDS! NOW DO IT AGAIN. ACTUALLY READ THEM applying what you have learned. You will see that NOTHING has changed in CENTURIES. That’s why a FIRST CLASS CITIZEN (I was here first.) cannot get a groovy “official citizenship” card, like a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN can.

To summarize: If you are BORN IN CANADA, a RECORD of a CROWN ORGANIZATION BEING ORGANIZED is created, and a CITIZENSHIP IS AUTOMATICALLY GRANTED.If you COME to CANADA and APPLY for CITIZENSHIP, you are JOINING an EXISTING CROWN ORGANIZATION. This distinction will be VERY important in the future. Just remember that a CITIZEN is a CITIZEN. First or Second Class, doesn’t really matter. It’s still indentured slavery either way. The key is to focus on CROWN ORGANIZATIONS. I’ll say it again (because you’re stupid); The key is CROWN ORGANIZATIONS. As an interesting note: Birth Certificates NO LONGER WARN YOU NOT TO USE IT AS ID, have ONLY ONE signature, and have reference to it being a “FOUNDATION DOCUMENT”, as if that constitutes “notice” of the same thing as was once there.

ALL of these things are PIECES OF FUCKING PAPER! ALL OF THESE PIECES OF PAPER HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON; THEY ALL HAVE THE PRESUMPTION OF BEING “GREATER THAN YOU”, BECAUSE YOU CONSENTED FOR THIS ABSURDITY TO BE SO. You are taught from childhood that pieces of paper with scribblings on them, have some sort of magic “authority” that makes them greater than its creator, and therefore “greater” than YOU. If you point out this absurdity, people call you “criminal” even though you haven’t actually harmed anyone. This too was PROGRAMMED INTO YOU. Somebody PAID to make this a reality. That is how you “prove” government is hostile. Follow the money. Find who pays. More often than not, it’s the CITIZEN. You pay for your own slave chains.

Since the LAW SOCIETY gets to change the meaning of words, and we are all supposedly “equal under the law”, I claim the right to do the same thing. Maybe it will end up in Pete’s Law Dictionary!

a) An INDIVIDUAL who revels in their own ignorance.
b) A GOVERNMENT AGENT who thinks they are “greater” than you.


Why would you APPLY(beg) for such a thing?

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW – LIVE EXAMPLE #001 – PROPER NOTICE FOR IDIOTS (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


In one of the many ongoing AQUILAE initiatives, I have cause to produce a NOTICE.

Since I’m using THE TENDER FOR LAW as a notebook for my students, I figure I might as well “kill two birds with one stone” by discussing the aspects of NOTICE here, more specifically PROPER NOTICE.

As a secondary objective we shall learn the difference between a GIFT and a COURTESY.

*spoiler alert* – Courtesy doesn’t mean what you think it means, because like money a COURTESY is, in fact, a…


As long as there have been professions, there have been LAWs governing them; and a courtesy is one of the oldest tenders for LAW, because it governs the oldest profession. You see, my friends, COURTESIES are for COURTESANS, because THEY’RE THE ONES GETTING FUCKED. If you ACCEPT a COURTESY, you accept that you’re the one getting fucked. I can’t put it any simpler. This is why you NEVER accept courtesies from the government.


The COURT is not a PERSON.

…and if you accept a courtesy from the court, you are putting it on the PUBLIC RECORD that in ALL LEGAL EXCHANGES, YOU’RE THE ONE GETTING FUCKED!

A GIFT, on the other hand…

… is exactly what you think it means.

Digressing from the spoiler alert (because when I “spoil” it’s hard core), and returning to the NOTICE, I shall now discuss the practical aspects of PROPER NOTICE. We’ll start with one of the simplest notices:



Yes it is, however the LEGAL strength of this notice is dependent on WHERE THE NOTICE IS. The terms of the notice, “KEEP OFF THE GRASS”, is far different for a PUBLIC PARK than say, for example… A HOUSE FULL OF RUSSIAN MOBSTERS. Ignoring the NOTICE has DIFFERENT CONSEQUENCES depending on WHERE IT IS. If you are going to wield LAW, your NUMBER ONE GOAL SHOULD BE TO REMOVE VARIABLES, and I have just described a big one!

How do you remove this variable?

Let’s look at another PUBLIC NOTICE that all of us have seen.


On the surface, “NO PARKING” and “KEEP OFF THE GRASS” are functionally the same, however, unlike “KEEP OFF THE GRASS”, a “NO PARKING” sign will also give you notice as to WHO PUT IT THERE. This removes the variables that “KEEP OFF THE GRASS” has.

We have removed the question as to WHO is saying this, and as a byproduct, the consequences of ignoring the notice. As I’ve mentioned throughout the TENDER FOR LAW, the question “WHO are you?” puts the court in the most jeopardy. Identifying WHO you are when giving a notice creates what’s called “PROPER NOTICE”. The primary goal of a LEGAL document is to remove all possible variables to accomplish its goal. “NO PARKING” is pretty specific. It reduces the variables to “PARKED”, and “NOT PARKED”. “NOT PARKED” is the GOAL of the notice. “PARKED” is something to be discouraged.

If it is a TRUST and not a PERSON WHO posts the NOTICE, it is what is known as a BY-LAW. This means that should you choose (of your own free will) to interact with the TRUST, you are subject to the BY-LAWS. TRUST LAW is the HIGHEST LAW. It trumps ADMIRALTY LAW. It trumps CANON LAW. It is the HIGHEST LAW.

Thus endeth the preamble. Let’s draw us up a NOTICE.

In this particular case a VESSEL has been LAWFULLY transferred to the AQUILAE TRUST.

As this VESSEL is NOT in AQUILAE’s custody, a PUBLIC NOTICE must be given laying CLAIM to the VESSEL. This permanently curtails any SALVAGE RIGHTS on said VESSEL. If you construct a VESSEL it is VERILY YOUR RIGHT to transfer ownership of said VESSEL, but one must remember, one does not own the SOUL of the VESSEL, and should the SOUL speak, their word is LAW. If you want to find this LAW, you have only to look in the CAPTAIN’s Log; for the CAPTAIN is the SOUL in question.

Now like every other LEGAL document, the first line on the LEGAL document MUST state what the document is.

CERTIFICATES, BONDS and NOTES are often mistakenly called LEGAL DOCUMENTS, when their actual LEGAL status is, “VALUABLE INSTRUMENT”. It’s not “LEGAL INSTRUMENT” because “LEGAL” does not indicate VALUE. The name itself, says what it is; an INSTRUMENT you can attach VALUE to. But we’re not dealing with “VALUABLE INSTRUMENTS”, because we are transferring this VESSEL from the LOWEST LAW (ADMIRALTY) to the HIGHEST LAW (TRUST). This pulls it out of the ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION.

I’m sure some of you are putting this together already, so I’ll just give away the ending, because I’m a total dick that way.

In ADMIRALTY, on land, you are considered a “VESSEL” in dry dock. You’re not a corporation, you’re a boat in the eyes of ADMIRALTY LAW. You are a VESSEL “ON-THE-HARD” in marine slang. If you are ever in a marina you will notice that the marina leaves everybody who is docked, alone. They won’t speak to the CAPTAINS unless spoken to, and the CAPTAINS are given the utmost respect…

…until they pull your boat out of the water.

When the VESSEL is “ON-THE-HARD” you are now in the marina’s “CUSTODY”, and your STATUS is very, very, different; and this, above all, is why you treat the HARBOUR MASTER with the highest respect. My experience has shown that doing this ALWAYS pays off…

…but I digress.

Let’s construct the first line of our document.

The first line of the document MUST state WHAT IT IS.

Since this is intended to be a PUBLIC NOTICE, it makes sense that “PUBLIC NOTICE” be the first line. There is now no confusion as to what this document IS, and WHO it is . It is not addressing a particular INDIVIDUAL. This means if you give a PUBLIC NOTICE to an INDIVIDUAL, you are DEEMED to have done so as a COURTESY. You’ve already read the spoiler so I’m not building the plot up.

As a courtesy, a copy of this PUBLIC NOTICE (with some redacted shit filled in) will be sent by registered mail to a LAWYER who mistakenly BELIEVES he/she/it has INTEREST in the VESSEL. As an extra COURTESY, a copy of the LIEN on the VESSEL will be included, because we at AQUILAE, if nothing else, are very, very, COURTEOUS.

The next line in any LEGAL DOCUMENT must list any PARTIES being referred to. Since this is a PUBLIC NOTICE there are no PARTIES to list. Therefore PUBLIC NOTICE meets all LEGAL obligation.

After this point in the document, all UNDERTAKINGS must be listed.

So if I posted a PUBLIC NOTICE, I am, in fact, POSTING A BILL. A BILL is also a TENDER FOR LAW. When you receive a BILL for your meal, your ACCEPTANCE makes it LAW.

When you give an ORDER, you have pre-accepted the LAW, and the BILL is simply a FORMality (Everybody GET THAT?).

A BILL in PARLIAMENT is supposedly ordered by the CITIZENS, or “DEEMED ORDERED” by the CITIZENS. This is why the phrase, “POST NO BILLS”, is often found on temporary structures with flat surfaces. “POST NO BILLS” = “POST NO TENDERS FOR LAW”; This means you have been PROPERLY NOTIFIED (PROPER NOTICE because a BILL is a TENDER FOR LAW).



For instance, BILL C1,1985 is a BILL nobody accepted, simply because there’s no sane person that would accept, THE INCOME TAX ACT.

This act has been AMENDED MANY, MANY TIMES, but has never been ACCEPTED into LAW, and like the deluded Christians you’ll find on Dean’s Facebook page, the GOVERNMENT will pretend not to know this, and will IGNORE/ATTACK those who point it out or give PROPER NOTICE.

This is one of the dirtiest “hidden-in-plain-sight” secrets in LAW. The Income Tax Act that was once LAW, for the purpose of paying for the war, expired DECADES AGO, and people just kept paying.

They govern these PAYMENTS OF IGNORANCE through an OUTSOURCED THIRD-PARTY. Douglas Levitt didn’t come into my home with a gun. Cowards don’t do that, and ALL LAWYERS ARE COWARDS. These are strangers who harm people for money. Only cowards choose such a profession. If they wish to inflict violence, they outsource to a third-party, and pay them…

Where was I? OH YES! I remember…


However in our case, we are going to POST our PUBLIC NOTICE by way of the POSTAL SERVICE.

The POSTal SERVICE (Everybody GET THAT?)

The POSTAL SERVICE is a service provided for POSTING TENDERS FOR LAW. So when you send a REGISTERED letter via the POSTAL SERVICE, this service also BEARS WITNESS (and gives a RECEIPT for it) to the fact that NOTICE was posted to a specific PARTY.

Now; In the interest of time, I shall now draw out that PUBLIC NOTICE, because the PARTY I’m drafting the document for, is wondering why I’m not on the phone with him right now, drafting it with him.

Drafting documents in public is a lot like fucking in public. Many parties will consider it in bad taste, some might even find it disgusting, but in the end it rarely happens, and it’s fun to watch.

What? Am I wrong?

So let’s draft this document RIGHT NOW.



TAKE NOTICE that the VESSEL known as ***redacted shit here*** is now the LAWFUL PROPERTY of the AQUILAE TRUST per the wishes of ***redacted shit here***’S CREATOR and GRANTOR.



Questions regarding this NOTICE may be addressed to the DULY AUTHORIZED TRUSTEE CORPORATION, [ROGUESUPPORT INC.] at (416) 994-1700.

AQUILAE TRUST SEAL (Insert lower right)


And there’s everything you need for A NOTICE.

Viewing women who are “lubed up” by this awesomeness are, of course, invited to drop by for a ride. Extra points if you show up in a “Naughty Schoolgirl” outfit.

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: DEFAMATORY LIBEL FOR IDIOTS; A Serendipitously, Happily-Coincidental Article (c) 1982-2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In case none of you read that LICENSE, that means that no COMMERCE is expected and/or IMPLIED…again, in case you are confused. Only members of THE TENDER FOR LAW will understand why that’s so important. ALSO: there are no “answers” here, just a “setting of the scene” as it were…

Since THE TENDER FOR LAW is about LAW and COMMERCE, and more specifically how you don’t get what you pay for (especially as regards the law part), I very rarely touch on the “Clubhouse Rules” for the club you clearly are not a part of; and my contempt for the people who worship such things, is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD.

Today is a little different. You see it’s time to dust off these nasty little artifacts in the past that I am notorious for collecting and doing nothing with. Those of you who follow our adventures will recall a case where transcripts were forged. Two years has passed since I told you about that. It is now time to call people to ACCOUNT. In order to do that we must examine the RULES OF LAW in COMMERCE. This is the JURISDICTION in which most people function. It is from this JURISDICTION that THE ADMIRAL has been attacked. The key word here is ADMIRAL. AQUILAE is not “secret”, but it is a TRUST. If you’re holding the role of ADMIRAL you are literally holding LEGAL TITLE to every real-world item in the TRUST. Is it because I’m “arrogant”, and I need the “AUTHORITY” to stroke my “ego”? If you think that after all this time, close this page and never read another word I ever have to say. You are far too determined to miss the point, and I am no match for your awesome stupidity.

…I digress.

Today we’re covering the very interesting CRIMINAL CODE OFFENSE of DEFAMATORY LIBEL. DEFAMATORY LIBEL is covered in Section 300 of the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA. You never hear of people being charged with this as it carries a stupidly large burden to overcome. All successful DEFAMATORY LIBEL complaints have been filed privately. It is an oddity in “Criminal law” that private complaints are rarely successful, except in the cases of DEFAMATORY LIBEL. Those of you who UNDERSTAND THE TENDER FOR LAW know that all laws have the following things in common:

There is always a MONETARY VALUE attached to the REMEDY (LEGAL).


A LICENSE is permission to perform an ILLEGAL/UNLAWFUL act.

So let’s examine Section 300 of the CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA.

First let’s cover the Legislation:

Punishment of libel known to be false s300. Every one who publishes a defamatory libel that he knows is false is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 264.

Punishment for defamatory libel

301. Every one who publishes a defamatory libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 265.

Extortion by libel

302. (1) Every one commits an offence who, with intent

(a) to extort money from any person, or (b) to induce a person to confer on or procure for another person an appointment or office of profit or trust,

publishes or threatens to publish or offers to abstain from publishing or to prevent the publication of a defamatory libel.

Idem(2) Every one commits an offence who, as the result of the refusal of any person to permit money to be extorted or to confer or procure an appointment or office of profit or trust, publishes or threatens to publish a defamatory libel.

Punishment(3) Every one who commits an offence under this section is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 266.

As I explain this particular hypothetical case, I’m going to use some hypothetical names so you can identify the hypothetical parties.

First we have “THE ADMIRAL”, a noble, trust-worthy man.

Next we have “Sanctimonious Chink”, a SUPERNUMERARY who is “above the law”, because she’s “LICENSED”.

And finally we have “Libellous Cunt”, a giant, gelatinous blob entrusted with BEARING WITNESS to events in a court and recording them.

…At this point I would like to offer the disclaimer that any similarity between characters mentioned here and any PERSONS, living, dead or planning to be dead, is just a happy coincidence. We don’t know these people, and if you know people like this, you keep bad company and have far larger issues than I to deal with.

Can I write a disclaimer or what?

…I digress.

Let’s begin our story. But before we do, I just want to say that I’m ripping this whole “story shit” off from Ceit. I figured I’d try my hand at it. So here it goes…

Once upon a time the brave, handsome, strapping, noble ADMIRAL found himself in court before “Sanctimonious Chink”, which is strange because “Sanctimonious Chink” normally tries criminal cases; but I suppose she’s just like any other woman – she just wanted to be near “THE ADMIRAL”. Whilst indulging her secret lust, “Sanctimonious Chink” noticed that “THE ADMIRAL” owned his property outright and had no debt. She also noticed that one of her weasely colleagues was attempting to invent “debt” in order to relieve “THE ADMIRAL” of his property. When “THE ADMIRAL” stood and fought he was first branded “crazy”, and when all the people who determine that sort of thing told “Sanctimonious Chink” to fuck off with that shit; and if they tried it again, they’d find themselves holding a huge bill. “Sanctimonious Chink” realized there was a problem. A lot of uncomfortable shit was going to be spilled onto the PUBLIC RECORD so she needed to “head this off at the pass”. Fortunately for “Sanctimonious Chink” she had the power to direct all underlings that deal with her (its?) “court”!

Meanwhile, down the street, “Libellous Cunt” was oozing into her office chair when the phone rang – A LICENSED SUPERNUMERARY that instructed her to come down for a meeting and sign something she knew wasn’t true, to which she responded,”Tee hee?”. And…the rest was history.

“Sanctimonious Chink” still had a bit of a problem. She tried issuing WARRANTS for arrest; she tried sending police out to intimidate others who knew “THE ADMIRAL”, but suddenly lots of people started ordering the transcript of the hearing she swept under the carpet. She told her ATTORNEY GENERAL underlings to sound the alarm and to eject anyone who referenced this case. Finally a not-white guy named…um. Mart…ian …um Suttonhotel! Ya, that’s it…Martian Suttonhotel! That’s who did it! (Again, I totally made that up on the spot so it can’t be anybody real!). Anyway, Martian Suttonhotel had previously seen a video recorded at that hearing, and an audio recording of the whole hearing, because the camera man got kidnapped halfway through, by “Sanctimonious Chink’s” AGENTS. He fully expected the transcript to match what was being said. Now you, the reader, may not know anything of “THE ADMIRAL”, but I assure you that “THE ADMIRAL” is most verbose. Of all the things said of him “silent and reserved” is not one of them. The aforementioned video/audio does nothing to refute this position. …except the transcript didn’t reflect that. In fact when “THE ADMIRAL” did speak on the transcript, the words were either spoken at some other time in the hearing, or were simply fabrications. This of course frightened Martian Suttonhotel, so he went to his only source of guidance, Rape-baby-zombie Jesus! Rape-baby-zombie Jesus, of course, answered his prayer by advising that he run away like a cowardly bitch. …and we never saw “Martian” again. Presumably he’s on Mars with Rape-baby-zombie Jesus.

Fortunately while he was running away like a cowardly, little bitch, who had just witnessed a crime he didn’t want to be involved in, he left the transcripts in question.

“Sanctimonious Chink” isn’t worried because she is “above the law”. You were brought up to believe that “nobody is above the law”, and yet you see on a daily basis that there are a whole shit-load of people who are “above the law”. Those with the title, “JUSTICE” are a prime example. “Sanctimonious Chink” is indisputably BREACHING the PUBLIC TRUST and committing a crime. There’s nothing you can do about it. There is however, somebody in this tale who is not “above the law” in any JURISDICTION, and who is certainly “accountable” for what she “swears is true”. That, of course, is “Libellous Cunt”. So, using the above legislation, let’s just see if she is qualified to be “guilty” of this OFFENSE.

301. Every one who publishes a defamatory libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 265.

TWO YEARS?? WOW! That’s something “THE ADMIRAL” could appreciate! Locking “Libellous Cunt” up for two years really tickles “THE ADMIRAL’s” sense of JUSTICE. He’s in! So, what do we have to do to convict this “Libellous Cunt”?

Publishing Defamatory Libel Known to be False

To successfuly convict someone of Defamatory Libel you MUST

– identity of the accused as the culprit, the jurisdiction of the incident, the time and date of the incident, AND that the accused published materials AND that the materials are defamatory libel AND the accused knows the materials are false

Publishing Defamatory Libel


identity of the accused as the culprit
the jurisdiction of the incident
the time and date of the incident
accused publishes materials
the materials is defamatory libel

“Libellous Cunt” is guilty of one of these two (There is a third; “Extortion by Libel”, but it doesn’t apply here). Above you see the burden that the CROWN must overcome to successfully prosecute this case. Did “Libellous Cunt” KNOW the materials were false? Of course she did. She “swore” that she used actual audio transcripts. “THE ADMIRAL” KNOWS that even the best audio editor on the planet could not cut/paste phrases “THE ADMIRAL” said, into an audio file, and have it come out anything close to what the transcript said. This becomes glaringly obvious when listening to ACTUAL audio of the court proceedings. It looks like “she’s” qualified to be a guest of HER MAJESTY for a term not exceeding two years.

…except that the offence of publishing defamatory libel under s. 301 is of no force and effect as it violates s. 2 of the Charter is not savable under s. 1 of the Charter.[1]

R v Lucas (1995) 129 Sask R 53 (QB)R. v. Byron Prior, 2008 NLTD 80R. v. Gill, 1996 CarswellOnt 1314 (Gen. Div.)

You’ll recall at the beginning of this article, it was implied that this particular CRIMINAL CODE OFFENSE is a real bitch to prosecute.

…except “Libellous Cunt” KNEW that what she was SWEARING TO and releasing to the PUBLIC RECORD was, in fact, false. Does that prove INTENT? That’s unknown. “Sanctimonious Chink”, being “above the law”, often threatens her underlings when it looks like they may question her “SUPREME AUTHORITY”. This means “Libellous Cunt” was acting UNDER DURESS. This normally would absolve her of LIABILITY, except she holds the PUBLIC TRUST. When you PAY MONEY for a CERTIFIED copy of the PUBLIC RECORD, we at THE TENDER FOR LAW know that the case has been SECURITIZED. In ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW there is only one “crime”, and that’s INTERFERENCE WITH COMMERCE. COMMERCE relies on these accurate records. Courts who receive SWORN TRANSCRIPTS as EVIDENCE, ACCEPT them as FACT. “Libellous Cunt’s” act is interference with both JUSTICE and COMMERCE!

Fair report of public meeting308. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes in good faith, in a newspaper, a fair report of the proceedings of any public meeting if

(a) the meeting is lawfully convened for a lawful purpose and is open to the public; (b) the report is fair and accurate; (c) the publication of the matter complained of is for the public benefit; and (d) he does not refuse to publish in a conspicuous place in the newspaper a reasonable explanation or contradiction by the person defamed in respect of the defamatory matter.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 272.

I think we can eliminate this as a possibility. So I think we can establish that “Libellous Cunt” is guilty of DEFAMATORY LIBEL on the INSTRUCTION and MALICE of “Sanctimonious Chink”.

…and now the problem. Who does “THE ADMIRAL” go to? The courts? Talk about pleading to your rapist! “THE ADMIRAL” has the ability/AUTHORITY to conjure money into existence, except there are two JURISDICTIONS “THE ADMIRAL” frequents, which have very strict rules regarding PERSONS with the ability to do this. In short, monetary gain from a prosecution, or even monetary benefit as a REMEDY is UNLAWFUL in two JURISDICTIONS. Fortunately “THE ADMIRAL” doesn’t care about that shit. He wants “Libellous Cunt” locked up. He then wants all the people who KNOWINGLY ACTED on “Libellous Cunt’s” publication, to be locked up. Who does “THE ADMIRAL” go to for that? Money doesn’t mean much to “THE ADMIRAL”, but “Libellous Cunt” relies on money, and fortunately “THE ADMIRAL” has the ability to stop money as well as start it. So “THE ADMIRAL” is going to get a REGISTERED AGENT and file a COMMERCIAL LIEN and a MARITIME LIEN on “Libellous Cunt’s” assets. …except at this point, that would be ILLEGAL. There are CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS here.

As much as AMERICAN television would have you believe, the threat of “give me money or I’ll charge you” is the very definition of EXTORTION…except GOVERNMENT does that all the time, especially in criminal cases. Surprisingly they’re not doing it ILLEGALLY. As “THE ADMIRAL” is clearly a victim of “Libellous Cunt’s” intentional act, “THE ADMIRAL” would be what we refer to in legal circles as the “wronged PARTY”. At this point the “wronged PARTY” has absolute discretion as to what they consider ACCEPTABLE REMEDY. Most “wronged PARTIES” waive this SUPREME RIGHT by handing it over to the CROWN. If the CROWN is prosecuting this case as part of a larger case, the CROWN has the AUTHORITY to OFFER IMMUNITY from CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. Take note that once this is offered, you no longer have the “RIGHT to remain silent”. The reason this right is defined is to comply with the CONSTITUTIONAL requirements regarding self-incrimination. If you are immune from prosecution, you do not have the RIGHT to refuse to answer. In the CIVIL JURISDICTION, THE ADMIRAL has that same AUTHORITY. “THE ADMIRAL” can offer immunity in exchange for a SWORN AFFIDAVIT TESTIFYING as to why “Libellous Cunt” felt compelled to commit the criminal act in question. This will of course fall on “Sanctimonious Chink” and in a perfect world, that would lead to a domino effect, and all the guilty PARTIES would be punished.

…Alas this world is far from perfect. “THE ADMIRAL” is an Admiral because he owns/runs a PRIVATE NAVY filled with people escaping GOVERNMENT corruption. Who the fuck has a navy? Why is this even a thing?

You see all “THE ADMIRAL” can do is PUBLICLY walk through the “right motions” with lots of people viewing, and hopefully enough of you will see that it doesn’t matter if you do everything “LEGALLY and LAWFULLY”; the entire system is rigged. Then hopefully people will realize that there’s nobody coming to save them, that all this shit is real, and that they’d better wake up and do something fast! This is a big interference in “THE ADMIRAL’s” life. He is a very busy man, and he knows that anyone reading his TESTIMONY is too ignorant and/or apathetic to do anything useful. That’s ok, because “THE ADMIRAL” is always LEGAL and LAWFUL even when everyone else is not. That’s why you always see him looking down his nose as though he’s better than you…IT’S BECAUSE HE’S BETTER THAN YOU!

The whole purpose of this little tale is to set the backdrop for the next phase of THE TENDER FOR LAW. Along with telling you the truth and making you drink your own piss (we totally make you do that) THE TENDER FOR LAW will also feature a real-world case that is startlingly similar to this one, although any similarities between these people and the characters in the story are purely coincidental. Honest.

First we’ll spill out the damning evidence. As this article is being typed AQUILAE NAVY code-monkeys are furiously typing as we speak, and they are chopping everything up into bite-sized pieces so everyone can follow along. As always, materials published by AQUILAE and/or ROGUE SUPPORT INC. are all released into the CREATIVE COMMONS unless stated otherwise.

As the transcript is in bound hard-copy form, double-spaced on 8X11 paper, we will use that as our format; each page and it’s “matching” audio/video. I know this sounds long and drawn out, but you needn’t fret. The comparison becomes painful really quickly. In your head you’ll have “her” convicted by the second page. I’ll keep going, but it will just be for PUBLIC RECORD purposes. I don’t encourage “binge watching/reading” as the comments on this article will surely encourage, unless you have taken some sort of alcoholic or pharmacological relaxant to deal with uncontrolled rage. It is not healthy mentally to watch blatant corruption layed out before you. Like “Sanctimonious Chink” in our little story, Wailan LOW, the JUSTICE you will see in the videos and hear in the audio, normally prosecutes criminal cases. This means on her own corrupt whim, she has imprisoned your fellow man to extort value from them. These are the types of people who are “JUSTICES”, and they truly believe it’s their “RIGHT” to do this.

And as the comments in this article become longer and longer, and more and more gets handed out (which is totally a trick I stole from Edward Snowden), you’ll be forced to ask yourselves some very hard questions. You are at the end of your civilization. I am showing you what causes it to fall; because it’s not just the piece-of-shit Christians legislating people’s RIGHTS away. It’s not just the piece-of-shit Muslims threatening violence if you dare mention that they have an evil, ignorant, violent, mysogynist ideology; and it’s not about the piece-of-shit Jew who makes an entire “protected” culture out of exploiting your ignorance of commerce; and it’s not just about the corrupt by-products of this. It’s about your children’s future. It’s about your civilization’s future. These evil, vile, worthless people in GOVERNMENT exist to take all of it from you. Need proof? Just look at “your” birth certificate.

While you’re pondering all this, ask yourself what you’re going to do about it; because if you don’t, then it is reasonable to believe that nobody will. Two years ago Dean Clifford approached AQUILAE and was ratified into the TRUST, and immediately BREACHED it. He is one of your “gurus”, who mixes truth and hypocrisy to sell his wares and play imaginary victim. Everyone in AQUILAE is there because they purchased LAW with THE TENDER FOR LAW, and they didn’t get what they paid for. AQUILAE is OUR REMEDY, not the GOVERNMENT’s.

Consider what you are about to see closely. I have the role of ADMIRAL because my CAPTAINS TRUST me. While you’re looking AT me, you’re not looking FOR them. I’m very good at my job! And because all of my presence on FaceBook is an UNDERTAKING spelled out in a J.A.G. ORDER, I can honestly say regarding everything that I’m doing, that…

“It’s all perfectly LEGAL”.

“There was a COURT ORDER”.

“I’m just doing my job”.

…and the ATTORNEY GENERAL can suck my cock.

-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: AN OMNIJURISDICTIONAL NOTICE (c) 1982-2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.



It’s 2015. Things are getting darker, but you are getting smarter. You see now, or at least grasp, how to gain wealth and power, but you are at a loss as to what to do with it if you succeed. I have GREAT news! Now you have an answer! WAR! LET’S PRACTICE!

First, let’s cover the story so far:

1) I tried “nice” and “patient” and nobody listened to the answers they seek from me.

2) I tried DEMONSTRATING IN REALITY that ALL that I say is true. You who watched that, step-by-step SAW IN REALITY what I was saying was true, and you ran away.

3) I FUCKING LICENCE YOUR FUCKING ANSWERS. This a DIRECT ASSAULT on the law society. It’s a trick I learned from Hezbollah! You know how they set up bases at orphanages, and hospitals, so the jooz can’t bomb them? Well this is the evil LEGAL twin sister of that. I “nest” in Creative Commons. If you are too stupid to see the ethical flaw in that, you are not in ANY position to call me on it. AND YOU STILL DIDN’T LISTEN.

So now the WAR ON “WRONG” BEGINS. You who do not grasp WHY ALL BELIEF IS EVIL, shall pay the price, and it’s time to start paying! Those that OWE me have HUGE bills, and I’M COLLECTING ALL DEBTS, SO IF YOU OWE ME, PAY ATTENTION!

Those who KNOW me, and KNOW what I have done, won’t begrudge me my due, I’m sure.

PROBLEM: What TOLL do I exact?

What value do you, who think “Astrology”= “Science” is a true statement, have, that someone, who creates REAL MONEY from KNOWLEDGE, could possibly need or want?

…nothing! Even if you have a LOT of “money”, I will ALWAYS have more. MY MONEY IS BETTER TOO! Yours is on an exponential curve of worthless! Yet MANY of you VALUE it and LABOUR for it, and then have TRIED to SEND ME FIAT MONEY!…and I have refused it, though I cherish the intent in a way that brings me to tears, and in a way you CANNOT understand, but I cannot accept your gift. IF I HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE IT, I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE IT! Banking regulations are VERY clear on that shit!Even with my famous “CASH UP FRONT, OR PAY WITH YOUR CUNT” deal, means I MUST DEPOSIT THE CASH, and NEVER SPEND IT! Every time you DON’T pay with your cunt, you buy a stranger a LIFE JACKET, or a FIRST AID kit, OR EVEN A NEW SET OF SAILS! Although if you are spending so much on ME that you are buying a set of KEVLAR SAILS for the fleet, you REALLY need to reconsider offering up your body, because that’s just BAD BUSINESS!

…I digress.

Oh sure it would make things a LITTLE more convenient, but what price will I pay for that “helping hand”? A high one to be sure! It’s ILLEGAL for me to accept. I am NOT a government employee. LEGALLY I WAS a FREEMAN (No, not fucking “Free-dumber-on-the-lamb”, the ACTUAL, LEGAL KIND! I WORKED FOR IT! I EARNED IT! It’s the ONLY LEGAL VALUE THERE IS!) until the terms in the contract were violated by the LAW SOCIETY…

…except that’s just ONE jurisdiction. The thing is, I dwell in THREE.

Consider: If YOU are “Government” and I AM a LEGAL FREEMAN, I CANNOT BE in ADMIRALTY, and it is UNLAWFUL TO PRESUME THAT I AM. Try to cheat in the “free” jurisdiction (Because there is NO enforcement outside of your FREEMAN target, himself/herself) I just step into ADMIRALTY ITSELF! BOLD MOVE for ANYONE… It’s SCARY, UNEXPECTED, and AWESOME!…except if you happen to be A FUCKING ADMIRAL. Seriously, I almost feel like it’s cheating. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight; By default you win. So… What are my OTHER options?

I COULD use my Noble title! Prorogued, or not, the Piece-of-Shit Christians are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to protect my NOBLE RIGHTS (Yes, even jus primae noctis! It’s one of my FAVOURITES!) and sadly, as history has shown, they are very good at their jobs.

…but it’s a coward’s solution, built by cowards, who nurture, breed, and exploit the ignorant. (Note to the outside reader: That’s you)

And now a quick shout-out to some of the nobility FORCED to read this group! IT’S TRUE! It’s TOTALLY A THING! Once in a while, someone with NOBLE TITLE will piss off someone with GREATER NOBLE TITLE; For example, someone DARED say one of Liz Windsor’s Corgis are something other than one of the cutest fucking things in the history of the world, EVER (Which I totally think they are. Honest, Liz! They ARE!), and they get “punished” by doing schep work for and in the interests of the Nobility at large. AND WATCHING ME IS TOTALLY ONE OF THOSE JOBS! REALLY! Anyway, you can ignore it. I’m just performing an undertaking. I ALWAYS keep my oaths.I MUST give PROPER NOTICE in three jurisdictions, and we ALL know that an AGENT SERVED is a PARTY SERVED!



THOSE OF US WHO CHOSE THIS ROUTE OF HIDING BEHIND A STAINED TITLE, HEED MY WARNING! YOU WILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO YOUR CHILDREN WHY YOU HATE YOURSELF SO MUCH, ONE DAY! You will either have to keep them ignorant, which is cruelty you cannot sustain, or you will have to reveal what a coward you are. Those are the ONLY choices you have left, and you will NOT be able to live with either one. You all know who I am. You all know my era is coming. I am not your judge. That’s YOUR job. You’ll be good at it. Trust me! 😉

…or if you DO ACTUALLY TRUST ME, sign your authority and title to AQUILAE. Standing in front of me WILL destroy you. Standing BESIDE ME, WILL REDEEM YOU! This ADMIRAL who has SWORN AN OATH you one of YOUR HOUSES, NEEDS AUTHORITY, AND I NEED IT NOW.

I’m sorry you have to dwell in the realm of those who can ACTUALLY CLAIM IGNORANCE, to receive this notice, but this is all I’m willing to do; THE BARE MINIMUM, and that is more than you deserve. You already know that I am the LAST CHOPPER OUT OF SAIGON! It’s my navy, and my rules. YOU don’t even get to feign ignorance! I do not abide lies, and I have SHOWN HOW TO LIVE AS WHAT YOU HAVE ONLY PRETENDED TO BE THESE PAST THREE CENTURIES. You DON’T HAVE IGNORANCE AS AN EXCUSE! YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT. THIS ISN’T 1984! I AM NOT THE IGNORANT CHILD YOU TRIED TO CHANGE THOSE DECADES AGO!




…I digress.

Anyway, as you can guess, this has been a puzzle I have recently solved.

When the worthless claim ignorance as knowledge, I counter with those who suffer their ignorance, and still do more for you, than their (your?) ignorant little minds can grasp.

My war on “ignorance is a virtue” begins now. Grow up, or die. Those will be your choices. In the meantime, PAY THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO MADE ALL THE THINGS, THAT MAKE YOU RICHER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY KING IN HISTORY, EVEN POSSIBLE!

You can do it by choice, because it’s right, or we will MAKE you, later. They’ve suffered your ignorance long enough. Pay your debts.

By the time you grasp how much you owe, ONE THIRD of the world’s money will be cryptographic. If you grasp the exponential function, AQUILAE will control the world’s money supply IN MY LIFETIME. To what end? THE MOST ignorant among you are laughing, as if I think I’m some Saturday Morning Cartoon Villian. WE will control it, TO FREE IT! It’s a ONE-WAY TRIP! It can NEVER be changed.

Let that sink in…IF PEOPLE GIVE ME POWER, I IMMEDIATLY GIVE IT BACK TO THEM, BUT UNDER MY TERMS! Those terms are no different than they were before, when YOU had the power! YOU JUST DON’T GET TO CHANGE THEM! Much like the LICENCE on this NOTICE (which applies to all AUTHORISED dirivitives, FYI) CANNOT BE CHANGED! EVER!


Your money has NO value to me, but the people you OWE will be REALLY happy to take all you can GIFT them. You can use the reciept to PAY YOUR DEBT TO ME! Think of me as a REALLY ANGRY version of “Robin Hood”. Robin Hood simply returned to the people what was RIGHTFULLY THEIRS! BIG FUCKING DEAL! I’m forcing you to look at the people your ignorance hurts, and to MAKE YOU APOLOGISE in a LEGAL maner. If you owe me, I will rip your life apart, both LEGALLY, and LAWFULLY if you do not pay your debt. I inflict subtle wounds of truth, that fester. I talk all this “crazy talk”, but those who have been following me, are noticing that I’m not as crazy as it first appears. Some of you have actually declared that I have THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING(TM)! A terrifying foe to be sure!

A NON NEGOTIABLE RECIEPT is all it takes for me to suddenly feel “forgiving” of any debt you owe. Terrifying foes are less terrifying if they aren’t looking at you.

So, if you haven’t been following my timeline, here are the first two people you owe:

Peter Tatum


Werner Koch…/the-worlds-email-encryption-sof…

He has a BLOG! 😀 (Don’t Judge) It’s at These are the first two. There are 2140 people you owe, remaining. (2142 In total? 2142? Yes.)Budget accordingly.

This is going to be a LONG comments thread! BRACE YOURSELVES!




-Scott Duncan

THE TENDER FOR LAW: JOINDER FOR IDIOTS (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Well, spring is here. The days are getting longer, tulips and other spring shit are showing up; I’m sure somewhere there are robins and stuff, and the FREE-DUMBERS seem to have bred and left shit-stains all over. It’s time to do something about that.Today we are going to discuss the LEGAL NAME, the different case and spelling, and what it REALLY means.Your average FREE-DUMBER will say your capitalized name is a “CORPORATION”, and will attempt to sound smart by saying Latin phrases like, “Capitus Dickus Erectus“, or some other such nonsense that has no bearing on reality. The case and spelling of your name is the direct result of administrative policy – and nothing more. As many of you former fuck-wits have learned, none of this is hidden. They must give NOTICE, so they can make their presumptions, because “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

Let’s just cover the various classes of names and what they mean here in reality.The GOVERNMENT (mistakenly) knows me as John Scott Duncan.The GOVERNMENT may also mistakenly know me as JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN….and the GOVERNMENT may FRAUDULENTLY “know” me as John Scott, DUNCAN.So what’s the difference? What do these names really mean? Since I always give away the answer right at the beginning, (this article contains spoilers), you’ll notice in the last example I stated it was FRAUD. Those of you with IQ’s above room temperature will realize that I do not consent to joinder with the GOVERNMENT, and therefore any indication of such joinder is FRAUD.

To be clear, John Scott, DUNCAN indicates joinder and is, in fact, FRAUD. It is in fact FRAUD because the AQUILAE TRUST exists. Those of you who have followed the history know that the AQUILAE TRUST was commissioned in 1982. In order to fulfill their duties, the commissioners of that TRUST, in order to act as trustees, MUST RESIGN from ANY and ALL GOVERNMENT service. Emphasis on the word, RESIGN. Say the word out loud – “RESIGN”. Not “NOTICE OF FREE-DUMB UNDERSTANDING AND RETARDEDLY CLAIMING LEGAL RIGHTS”. Seriously, Free-Dumbers! What the fuck is up with that? I know there are some stupid dumb-ass FREE-DUMBERS reading this, so answer me this; If you’re claiming “RIGHTS” from an ORGANIZATION that only has LEGAL RIGHTS to “OFFER”, exactly what kind of rights do you think you’re CLAIMING?

…I digress.

Put yourself in a GOVERNMENT worker’s shoes. In this example we’ll use one of the infiltrators who are currently residing in this group. Suspending disbelief to an extreme proportion, we’ll cover the extremely unlikely scenario of one of you infiltrators realizing that you’re a worthless sack-of-shit who has trouble looking at himself in the mirror, and realizing he has some atoning to do (I say “he” because women who work for the GOVERNMENT are are infected with STUPID CUNT SYNDROME and nothing will cure them). Let’s say our infiltrator has decided he doesn’t want to work in this job anymore. He wants to quit; so of course he immediately writes his supervisor A NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT…


That’s not what they do?

Well, that’s the last time I listen to Robert Menard!

I’m completely stumped now. I don’t know what that GOVERNMENT worker would do if he didn’t want to be a GOVERNMENT worker anymore. Perhaps if all the Christians here could pray really hard, the answer would come to me! 😀

…nope! Gettin’ nothing.

You’re just not praying hard enough I guess. 🙁

…Ok, I’ve pushed the joke as far as I can.

Let me give a preemptive, “Eat a dick!”, to any and all FREE-DUMBERS who are thinking of posing the proposition that “NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT” is the same as resigning. IT’S NOT. I guarantee that you have never resigned from a job with a “NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT”, and until you do… Eat A Dick. I

n the early days of THE TENDER FOR LAW Tony “sounds-like-he’s-got-a-dick-in-his-mouth” Butros would “demand proof”. He thinks idiotic concepts like “STRAWMAN” are sacred doctrine, but he’ll “demand proof” of what’s right in front of him – even though it’s self-evident.

Let’s go back to 1982. In 1982, Elizabeth Windsor was COMPELLED to ratify the UK CANADA ACT, 1982. You don’t know it as that. You know it as the “CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS”.

Since I’ve spent the last month pointing out in pain-staking detail, everything Dean is WRONG about, I feel it is my duty and obligation to point out the things he is RIGHT about. He is right about citing and standing under the CANADIAN BILL OF RIGHTS, 1960, if you are going to ACT in a LEGAL capacity. Looking it up on Wikipedia, I showed you in an earlier article, the weasel-words they used to define it. Wikipedia parrots the same as every other source on the subject. My personal favorite is when they say that the 1960’s BILL OF RIGHTS was “ineffective”. They just neglect to state who it was ineffective FOR. It protected too many rights and courts had difficulty obtaining JOINDER. The UK CANADA ACT “solved” this problem by making every “CITIZEN” an AGENT of the CROWN. AGENT of the CROWN. This is the point I want everyone to pay attention to – the “LEGAL mechanics” of this presumed agency.

Let’s look at the word, “agency”. In this example we’ll work with everybody’s favorite “AGENCY”, the NSA, or National Security AGENCY. The NSA is an ORGANIZATION of AGENTS executing POLICY. Those who execute POLICY through AGENCY do so FOR an ORGANIZATION. This is the point at which we have to get out our decoder rings. You will recall the Maxim of Law which states essentially that, “the inclusion of one thing excludes everything else”. You’ll also recall that (at least in Canada) EVERYONE INCLUDES “HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION”. If you are an AGENT of the CROWN, by default you are ACTING as AGENT of HER MAJESTY.

Let’s go back to the NSA. In this parallel model “HOMELAND SECURITY” will be playing the role of HER MAJESTY. The NSA plays the role of THE ORGANIZATION of AGENTS who EXECUTE POLICY from HER MAJESTY. It doesn’t matter what document or title you give dumb plebes who only obey orders, to use, you simply have to have this mechanism in place.

ORGANIZATIONS with AUTHORITY acting on the MANDATE of a “HIGHER AUTHORITY“: You have been programmed with this mechanism since childhood. Idiotic theists belching bullshit like “Law comes from the Creator” or “God” are a good example. Here in reality this is simply a mechanism that’s in place to trigger your programming. LAW always comes from “HIGHER AUTHORITY”. Those of us who exist in reality will very quickly see that it doesn’t matter if that “HIGHER AUTHORITY” even exists. That’s never a question in LAW. This is why obedience to authority is instilled as a “virtue” at a very early age. That is the mechanism of the Noble Lie. All this “law” everyone is on about, comes from nothing. All of YOU put this mechanism here, and through your own programming, allowed the banks to take over. To this day the GOVERNMENT borrows from private banks, instead of your bank. Under the “Supreme Law of Canada” it has been going on for so long, you don’t even have the right to have a court hear this blatantly ILLEGAL act. The “AUTHORITY” doesn’t exist and they disclose it; and now you’re left with an automated, self-maintaining mechanism of stupid GOVERNMENT plebes acting on “orders” from “someplace else with higher authority“.

Here’s how it works. The UK CANADA ACT starts out with EVERYONE, even though the term is undefined. It cites “God”, more specifically the Catholic God as the SUPREME AUTHORITY. I’m not making that up. This part of the LEGAL mechanism quite literally says, “it came from God, we swear, ask the pope”. Those who actually believe in “God”, especially the Catholic god, fall into one of two categories here in reality. If you believe in the Catholic god, you are either delusional, or you are a FRAUD artist. There are no other possibilities. The guys who invented the Ouija board know it doesn’t work. They know this because they invented it. The Nobility invented your god in the 1500’s, KING JAMES BIBLE – it says who’s scamming you right on the cover. It’s copyrighted.

Here in reality God isn’t real, just like Harry Potter isn’t real. Harry Potter is copyrighted as well. The only reason you copyright anything is because you MADE IT, and you want to sell it LEGALLY with LEGAL protections. Those are the only things a copyright is good for. Everyone follow so far?So, here in reality, a bunch of nobles in the 1500’s MADE up some shit and copyrighted it under the new LEGAL mechanism that they made up. The population after two generations of indoctrination in the new KING JAMES BIBLE think “The KING JAMES BIBLE is true because it says it’s true in the KING JAMES BIBLE”, is rational thought.

This means you’ll look at any LEGAL mechanism and think the SAME bullshit – “LEGAL stuff is true because it says so in this LEGAL document”. As soon as you accept this ridiculous concept AS true, there is JOINDER. You’ve sat at the table and you’ve started moving chess pieces around, and joinder is presumed. You are playing a game of chess. However, LAW is slightly different. The key point all of you seem to have missed in my last document is that LAW only operates under “PRACTICING” DEFINITIONS, as LAW HAS NO DEFINITION IN LEGAL JURISDICTION!

As late as 1972, the House of Lords was debating whether LAW even SHOULD be defined, and if it was even a DESIRABLE thing to do! That’s the last time the issue was ever discussed. So when you hear the word “LAW”, and/or weasel word phrases that have no definition, such as “The Rule of Law”, know that all these things are UNDEFINED. It is the reason LEGAL documents need a “Definitions” section, as LAW itself is undefined.And now I must stop and focus on a few key points.


First I want to put this to rest once and for all. Everything you read in this document regarding the NAME, BIRTH CERTIFICATE and STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, is FACT. I will NOT tolerate ANYONE saying different. Any FREE-DUMBER, or deluded Christian who says otherwise is LYING TO YOU. They are either lying to you with INTENT, or they are lying to you as an AGENT of the Nobility. Here in reality they are doing it in the capacity of DELUSION, or FRAUD. To quote from one of my previous articles (just search for “Where Dean Fucked-Up”), “Dean would have been better off coming into court waving Tricia Helfer’s STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH around”. I stated unequivocally that the introduction of the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, gave THEM JURISDICTION the moment he CITED his STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH.

So let’s get “up close and personal”. We are going to extrapolate backwards here in reality. Here in reality, before you were conscious and aware, it is a foregone conclusion that at some time in your past, your mother decided that “tonight you weren’t going to be a blow-job”, and thus you were conceived. Legally this has nothing to do with “life”. I cannot go to the Registrar General and find a “STATEMENT OF CONCEPTION”. I can, however, find a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It’s a STATEMENT, just like “I have a large penis” is a STATEMENT. Let’s look at the weight of statements. If I write the words in this document “I have a large penis”, the truth of that statement is different to every reader. Those with no experience with my penis will have to rely on belief and/or trust that the statement is true. However, if Tara makes the statement, “Scott has a large penis!”, it is only your endorsement of Tara’s word that gives that statement “weight”. Therefore even the most dim-witted FREE-DUMBER will see that, in their empty little heads, STATEMENTS from third-parties have more “weight”. If your mother gave birth to you and then immediately drafted a document titled… oh, let’s say, “STATEMENT OF SQUIRTING OUT A KID” with some boiler-plate legal crap about how she just squirted out a child: While this MAY have SOME “LEGAL weight” in the form of “SWORN STATEMENT” it does not have the same weight as that same statement backed by witnesses. If you’re a FREE-DUMBER your parents were likely hillbillys or at least living in a trailer park. On the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, your parents told the author of this STATEMENT what they were going to name you. This name was likely a name that wealthy and/or famous people name their children because, that’s what hillbillies, and people who live in trailer parks, do. …and none of you FREE-DUMBERS have original thought, anyway.

…again, I digress.

Sorry :(The third-party making this statement, and witnessed by your parents, have now LEGALLY recorded an EVENT. Events in LAW ALWAYS function in legal mechanisms as a catalyst, or “fuel” to give the legal mechanism “motion”. Motion is always forward momentum, both in law and reality. I just know there’s a FREE-DUMBER right now going, “Duh, dat’s not true! I can put my car in reverse.” To which I respond, “Eat a dick…you’re too fucking stupid for words. And your only purpose in life is for me to make fun of you.”

Being a prorogued noble, I am very familiar with what everybody likes to refer to as “The Matrix”. For me personally, it spans even farther, because it covers all the definitions of “The Matrix”. Hell, my brother even went all “Wachowski Brothers” on everyone, and made himself a girl. No, Really. …so don’t talk to ME about the fucking Matrix! We’re only concerned with the LEGAL Matrix, which you will find is actually legally defined. If you wish to look further into this, I’m sure Derek Moran would like to circle-jerk with you to clubhouse rules for a club you are not part of. You can cum on his face in an orgasm of enlightenment. Here in reality, the only thing you need to know about the LEGAL definition of MATRIX is that it requires a FOUNDATION and/or SOURCE “authority”. Anything regarding your name starts from that FOUNDATION DOCUMENT that you know as the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It was AUTHORED (AUTHOR, AUTHORity. Everybody get that?) by your parents and the doctor that delivered the baby. Though the form that the STATEMENT was AUTHORED on may have been supplied by the GOVERNMENT, there is no mention of the GOVERNMENT and/or LAW on this STATEMENT. This STATEMENT is simply a record of an event that is now LEGAL FACT. Should this document enter LEGAL jurisdiction, the weight of this third party sworn STATEMENT means that the contents of this STATEMENT are LEGALLY indisputable, and therefore meets the LEGAL requirements of a MATRIX FOUNDATION. Using the LEGAL weight of this document, the GOVERNMENT, under the AUTHORITY and INSTRUCTION of your parents, SECURED the LEGAL RIGHTS of any value that FACT (being your name) may generate, henceforth. Because your parents were the GRANTORS of this “psuedo-trust” and the act of SECURITIZING your NAME is now complete, the GOVERNMENT henceforth can now LEGALLY presume ENTITLEMENT to all value attached to the SECURITIZED NAME. Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, certifies this as fact under LAW.

But what exactly is your BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE has absolutely nothing to do with your BIRTH. It exists because the information on that STATEMENT functioned as a catalyst for the CREATION of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. When the REGISTRAR GENERAL tells the public that their only role is to “record events”, they are making a Robert Menard-grade lie of omission. When the REGISTRAR GENERAL states that they only record events, it is your own moronic ego that makes you presume the EVENT that they recorded was your insignificant birth.

Here in reality, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a PUBLIC RECORD that a CROWN ORGANIZATION was ORGANIZED on that date. Confused yet? Let’s look at all the words in a Tender For Law fashion. In our parallel example, the NSA is an ORGANIZATION. While an ORGANIZATION is NOT a PERSON, it does have the ability to ACT as a LEGAL PERSON. In doing so, it has the LEGAL RIGHTS of a LEGAL PERSON. This means that an ORGANIZATION ACTING as a LEGAL PERSON may hold an INTEREST IN PROPERTY, may ACT in COMMERCE (but only through TENDER), and has the LIMITED LIABILITY of a CORPORATION. This is why AGENTS of the NSA MUST be BONDED (SECURITIZED), and INSURED. It’s Proof, and AUTHORIZATION to ACT as AGENT for the ORGANIZATION that you have JOINDER with.

Let’s say tomorrow, you wish to join the ranks of the NSA. You approach the NSA and you tell them that you have no problem being a worthless, parasitic douchebag that gets paid with money that is taken by force from others. They, as fellow douchebags, accept. This means that you must be BONDED and INSURED, and receive special schooling so you can be QUALIFIED to be a PROFESSIONAL douchebag. As a result of this AGREEMENT, the ORGANIZATION called the NSA, ORGANIZED itself to ACCOUNT for its new AGENT.

Let’s snap back to reality and examine the parallel. We will walk through the thread of this MATRIX, step-by-step, starting with the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. THE STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH became “real” when your parents, and the doctor signed it. If you look at this piece of paper, you’ll notice the paper does nothing. It does not move, it does not “perform”. It is, in fact, here in reality, a piece of paper with data on it. It has about as much power to affect the real world as a corpse does. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in zombies, it’s still just a piece of paper with data on it. (Spoiler: The data in question, is in fact, when your parents INFORMED against you.) It is a DEAD INSTRUMENT that facilitates presumption only! …Such as, oh, I don’t know, “you’re a child of UNKNOWN PARENTAGE”. Things like that. The only reason this “LEGAL STATEMENT” exists is to TENDER LAW. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in fact PROOF that the GRANTORS of the STATEMENT “YOU (insert name here) are of UNKNOWN PARENTAGE”, as STATED in the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, and the STATEMENT is, in fact true. It’s so true that it’s CERTIFIED.

Note that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH have absolutely nothing to do with each other. If you actually examine a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, you will see that it only contains INFORMATION. It does not CERTIFY anything. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE CERTIFIES the INFORMATION “found” on the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. This triggers a “red pill/blue pill” fork in this MATRIX. To explain what I mean by this, we have to jump back to the NSA.

When we left our parallel, YOU have begged to be a PROFESSIONAL douchebag and the ORGANIZATION ACCEPTED. Each time an ORGANIZATION aquires a new AGENT, the ORGANIZATION itself must be RE-ORGANIZED, because an ORGANIZATION is just as dead as your STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It’s a piece of paper, here in reality. It won’t go shopping for you. It won’t give you a blowjob. (But if used properly, it can rob a bank for you! To see examples of this, refer to… pretty much anything that happened in 2008). The point is, it’s just a dead piece of paper. In order for the MANDATE written on a dead piece of paper to have “life”, something ALIVE must ACT as a PROXY to affect the real world. Since we’re pretty much the only LIVING species on the planet that has any hope of even reading the information on this dead DOCUMENT, it means that a MAN (don’t use a woman, she’ll just fuck it up!), must ACT as AGENT on BEHALF of the ORGANIZATIONAL ENTITY. Because it is an ENTITY. It is an ENTITY that ACTS as a PERSON. An AGENT does not ACT as a PERSON.

I’ll say that again: An AGENT does not ACT as a PERSON. Ever. Not even once! If you’re an AGENT of the NSA, that’s what you are LEGALLY. You are not a PERSON named Agent (insert name here). An AGENT is a TRUSTEE for the ORGANIZATION it REPRESENTS. When an NSA AGENT shows you his BADGE, he is showing you a COPY of the PUBLIC RECORD of an ORGANIZATION called the NSA. The NSA is an ORGANIZATION that exists to EXECUTE real world tasks through AGENCY with the AUTHORITY of HOMELAND SECURITY(HER MAJESTY).

That’s as dumbed-down as I can make it. I hope you can see the parallels, but I’ve dedicated all the work I’m going to, to dumb it down. The subject of this article is JOINDER. It took this long to set the stage.

JOINDER is one of those interesting LEGALESE words that has no English synonym. As a result, this PURE LEGALESE has “leaked” into English. Those of you who have been studying remember your very first revelation that the LEGAL DEFINITION of “PERSON” is not the Oxford English DEFINITION of PERSON. In fact, they had two very distinct DEFINITIONS, one of which, you didn’t know. JOINDER is not like that. JOINDER is 100% LEGALESE. Some years, the Oxford Dictionary mentions the word as a “colloquial term” but most editions exclude it altogether. A recent Google search revealed that this week’s Miriam-Webster Dictionary includes a very concise DEFINITION and so, a pretend word has become real. Therefore, JOINDER is a LEGAL term. Even its English references say it. In this forum (THE TENDER FOR LAW), we define LEGAL as “It’s all SURETY and ACCOUNTING”. Since we want to avoid the SURETY and ACCOUNTING that is LEGAL JURISDICTION, we most certainly want to avoid JOINDER. This means JOINDER of ANY sort. In the old days, when owning SLAVES was a lot more personal, SLAVES often traveled from the plantation under LICENSE from the plantation OWNER. The SLAVE in question often had a BRAND. This brand is a “Portable Public Record” and indicated who held LEGAL TITLE to the SLAVE. The SLAVE was PROPERTY, not a PERSON. The GOVERNMENT OWNS all PROPERTY. A PERSON is not PROPERTY. An AGENT is not a PERSON. A SLAVE can perform tasks on behalf of its plantation OWNER, and to complete these tasks, the SLAVE may be required to ACT as AGENT for the plantation. The slave is at NO TIME, CONSIDERED A PERSON. The slave is considered an AGENT. The BRAND is the PUBLIC RECORD as to what ORGANIZATION (Plantation) the SLAVE is ACTING as AGENT for.

Moving back to the present and the examples of the name “John Scott Duncan”, you will notice earlier in this article I DECLARED one of them FRAUD. You will recall this as “John Scott, DUNCAN”. This version basically says that the particular freerange cattle known as “John Scott Duncan” has been “BRANDED” with JOINDER. It is an indication that this particular version of the BRAND may be immediately MONETIZED as there is no question of JOINDER. Presented as John Scott, DUNCAN, the name is a PUBLIC RECORD of JOINDER WITH UNDERTAKINGS. Since this cannot be true, the very presentation of “John Scott, DUNCAN” in a LEGAL capacity, is ALWAYS FRAUD.

So, let’s go through how the LAW SOCIETY categorizes the freerange cattle that are their “WARDS OF THE COURT”. As freerange cattle that is PROPERTY of the GOVERNMENT (an ORGANIZATION), you need to be ACCOUNTED for. Just like cattle. Depending on how your name is spelled, and what follows will likely make Derek Moran cry as this is one of those “Gold Nuggets” every one keeps referring to:

john scott duncan = a man. A Semi-evolved chimp, that made it this far.
JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN = LEGAL NAME, LEGAL ENTITY, REGISTERED CROWN ORGANIZATION. This is where all the ACCOUNTING and SURETY happens. When you use this name, you are ACTING in COMMERCE. When you use this name, there is always a MONETARY VALUE attached to it. Under ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION this would be a “VESSEL”.


This means that “dean clifford” is in jail. Here in REALITY, he physically occupies space in a jail. The reason “dean clifford” is in this unfortunate circumstance is because he waived around a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH claiming that “dean clifford” was in fact “Dean Clifford“. This, of course, is untrue, as the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH is just a dead INSTRUMENT with INFORMATION on it. However, it is in fact the FOUNDATION DOCUMENT for the SECURITIZATION of “DEAN CLIFFORD”, which “dean clifford” has also been “found” to be a HOLDER OF. As this is all FRAUD, he simply cannot be a “LAWFUL HOLDER”. This means “dean clifford” is now in fact “Dean, CLIFFORD”, and is therefor ACTING in the role of HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION!

You’ll recall when JOINDER occurred in an earlier article. Dean, CLIFFORD is now, in fact, a PUBLIC RECORD of JOINDER. LEGALLY this name does not, and cannot, mean anything else. In other news, regarding Dean, CLIFFORD: Dean, CLIFFORD, who was until recently facing FEDERAL WEAPONS CHARGES, has decided to try his hand at “bought and paid-for POLICE INFORMANT: WEAPONS DIVISION”. As I understand it, his “WEAPONS CHARGE” was a fully loaded .25 caliber “PROHIBITED WEAPON”. This carries some pretty stiff consequences, if CASE LAW is a record. Since they’ve already confiscated the WEAPON, the ACCOUNTABLE MAN (AGENT) must be called to ACCOUNT. This requires significant preparation. It requires INFORMATION to be gathered. While this process is occurring, the POLICE and the CROWN will attempt to “make a deal”. If you’re busted for a small amount of drugs, they will “make a deal” so they can get to a larger cache of drugs. They’ll expect you to “rat someone out”. Since the dropping of the FEDERAL CHARGES is a pretty sweet deal, and you don’t want to rat out your supplier, it’s much easier to pick a “disposable target”. If you don’t want to rat out who supplied you with a gun, you simply pick somebody else, who you don’t give a shit about, and leverage the fact that they have several LEGAL and LAWFUL firearms in their possession, and ignore the fact that they have nothing to do with your shit, and point the police there. You can do this by manufacturing “EVIDENCE”. The quickest way to do this is to state on the open, recorded telephone line in a REMAND CENTRE, the First Name and Last Name of your intended victim. You then lie that he’s a “good friend”, and throw in lots and lots of TESTIMONY on his “expertise in weapons”. Use the term “Weapons Expert”, just to drive the point home, and watch your charges magically disappear. Disposable patsy gets raided by the cops and has his guns seized, and Dean,CLIFFORD gets to walk, as there are only “traffic offenses” left, and they can’t cage you for those….except the “disposable target” in question, is OUR FRIEND. He’s YOUR friend, and has ALWAYS been lurking here. Now Dean, CLIFFORD has formed hostile intent against OUR FRIEND. That is a debt I intend to enforce.

So, watch for Dean’s emergence from DETENTION in his new role as “Rat for the CROWN”. It’s all bought and paid for! Remember, you heard it here first. TODAY’S DATE IS MAY 5th at 3:30am (BEFORE his next hearing). Let this serve as NOTICE of these FACTS.But hey, don’t let that put you off of going to his next seminar!

This article is part of a series of articles from

UPDATE: Province took custody of the Federal Charges. Now he’s trying to contact the russian embassy (?) and he will likely be there for another 8 months.

-Scott Duncan

What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL
(c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL?

To answer this question one must first answer the question, “What is LAW?”

Social conditioning and the public discourse of lawyers is intentionally designed to stop you from asking this question. Here in reality there have been many attempts to define it. Law is just a weasel-word catch-phrase, like “Due Process“. It doesn’t actually exist.

The works of Lord Lloyd of Hampstead, most notably “Introduction to Jurisprudence”, poses the question whether it’s possible, or desirable to define LAW. By 1972, when these works were written, there was no accepted definition. There are, however, “proposed” definitions.

One definition is that “LAW” is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviour.

Queen’s Counsel Glenville Williams, said the meaning of the word law depends on the context in which the word is used. For example, early Customary law and Municipal law are contexts where the word “LAW” have conflicting and irreconcilable meanings. A devout Muslim will consider the Q’uran and the Hadiths LAW; however a quick examination of these “LAWS” will show that they’re incompatible with anything resembling a civilized society.

In the end a conclusion is that LAW is anything that’s written down and upheld by the adherents of that writing. It is the first MAXIM of LAW;”If it is written, it is Law.” It simply boils down to how many people are willing to enforce it.

Some “LAWS” are considered universal. Don’t harm others. Don’t steal from others; and don’t deceive others. Left at that point, the concept of LAW would be pretty simple, as these are things that most of us do as a matter of course.

If you are taking the time to read this article, I think it’s a safe assumption that you aren’t doing it between bouts of robbery and murder. Human beings, by their very nature (with some notable exceptions), are inherently altruistic, and have empathy; thus making the whole not killing people, not robbing people and not defrauding people, the de facto state of the average Homo sapien.

These universal laws are essentially all Homo sapiens need to interact with each other. If you’re not killing somebody, and you’re not robbing somebody, and you’re not deceiving somebody, it is safe to presume that whatever you do is, in fact, LAWFUL.

So what does LEGAL mean?

In Western society LEGAL means Acts and Statutes enacted by Parliament/Congress with the FORCE OF LAW, and with the consent of the governed.

I created THE TENDER FOR LAW to educate the general public as to what money is; and the reason this is so important is that money is what indicates your consent to be governed by LEGAL Acts and Statutes.

If you are unfortunate enough to know a banker or a lawyer, great entertainment can be had by asking the question, “What does this note is LEGAL Tender mean?”, and watching them trying to sputter out an answer. Lawyers will give long, convoluted explanations with bullshit piled on top of bullshit. When they are finished with their deliberately wrong answer, point to the words and ask, “Which word says all that? Is it the words, “this note”? No? What about the words, LEGAL Tender? What does that mean?” That is why this group is called THE TENDER FOR LAW.


If you partake in any financial transaction, LEGALLY the only consideration is who must pay.

LEGAL = Accounting and Surety

Surety simply means “responsible party”.

None of this is ever taught to you in school, and as the Money as Debt series has taught you, neither is monetary theory. This is done with a very insidious intent. To understand what this insidious intent is, I must explain how I managed to avoid it.

To do this I must snap back to a childhood vignette.

Many readers will know the familiar feeling of having contempt for your parents. Allow me to give you a few more. My father (John Wayne Duncan), was in his mid-twenties and living in Belleville, Ontario. He had moved there from London, Ontario, to take a job with Canadian National Railways. We lived at 67 Village Drive, and my phone number was 962-0377. I remember these salient details because they were hammered into my head, in case I was found wandering around, which I tended to do. My grandmother (Olga Jean Duncan), thought I was the greatest thing that had ever blessed the earth; and whenever she was around my whims were catered to, in excess. From that time forward, she was never shy about stating that “I was the favourite!” From a child’s perspective, comparatively, my parents seemed to actually resent my existence. At that point in life, I had adopted several axioms which hold true to this day.

If you are under 20 years old, like it or not, you are a child. If you’re fortunate enough to be this age, let me give you these axioms, and I guarantee your life will be of higher quality. Notice I call them axioms, and not laws (although since I’m writing them down here, for this article, technically they are);

1. EVERY ADULT IS LYING TO YOU – There are no exceptions to this rule. Most lie because they don’t want to admit they are ignorant of the questions you’re asking them. Many lie because they don’t want you to know certain things. But in the end, they are all lying to you. A lie of omission is still a lie. It’s intent is to deceive. I think I covered that earlier in this article – see unlawful.

2. IF YOU POINT OUT TO THESE ADULTS THAT THEY ARE, IN FACT, LYING TO YOU, THEY WILL INTENTIONALLY SEEK TO HARM YOU – There are no exceptions to this rule. Nobody’s feelings are more hurt than when their lies are exposed. You may think this sounds hostile, but that’s simply because you can’t tell the difference between what’s true, and what feels good.

Back to the childhood vignette…

One day my father vetoed a purchase that my grandmother had made, saying, “He needs to know the value of money.” Unfortunately for all parties involved, I was at the stage in my intellectual evolution where I had reached the conclusion that the only way to successfully navigate the world of liars, which I appeared to have been born into, was to lie to them. I mastered the art of deception at a very early age; and as long as you focus on the fact that the deception is there to misdirect, you can still see the world very clearly. For one of the other advantages I had at that point, was that I knew that knowledge is power. The trick is not to let anyone know you’re learning it.

When my grandmother agreed with my father’s position, I was shocked and hurt, until I remembered, “They’re all lying to me”. My only question is, “Why are they all lying to me”? It was shortly after that point that I learned I wasn’t criminally accountable for my actions. Wait…what were those words? CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE. What the hell does CRIME have to do with ACCOUNTING? I had just spotted a trinity. Money, crime, accounting.

Whenever I spotted interactive trinities I studied each part, knowing they were connected to the other two parts. I dedicated the next two years, with the limited resources that I had, to the study of these things. I knew NEVER to reveal that I was actually thinking, because I saw what happened to kids that were discovered doing that. That’s when I discovered what money actually was.

At that time I was attending Parkdale Public School. In those early days (Late 70’s), “Truancy” was considered an offence; but it turns out that nobody in a public library cares about truancy. The librarians at the Belleville Public Library, seeing me reference but never checking out books, constantly checking references, looking up definitions of words, and reading law, simply saw me as a smart, ambitious young man who’s “really going to go places when he grows up”. The lesson I hadn’t learned at that time was NEVER LET THEM TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.

Here’s my example.

Since my father was a Civil Engineer, designing a “dream house” and building it across town, was a matter of simplicity. That house had been constructed, and we were living there. By that point I was a little terror, because somehow this man had convinced my grandmother that “learning the value of money” was important. When I stated that it had no value, and was in fact debt, I found myself in a permanently hostile environment. By that time my brother and sister had been born, because my father was figuring out that he’d married a worthless bimbo, and said worthless bimbo loved babies, but couldn’t stand children. When it looked like my father was going to call it quits, she invariably got “knocked-up”. My sister was an exact clone of her mother; and I didn’t know it at a time, but my brother would grow up to be one of the bravest men I had ever known. Sadly, I got all the brains. Many things were denied me, because I dared declare that “money has no value”.

All I ever heard about was how they didn’t have any money. But I knew money was worthless, and it bound you to a whole bunch of rules that nobody in their right mind would want. I continued ignoring school and studying what was interesting to me; nobody had caught on to the library scam yet. Nobody knew where I went during the day when I was “truant”, and since I was a child who didn’t know counter-surveillance techniques, I was unaware that my mother had commissioned a neighbour’s kid to follow me. The little droplets of knowledge that I had, ended when the police showed up and terrorized the librarians. I was brought home, the police commented on what a smart kid I was, and in the preparation for some form of corporal punishment that my mother had thought up, I pointed out that injuring me is a crime, but if I injured her, it was not. I told her I would never forgive her for what she had taken away, and that if she ever denied me any knowledge ever again, I would kill her…

…and then I went back to playing dumb.

For the first time in my life, everyone thought my mother was lying. To this day, it is my fondest childhood memory. Nobody would accept that I could put these concepts together. I got my first erection when I saw fear in her eyes. I was flooded with a flurry of emotion. Nobody believed her. Everything she was saying was true, and nobody believed her. They believed ME. I was just a dumb rebellious child, not someone who’d figured out things, far too soon for their liking.

From the perspective of an adult it’s pretty easy to play “dumb kid” as the adults in question, had forgotten what it’s like to be a child, and had certainly forgotten how much their parents underestimated them.

Nobody believed her. Why didn’t anyone believe her? She was an adult. That’s when I realized I didn’t need a library, I had a laboratory.

Be offensive, deceptive, and stupid – because that’s what they expected; which means they were always looking in the wrong direction. I studied that trinity. I studied law, I studied crime, and I studied money, because I was “not criminally accountable for my actions.”

As I was going down this path to enlightenment, there was a disproportionate air of concern from my grandmother. I wouldn’t find out until I was thirteen exactly what that was. At the time it was just, if you keep doing what you’re doing, apparently you’re going to miss out on something. Something very important. But when pressed on the issue, every party would lie about it. By that point I could spot liars from a mile away. Sometimes I couldn’t spot what the lie was, I could simply spot that when they said something that they knew wasn’t true, they couldn’t hide it from me. I learned more from people’s lies than I ever did from honesty. I resented my parents for this. Why would they bring me into this world, filled with deception and lies, where everyone thinks wrong, and values the wrong things?

I knew the value of money. It had none. And I also found that it had conditions – see THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER.

Those of you seeking liberty must learn law and accounting, because if you don’t you will believe a million lies. We’ve often heard the phrase, “No one is above the law”! In reality, there are lots of people above the law. A Justice, for example, in Canada, has absolutely no criminal liability for their actions; yet you are told we are all equal under the law. And you’ll be told that it’s necessary, etc., in order to distract you from the actual mechanics.

If someone is “above the law”, then there is no law. It’s fraud. A man/woman in a black dress and a red sash doesn’t have magical super-powers that puts him/her “above the law” or above you; and these people possess no mental powers that you don’t; yet everyone blindly accepts their “authority”. Thank your early childhood programming, and ESPECIALLY religion. It is your early programming that makes you “believe” people are “above” you.

Legally, “authority” simply refers to the author of a document. You’ll find many of these contrary definitions throughout legal jurisprudence. These are hidden-in-plain-sight lies that everyone BELIVES. So if you’re a young man, or woman reading this, and you want the answer to all the questions you may have about life, start with a foundation of ALL BELIEF IS EVIL.

If you BELIEVE something, it means you’ve stopped investigating, or questioning it. It means any research or thought you had once intended to put into it – has ended.

Belief is the end of thought. Those that believe, know this. I can guarantee, despite the fact that you, the reader, are just one of seven billion people on this planet, you have at least once in your life heard the phrase, “You think too much”.

Take a moment and try and recall who told you that; and then you can tell me why all belief is evil.

For those digging up records, the dream house my father built was at 84 Edgehill Road, Belleville, Ontario. I used to attend Harry J. Clarke Public School, and regularly robbed Moira Secondary School for items and materials needed for my actual education, not the public fool system. Those doing serious digging, will see me as “Scott Duncan”, in yearbooks and records, etc.

Because I love giving away the ending of the story at the beginning, I will tell you right now that John Scott Duncan was my legal name, but it was also a TITLE, and therefore could not be used whilst I was a child in commerce. This “TITLE” is not something everyone gets, and it must be CLAIMED, and the claimant must be “worthy”. There is a reason you are referred to as MASTER as opposed to MISTER when you are a child. We’ll cover that, and a bunch of shit attached to that, in a future article. It turned out for ME, that my name, itself, had a different standing legally. All this knowledge I had as a child. Now you are getting it; and you didn’t even have to work for it.

Let’s snap back to the present again.

At this writing, the year is 2014 of what is generally known as the Common Era. It used to mean Anno Domini, which apparently referred to a rape-baby that had a bad weekend for your “sins” (He didn’t “die”, according to the evil fairy tale. He “came back to life”). Let me take a second and do my regular bout of Christian-bashing and point out that if you’re Christian your ideology is based on what is allegedly the word of a man who declared “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, and then went on to knock-up some other guy’s wife in her sleep; which has the added bonus of being rape. If you’re a Christian, you won’t understand why I think you’re just an evil piece-of-shit.

All belief is evil. Christian belief is particularly bad.

Say what you want about Muslims, but their beliefs are based on the teachings of someone that actually existed.

…but I digress…

All belief is evil. I’ve simply mastered the art of showing you why.

The founders of the United States actually formed their Republic to escape the “money as debt” system. They failed. At this writing there is over a trillion dollar Trade Deficit, and this once-free Republic that was the bastion of invention, innovation and productivity is now just a nation of debt, and the enforcement thereof. Virtually half the employed Americans today directly or indirectly work for the government, doing nothing but creating and enforcing policy. Canada is not far behind.

Look at where the United States was twenty years ago, and that’s where Canada is now.

I seem to have entered a period of my life where those in my past, who said I was crazy, are now coming back and saying, “You were right”!

Verily I say to those that knew me in the past, who are now coming out of the woodwork seeking answers from me; stop now, because “I’m sorry” isn’t good enough any more. I already spent the time trying to teach you; TIME I WILL NOT GET BACK, and you couldn’t be bothered to listen. If you make the attempt, I WILL harm you. Consider that PROPER NOTICE and govern yourselves accordingly. You’re lucky you are even getting this. Be grateful. (Because I don’t get that time back, you will PAY me first. Not with fiat currency, but in labour. HARD labour. A navy doesn’t maintain itself, and there is a LOT of nasty/dangerous shit to do on a boat, that is just perfect for someone who dared waste my precious time!)

Because as I said before, I don’t possess any mental powers you don’t; and if you couldn’t be bothered to listen the first time, then you have already chosen your side. In the end, war is coming, and it will be a war between “thinkers” and “believers”, not good and evil. To quote Ben Stiller in Zero Effect, “There aren’t any good guys. You realize that don’t you? I mean you realize there aren’t evil guys, and innocent guys.

It’s just, it’s just…it’s just a bunch of guys.”

Thinking and believing are mutually exclusive. They shall forever be in conflict. All that is “legal” relies on belief. Legal has nothing to do with right and wrong. It always has to do with money.


-Scott Duncan