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I enjoy working on different types of music production projects and I am always looking for more exciting music to be a part of. If you’re searching for a unique and qualified Music Producer to help with your audio, beats, instrumentals etc., look no further.

Click below to review some of my past work, repertoire, and technical abilities. Licenses of all types available. I have worked with aspiring artist's and I have worked on music produced in the biggest studios.

If you need an experienced engineer in multiple genres then you are in the right place. I have worked on rap music, EDM, Dance, R&B and other genres. I like to get creative! Let's work together!

I have worked on music production in some way shape or form every day for the last two years. I use industry standard equipment and production software. I try to learn something new about music everyday. I feel like I will never stop learning new things and love to experiment with new things as well. We can't wait to hear from you!

For the last two years I have worked on many different projects including but not limited to "CLO-Blackout Remix". I have mixed for practice "Steve Maggiora - What's Going On", "Uglybraine - "Sometimes" (TELEFUNKEN Live From The Lab)","Clo - Sliding Doors", "Warren Huart - PARANOID (Cover) Antelope ZenGo Version", "S. Joel Norman -Traveling Light", "Jonah Smith - Live At Sunset Sound", "Dark Times Collaboration-Turning Point Re-Mix", and others! You can find those tracks and others on all major streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, Napster, IheartRadio, Apple music, Amazon Music, and more! I am versed in using different DAW's and have a working knowledge of PRO TOOLS, BITWIG STUDIO, REAPER, and LMMS. I have used Ableton, FLStudio, and GARAGE BAND. I am confident that I could take on any DAW at this time. I use analog equipment on a daily basis and have been learning for almost twenty years how to record.

I work out of a small home studio for smaller needs such as mastering or mixing tracks but if you are in need of a quality studio to work in I can schedule you studio time at a high quality studio in a disclosed location. If you would like to review my work there is a link on this page that will direct you to YouTube or SoundCloud.

I have worked on many different types of music and am willing to collaborate with almost anyone that is interested in making good music. Please only serious inquiries. I specialize in hip-hop and rap music but I have worked on heavy metal and rock music as well.  I take great pride in my work and strive to improve. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and for showing up and spending your time on my site. Please leave a review on any social platform and share what you like. It helps get seen by the algorithms. Do you need a song mixed or mastered? Need a competent producer? Need a track mastered? 

10 lb. Shlagoo was the second instrumental track I published on YouTube. Check it out on AudioMack! This was the start of my audio engineering career. My journey as a music producer was born on this day. If you need to license an instrumental contact me today!

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